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This one's great:


This is the video description that accompanies it on YouTube:
The CoS's slave labor camps are an outrageous affront upon public morality.
Church devotees committed to the CoS's "Rehabilitation Project Force," are routinely deprived of a number of universally recognized human rights.
These include:
The right to be recognized everywhere as a person under the law.
The right to freedom from undue restriction on affiliation and correspondence.
The right to be free from inhuman, cruel, or degrading punishments.
The right to be free from compelled servitude.
The right to due process under law.
The primary right of a member committed to the RPF is to "Full Scientology Justice at the hands of his Seniors and peers in the Rehabilitation Project Force."
The RPF is a looming shadow over the lives of individuals who were wooed to this organization by the promise of saving the world from certain extinction.
It maintains a culture of fear that destroys families and individual lives.
The RPF, along with other institutionalized forms of slave labor within the church such as the Estates Project Force and the children's Cadet Orgs, must be abolished.
Write to Amnesty International, regarding abuses of Human Rights by the Religious Technology Center and Church of Scientology worldwide.
[email protected]
Write to the United States Department of Justice, The United States Attorney General, and members of the United States Congress, about the perversions of justice that have allowed the Church to function as a tax-exempt inquisition-for hire.
[email protected]
Correspondence to the Department, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Join the Anonymous protests in your area.

These protests will continue until they have resulted in the dismantling of the Church of Scientology in its present form.

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Sharone Stainforth

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What an incredibly powerful video.

Gets you thinking,thinking a lot.

I'm writing letters and i will be going to London,hope to see others there.


uncle sam

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60 minutes should do this one.
Better yet, in my dream of reinventing cos - this would be the intro film.
Better yet, anonymous should interrupt the 6 pm nightly news on ever tv station and put this one on.
How can anybody equivocate anymore on this organizations worth to society.
If anyone deserves this kind of treatment - they do


"Anonymous shall continue to deface this wall, for the practice of free expression. Defiant, lyrical, comic and profane. Unto its very destruction. As we watch it crumble, may the generations of families it divided, enter a Brave New World--where its fragments serve only...as a backdrop for kisses."

Wow, that's good.

Bea Kiddo

Wonderful WONDERFUL job. As an experienced RPFer, wonderful job!!! Thank you!

Two points to add (simple ones...):

If someone got off the RPF in one year, that would have been MAJOR record speed. I could not tell you the average. I was fast. It took me two years, both times I was on it.

Pay was great. We got $11.50 per week.

Peace to you all.


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Pay was great. We got $11.50 per week.

And with that, Giuseppe had to buy soap and toothpaste, boot polish and fags, and sometimes even Bog rolls:selfish: !

Most of us rolled our own fags, but Giuseppe was not good at that and had to have someone else do it, and so Giuseppe traded papers and tobacco to have someone else do it.:thumbsup: