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Policemen promote Scientology
13.06.2018 18:57 Michel Schultheiss
In Basel, the Christian Police Association distributes a free brochure. This refers to an anti-drug organization with proximity to Scientology.
For example, she is in coiffure salons and looks at first glance like a harmless drug information booklet. The Christian Police Association Switzerland (CPV) recommends parents and educators several websites - including the association "say no to drugs".
What comes along as an aid for drug addicts and their relatives, but has a spicy background: The association presents itself on its own website as independent. In Scientology Switzerland, however, is explicit that you equip this grouping with info material. As a result, «Say no to drugs» has already appeared in Basel as part of stand actions.
A gag-club on the glue
"The association is a camouflage organization of Scientology - that's actually been known for a long time," says Thomas Erlemann of the "Nonviolent Action Against Scientology Basel". Erlemann says that he has already sighted high Scientology members in these booth actions. "The goal of this organization is to get at unstable people and parents with drug addicted children".
Christian policemen promoting Scientology - how does it fit together? Scientology Basel was not available for comment, but the police union. "The CPV was not aware that the association 'Say no to drugs' is related to Scientology," writes CPV President Felix Ceccato at the request of Telebasel. "The content of the website is factual and expedient for the prevention of drugs - therefore, this website has been included in the links," said Ceccato.
Role of an SVP National Councilor
Meanwhile, the CPV has removed the link to the controversial club from the site and assured that it will no longer be listed in future brochures. Nevertheless, the booklet leaves a perverted aftertaste. SVP National Councilor Andrea Geissbühler is campaigning for a tougher drug policy just before the link recommendation. The Tagesanzeiger criticized this politician years ago for her lack of contact fear with the association "Say no to drugs".
Anti-drug fight as a docking point
This tactic of Scientology, to attach itself to other drug initiatives, is well known to Otto Georg Schmid, head of the counseling center Relinfo. An alliance between Christian organizations such as the CPV is not likely: "Freikirchennaher faith and a Scientology membership are in fact mutually exclusive," said the religion expert.
Apparently, however, the association "Say no to drugs" managed to get involved in other anti-drug initiatives such as Andrea Geissbühler's umbrella organization Drogenabstinenz. This corresponds to the strategy of Scientology since the days of the founder L. Ron Hubbard, namely to get involved through front organizations "in virulent social discussions and thus be perceived in public as a positive social force". 0