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Jim Little

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Sarah Coziahr, the reason my step-son, Jeremy Powers disconnected from his mom, sister, and grandma. I could say it was due to Scientology and that would be true as well, but if Sarah Coziahr would have been a Mormon, Catholic, or Baptist then that is what Jeremy would have been too. He is as much a Scientologist as he is Amish.

Now what is interesting about Sarah Coziahr is at one time her whole family. Her dad, mom, and little sister were all Scientologist, but I would have to say its been at least over 10 years since her mom and little sister wanted anything to do with it.

Her mom, Cathy Coziahr and little sister moved about 100 miles way after Cathy and Barry divorced, and it appears that Cathy got remarried around August of 2011. Any bets that her new husband is not a Scientologist?

See Cathy and Sarah's little sister kept their mouths shut about their views regarding Scientology and moved way from the cult's influence. So someone please tell me why Sarah is so quick to tell Jeremy Powers to disconnect from his mom, sister, and grandma when her own mom and sister want nothing more to do with it?

Here is a nice little blog post that Sarah put up about her mother and how happy she is for her. Well Sarah since your mom and sister want nothing more to do with your cult I thought it would be nice if OSA knew.

We know your moms and sisters views on Scientology and neither one of them want anything to do with it. They are both Ex Scientologist. Looks like its time for you to disconnect don't you think?



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Judging from Cathy's timeline on Facebook, seems that she & Allen Todd Crist were married this year.