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David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board RTC is personally splitting up spouses and breaking up families.

Scientology will tell you that this is not true but here are some examples:

Let’s start with the TOP of Scientology: RTC

1. David Miscavige has broken up his own family as described by his own niece Jenna Miscavige.

2. David Miscavige sent his own wife Shelly away to CST – a remote location and she is now under tight security watch.

3. David Miscavige forced his own parents to divorce.

4. David Miscavige ordered all RTC staff to divorce their spouses or be busted out of RTC and posted in a lower org.

5. David Miscavige ordered that there were to be no more marriages at the Int base.

6. David Miscavige ordered Warren McShane to divorce his wife Marcella (Marcy) of 30 years who worked in the Snr C/S Int Office. Their son Sean McShane left the Sea Org and neither Warren nor Marcella can speak to him.

7. Laurisse Stuckenbrock was ordered by DM to divorce her husband Uwe after he blew from the base. Uwe was sent to the RPF in PAC and is currently dying of MS.

8. Greg Wilhere was made to disconnect from his son Darius who was sent off to Africa. Darius’ wife Becky was made to divorce Darius once he was offloaded from the Int Base. This whole family was torn apart by DM.

9. Carol Bourke was ordered to divorce her husband Thomas Bourke who was a Gold staff member. They had been married for over 20 years.

10. Darnelle Bloomberg and David Bloomberg were forced by DM to divorce as Dave was not in RTC – another marriage destroyed after 20 plus years.

11. Fleur Thomas was made to divorce her husband John Thomas when he was offloaded from the Gold Base.

12. Luzia Radstrom was ordered to divorce Jesse Radstrom as he was a Gold staff member and not in RTC even though they work 5oo yards from each other on the same property.

13. Ailon Barram (Dave’s personal secretary) was married to Rebecca Redmond and he was made to divorce her when she was suspected of “snooping” and being disaffected with Dave. She was promptly sent to the PAC RPF and Ailon was forced to divorce her. More recently he was engaged to be married to Emily Jones from 2002 but were never married as Dave had said he would be the minister which never happened, and Ailon and Emily were instead constantly in ethics trouble off and on, sec checked to see if they were screwing around and finally Emily herself was offloaded from the Sea Org (not before Shelly also had her sec checked for flirting with Dave and to find out if she was screwing him).

14. Brousseau, John (“JB”) – Divorced from Deidre who was in Gold

15. McKay (Viau), Tori Lynn– Divorced in the early 90s from her then husband Ghislain Viau.

16. Graves, Chelsea - Divorced husband (Adam Sala) so that she could go to RTC – because Adam didn’t “qualify” to go to the Int Base. Adam was also later offloaded from the Sea Org.

17. Matsumura, Nori – was married to Jenny Gaynor. Divorced in the early 90s (apparently Jenny since died of cancer).

18. Rossi, Liz – was married to Jim Moonie but was forced to divorce him when he was busted out of RTC in the late 80s/early 90s.

19. Irons, Georgiana (Dave’s personal steward) – was married to Ron Sommerville- now divorced. Every person she has started a relationship with since has promptly ended as it got her in ethics trouble with Dave and/or Shelly. Georgiana was another one Shelly suspected of flirting with Dave.

20. Valerie Light (Dave’s personal steward) – was married to Danny Light, son of Janet Light (head of IASA on the Freewinds). Since divorced as Danny got in trouble which made him not qualified to go to the Int Base. They were separated for two plus years with Valerie in Hemet and Danny in Clearwater and were finally made to divorce. Valerie was another one Shelly suspected of flirting with and screwing around with Dave and had her sec checked on this.

21. Sue Piche was made to divorce Gilles Piche in the early 90s when he was busted from RTC and sent to the RPF. She later married Greg Wilhere (1998) for which both her and Greg were then busted from RTC due to Sue’s blow history (an out qualification for RTC – she blew the Sea Org in 1995 to go see her SP declared parents in Africa).

22. Anne Rathbun was made to divorce Marty after he blew from the Int Base for the 2nd time in February 2003. Not before they’d been separated and working on opposite coasts of the US for 7 years - Anne was the RTC Rep at Flag from 1996 and Marty was working at the Int Base.

23. Tanja Castle was Dave’s personal secretary for

24. Hara O’Hare was busted from RTC after working there for 20 years because she refused to divorce her husband of 30 plus years and father of her two children – Brenden O’Hare and Leah O’Hare.

