San Francisco Post Raid - June 13, 2010

In celebration on the recent promotion of AnonSparrow to Chairman of the Board (C.O.B.) Anonymous of San Francisco celebrated his wins with a Hawaiian themed raid.

Copypasta of raid report posted by XSR.

"So the AnonSparrow raid... Great turnout! Great fun! Great wins! Starting very early we got a number of positive reactions from passerbys. We also got a lot of reaction from the Scilons today ranging from the finger to fuck yous and everything in between. We handed out our flyers and even had some Hawaiian shirts and leis. We came up with a nice little slogan for that as well, "Better to get leid by Anonymous than raped by Scientology!"

Now for the tales of win. Our good friend of the san fran org Joe showed up today. There were two encounters with him. The first encounter started when XSR walked to the same corner as Joe and offered a handshake out of goodwill. Immediately Joe got in his face and started asking why he was following him, why is he stalking him, why this and that and the kitchen sink. Joe then asked XSR to take off his mask, to which he replied by ripping his mask off and asking Joe "Now what?". Now at this point Joe was visibly shaking. Mr. Salerno walked up promptly in response to Joe's aggressive advance towards XSR. Salerno quickly frightened Joe off and he retreated down the road.

The second encounter was full of win. XSR spied Joe on the corner again and promptly proceeded to occupy the same corner as Joe. He followed Joe down a few blocks and Joe confronted him again about following him. This time Joe pulled out a phone and started threatening all kinds of charges ranging from stalking to assault (the usual scilon bullshit). Joe asked why he was following him again and XSR said "Because people deserve to know the truth about your cult." Upon saying that, Joe demanded that he remove his mask. So XSR goes to remove the mask...however joe did not know that he had two masks on. He removed the mask to reveal a mask and Joe ACTUALLY STARTED LAUGHING! Anon actually brightened his day! He then however proceeded to get real confrontational and they parted ways.

All in all quite the good day for some Epic Enturbulation! Pictures and Video to follow shortly!"

Yeah, some of our guys were a little rowdy. That's anon for ya. :)


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Has anyone (anons) done a prople count for day and evening (foundation) folks going into the org? I wonder what the count would be?

Do you know if there are empty floors or rooms in the old Trans America bldg?
All the floors are occupied. 3rd floor is a bookstore, 2nd has course rooms, 1st has some personality testing area, a small events area, and a bunch of movies playing. I don't believe anyone has ever done a count.