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Greg Beha TAKES ON Narconon IN STUDIO 1/27 with Vince Daniels

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Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2007, 8:16pm (CST-2)

From: [email protected]

The gloves are off as Greg Beha flies in to Southern California to meet with and join me on the air this Saturday, January 27th on "The Many Moods of Vince Daniels" Radio Show on K.C.A.A. 1050AM. He'll be guesting for the final hour and-a-half of my 3-hour talk show. Tune in to hear Greg around 11:30am (P.S.T.) until the close of the show at 1:00pm.

With the help of Greg and another great lady, Barb, I have been hooked up with several other unfortunates that have thrown money down a hole for what was supposed to be drug treatmentr for their loved ones. I will be in contact with those folks and will have them on the phone with me while Mr. Beha joins me in-studio for 90 great minutes that we hope will end with a fair and equitable settlement for all these folks.

I am also in contact with Clark Carr, President of Narconon, Intl in the hope that he will join us and answer all the questions that burn on the hearts of my guests. If Clark declines an appearance with me, not to worry. I have tape of Mr. Carr from the last time he was on. Those words should speak for themself.

I was promised that I could have Clark, and also Bob Adams, in exchange for an agreement that I take a pointless tour of their Church and have lunch with them. I am declining them both. I don't make deals with any of my guests, nor do I have that time. If I actually had a whole day to myself, I'd go to Disneyland or someplace like that.   If they want a microphone, I'm offering it to them. If they have something to defend, let them do it in the bright light of the camera
(remember, we're on KCAA-TV too) and let their voices be heard without interruption.

More information will be posted and available on my website starting late Thursday night at:


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This should be good.

Vince Daniels really wants to get a product out of this and neither he or Greg Beha are going to settle for anything less than a full refund.

Another giant footbullet in progress.


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What the!!!????

A post from Vince Daniels to ars today:


Several guests were planned to join me this weekend and share of their
unfortunate experiences with Narconon, International.

This afternoon, one of those guests was "bought off" by the Lawyers and
sworn to a gag order. This guest called me this afternoon, with less
than two days before airtime, to make me aware of that. The numerous
other victims of NarCONon's scam that were scheduled to appear have
mysteriously not returned any of my calls to confirm.

Under any other circumstance I would be totally happy. I suppose I
might even pat myself on the back for being instrumental in making this
come about so quickly. While this person should be excited about
finally receiving a settlement, their attitude with me on the phone was
not one of continuing the good fight and helping others that are still
struggling. This person seemed more concerned about saving their own
skin and making sure that they walked away with the money, and nothing

I have a current legal battle going on with a much more powerful
Church: The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I know about
gag orders. They are violated all the time. People settle for an
undisclosed amount with the promise that they'll keep quiet. Then a
week later, they appear on "Oprah." It happens all the time, and
nothing is done about it. And nothing should be done about it. In
this Country, we are guaranteed freedom of speech.

To say that I am extremely disappointed in this individual (and the
others that are of the same mindset), is an understatement. I have paid
a considerable amount of money for my airtime on KCAA. I considered
this a generous donation to the cause. Plenty more of these shows were
planned. Right now my feeling is ... let somebody else care for these
poor families that have been duped by Narconon. I don't have it in me
anymore. I'll stick to railing against the Cult of Catholicism. There
are plenty of victims and survivors of Clergy Sexual Abuse that I know
appreciate the time I devote on their behalf. If one of the families
of the Narconon scam can step up and care about more than just their
own self-interest, I'll work with you. Until then ...many thanks to
all of you for your kind comments and encouragement over the months

He hasn't named names, but to me it says Greg Beha. Am I wrong? I hope so.

I mean I'm glad he got his money back (if that's the case), but Vince Daniels sounds super pissed off.

Barbz? Anyone? Can someone fill in the blanks?


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Well IMO, with a change in perspective, Vince could turn this lemon into


and a big footbullet for COS/NarCONon.



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Well I suppose you can't blame Beha to much. All he ever wanted was his money back. I doubt he wants The CoS in his life ever again.

I'm just dissapointed for Vince. He threw so much support behind Beha, and to have his show just cancelled like that, must be very annoying.

I hope Vince can sleep on it, and maybe Barbz & Dave T can talk to him.


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P.S. Notice post 7 from Lerma's LapKat....I'm alwasy getting hell for my good intentions.
(LOL and I'm probqbly going to get "something" for that P.s.....

My excuse.....THE DEVIL KAT MADE ME DO IT....:)


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She is a nasty piece of work that Maureen/Fiesty.

She used to be good value, but in the last couple of years has followed her "boyfriend" into crazy town.