Your in house detective, Mimsey, has uncovered a sweet little program that the church is apparently running - which I shall dub "Protect the Whales" This nasty piece of work has the whales who have clients that are ex scios, or declares that they do business with to disconnect from them. Ostensibly, this is to cut off sources of entheta from turning the whales, and is a sure sign that they have trouble in Scientology land. Humm.

So if you get a letter, or e-mail from a client or business you frequent, worded in such a way as to avoid any religious discrimination, which tells you in a kindly but firm tone, to take your business elsewhere, know that you, you sexy SP, have been identified as a source of entheta. :hattip:



Patron with Honors
This is SO going to be another footbullet...Who thinks up this s**t for the Co$?

Never mind, it's obvious (obnosious?) who thinks it up. It's the closest he can come to slapping all the troublesome Exes out here. And it's going to have a Streisand Effect. Whales got to be whales (well, except for ditzy entertainment celebs) by making good business choices. When DM starts trying to dictate their business choices, I predict it raise questions in some of their minds.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.