Ron's Journal #28


Howard Dickman
Know: You may not know me to ask your questions of me.

I have been working to document the history of Scientology. First came my personal story of my time as one of the original members of the RPF on the Sea Org ship the "Excalibur". Then came the history of that ship during it's use in the U.S. Navy and then in the Sea Org. After 17 months I brought forth the biography of Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch. I then published the story of my time as a staff member of a Class IV Org and now RJ28. Next in line is Enid Vien's bio.

I offer all of these works as history.

I knew going into the work on RJ28 that it would take some heat, notably the part of the GO, an organization that 8 months after Ron lauded it it was raided by the FBI. There are more things on my tape that will be pointed out as more stories from Ron about his past. It is what it is, but to me it is part of the history of Scientology. 50 years from now maybe some will do their thesis about Scientology and use my small bits of it's history.



It was mandatory briefing course procedure to speed that Wall of Tapes up. Otherwise, Mr. Slow Talker could put you to sleep.

maybe that was the intent:

"Hypnotic induction is the process undertaken by a hypnotist to establish the state or conditions required for hypnosis to occur. Self-hypnosis is possible, in which a subject listens to a taped induction or plays the roles of both hypnotist and subject.[SUP][1]"

While it wouldn't be self hypnosis, it would be L Ron being the hypnotist doing it thru his taped lectures. Sort like self analysis where LRH is actually auditing thru a book. You know, in a course room one has fixed attention on LRHs voice, and dopes off. While we were told it's because of a MU, maybe so, but one has to go back and really fix attention.

In a scientology courseroom, there is no Socratic method of learning which is to question and discuss concepts.


"OED: An artificially produced state in which the subject appears to be in a deep sleep, without any power of changing his mental or physical condition, except under the influence of some external suggestion or direction.

The definition is unsatisfactory but provides a starting-point. The power of hypnotism is undoubted as is the role of words in the process. What is to be explained is how the words of the hypnotist can take control of the mind of another individual and determine his actions and perceptions. Their use in inducing and controlling the hypnotic state constitutes the nakedest demonstration of the power of words."

"When hypnosis has been induced, the subject typically will ignore all stimuli but the hypnotist: "You will pay attention only to my voice". A peculiar quality of speech seems helpful in making hypnotic suggestions - the voice quality monotonous and repetitious, intense, insistent and simple."


I don't know, just something I've been looking over. I've done full time training at Flag as a OOT and it's a bitch. I mean one really feels like he was hypnotized when I look back.



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Usually we used paper strips instead of tape. You could adjust the speed by the length of the paper strip - the longer the strip the faster he talked. You could do a 90 min tape in a hour if you so desired. Sort of like Mickey Mouse on Helium after shooting some speed.


I have some tapes like that from old wire taps.

Don't ask. :hysterical:


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It was mandatory briefing course procedure to speed that Wall of Tapes up. Otherwise, Mr. Slow Talker could put you to sleep.

"..putting you to sleep" < THAT is what every good hypnotist is trying to do, THEN you listen to their suggestions without filtering them...- What Hubbard described as "Boil Off" or "Anaten" in TRs and study and auditing.... is the #1 classic symptom that the subject is entering trance.


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I have some tapes like that from old wire taps.

Don't ask. :hysterical:


We don't care if you violate your clearances, sworn Top Secret confidentiality contracts, sense of civic duty or go to prison for an extended time--as long as we get our few minutes of mildly pleasant entertainment out of it. LOL