25. Mette Jensen Pereznieto was forced to divorce her husband Leonardo after he was sent to the RPF (mid 90s).

26. Marion Dendiu was forced to divorce her husband of 10 years - Bill Dendiu – in 1997 after he blew from the Int Base.

27. Elsie Tucker Benhraiem (RTC Rep) was forced to divorce her husband William Tucker when he got in trouble with Dave.

28. Ty Webb was forced to break off his engagement of several years with Ari Brenner when she got in trouble with Dave and was sent to the RPF at Flag.

29. Mariette Lindstein was forced to divorce Billy Lindstein after being separated from him for six plus years (he was sent off the Base as a command team member in 1996 and was later sent to the RPF).

30. Lesley Worstell was forced to divorce her husband of many years, Robert Worstell when he was offloaded from the Sea Org due to a medical condition. This was not before they had been separated for at least four years when Lesley was posted on the Int Base and Robert stayed in LA as he was not qualified to go to the Base.

31. Susanne Widmer Hattenbach was forced to divorce Jonathon Hattenbach so she could be posted at the Base and from there posted in RTC. She was busted from CMO Int in September 2004 because she wouldn’t call off her engagement to Tim Larsen who was being posted in CMO Int with the rest of AVC (AVC was moved to CMO Int at that time).

32. Most RTC Reps sent off from the base were separated from their spouses at the base for several years. Some are possibly still separated. The RTC Reps were sent out in 1996. A couple of examples from this evolution are Melanie and John Peeler: Melanie was sent off to Flag as an RTC Rep in 1996 while John remained at the base. They were separated for 4 years. John left the SO in 2000 and Melanie was forced to divorce him. Aldona Challinor Medina There are probably other examples from the same evolution.

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It sounds like a very *short* list. The full one would almost certainly take multiple pages.



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Didn't the Church messed up also the marriage of Annie Tidman and Jim Logan?

My name is Jim Logan, the one referred to as the husband of Annie Tidman in this posting. I have waited 15 years to relate the actual events of Annie and I being forced to get a divorce and the subsequent events to my being offloaded from the Int Base and what actually transpired prior to and following Annie attempting to re-unite with me. It is a long story. I will relate salient events.

Bea Kiddo

That list is short because RTC and uplines is small.

There are tons more in other orgs. Hundreds. Maybe thousands. Probably posters from each area could give the examples they know about. Maybe I could too...

Wisened One


Our Org tried to force us to split up too, during our 'standard route off' from Staff.

Sick, sick, sick. *spits at them*

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Not exactly, but close...


30. Lesley Worstell was forced to divorce her husband of many years, Robert Worstell when he was offloaded from the Sea Org due to a medical condition. This was not before they had been separated for at least four years when Lesley was posted on the Int Base and Robert stayed in LA as he was not qualified to go to the Base.

I had cancer in the 80's and our marriage survived that. I left the SO on my own after our divorce. Lesley went to Int and was separated from me for about 5 years and simply wouldn't take libs to visit me in PAC. She could have "made it go right", but was really being deluded by the insanity that was going on up lines (and is still, from what I've read.)

Don't know about being "forced" to divorce me. The chaplain just brought down the papers one day - mostly blank, for "security" reasons, which is actually illegal and could have been contested in court - but wasn't worth it. I mean, why would you want to be connected to someone who is PTS to Int Mgmt?
Welcome, Robert.

It is possible that your former wife couldn't get libs, if they were locked down at Int base, and that you weren't told the truth about it.

I'm very glad that you are out, and that you survived the cancer! :happydance:

Glad to have you join us here!


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Welcome to the board, Robert. I remember you from ITO in the '80s. Good on getting out of the SO. Too bad about Leslie.

Human Again

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"The sanest group on the planet." And every one of these instances is just a single line that refer to an entire story of lost love and hope and individuality -suppression - The COS is right about one thing - they are the experts on suppression.

My heart goes out too all those connections that were lost between beings who were there for all the right reasons and just sought a little happiness and connection for themselves.

I wonder at the percentage of disfunctional marriages that don't make these statistics.
It's really sad...

Or marriages that never were, because one party was being pressured to get the other party onlines and up the Bridge, or join staff, or join SO, etc. And that one wouldn't join up, and so got dumped or disconnected.

I think many, many relationships were broken up this way that never made it to marriage, but might have, without outside interference. :no:
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