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Ron's Journal - RJ-38, RJ-39


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RJ 39 “01 - Ron's Journal 39 (My New Years Gift To You)” transcript


I trust you had a very happy Christmas and that you will see to it that you have a very happy and free new year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you wonderful beings for holding the forts like you have been doing for so many years while I get on with my own job.

Ah… I had better make that a half acknowledgement as we still have ways to go.

Well, while you were running the show, I have been very very busy with my research into the upper bands of Full Operating Thetan. The way I do it is to confront something and find a way through it. Once I’m through it, I now know the exact route so that others can follow. Occasionaly, that also means I can go back and streamline an earlier step, having it (do not understand) of wide angle rearview mirrors. In this way, I have certainty that no stone has been left unturned. I then finalize it, package it, and it is ready for others, meaning you.

Such is the case with my New Year’s gift to you: New OT VIII, Truth revealed, is completed! It is written up fully and it is been sent complete to International Management. It will be released at the appropriate time, at the discretion of the officers of the Church - OT-technology is my job, releasing it is theirs - and I’m sure you will be hearing about it from them.

You will enjoy New OT VIII when you do it. It is uniquely addressed to you. I don’t want to mention too much at this time but I will tell you that it addresses a vital necessity for a thetan’s total freedom. I have discovered the primary reason for amnesia on the whole track. And believe me, this you need to handle.

So, there you have it: my New Year’s present to you. I know you will enjoy it. It is now up to International Management to release it, deliver it, and supervise it. And it is up to you to get up the Grade Chart, and through New OT VII Solo NOTS and avail yourself of this new discovery.

I welcome your arrival here.

And one more thing: Happy New Year, I love you too.

Clay Pigeon

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Well here we see where Ron went off course.

It's the popularly erroneous "No stone left unturned"

It's "No left turn unstoned"