Scientolipedia is a site concerned with Scientology. Originating outside of the control sphere of the official Scientology organisations, it is beginning of a library of data about Scientology, including activities out of control of the (suppressive, in my opinion) official Scientology host of organisations. It has been running for a few years (data on when it started I lack).

It is not a message board or forum, and it certainly does not replace those.

It is not an individual or groups blog, and does not replace those.

These "chat" areas are a little different, and can produce greater ARC, in a way

Scientolipedia's main aim (my opinion) is to be a sort of Encyclopedia, a place to look things up. And it is based on the principles of Wikipedia. It is also based on the software of Wikipedia.

I have put a few articles there (go to its home page at and put Antony Phillips into the search area to see them).

I intend to put more, amongst others things:
The word remimeo and its connection with advances (then) in communication technology.
Teaching by Agreement, which I learned and practiced in 1957, but I can not find much documentation on.
The "suppressed" cancellation of the Happiness Rundown and issue of a new one.
More data on the Pilot's last years and death.
The Cult Awareness Network and its takeover (after bankrupting it with legal fees) by the official "Scientology"
(Possibly) 1950's Nibs Bscn course in London.
As an experiment, I am thinking of publishing some of them both here and on Scientolipedia – here there is a far greater possibility of discussing and degrading what I write. On Scientolipedia, following the principles of Wikipedia, which I understand, are only laid in abeyance with more stringent rules for certain items on Scientology, any one can add to, or alter anything I write. I would get notified of any changes or additions. I am certainly not "all knowing", and infallible and I appreciate people supplementing the data I am aware of (I may have been connected to Scientology for 60 years but I have not been everywhere, and have a speckled memory).

The Wiki principles make Scientolipedia very valuable, but at the same time the running of such a "wiki" requires a little more technical know how (or a lot more) than to run a blog, forum or message board.

So this contribution has two purposes:
1. To draw your attention to Scientolipedia,
2. To cry out for dedicated help from under 50's (not 84 year olds like me, doddering on the grave). I guess we could do with six people right now to learn the principles of administering a wiki site, and helping new contributors to with certain niceties in the system.
Dave LeCroix started and runs Scientolipedia, but I have not discussed this with him, or got issue authority from him – wild anarchy like in the Ukraine :)

Antony Phillips, [email protected]


Thank you. I like this site. I am currently reading about the book alterings.

It seems that Miscavige asshole did a great job entheting them.
Re: Scientolipedia -- History of Scn tech.

Have you any idea of how auditing has developed over the years? How it has changed? Have you a broad overview over 65 years of Scientology/Dianetics?

And how do you think people who have just left the "Church", or just contacted (Fri)Scientology, view the history of technical developments? I suspect that, if they even think of it, they have the impression that "the tech" came into Ron's mind in flashes of inspiration, and no trial and error process was used, no mistakes made, and those who have been in the "Church" for a while are likely to have a (hazy) impression that David Miscavige has successfully preserved all that Ron left behind.

Maybe newcomers never imagined that tech had a history, and that it developed and some things were tried and thrown away.

In fact it is an interesting subject. I have lived through examples of tech developments. So have others. They need to be collected together for our use and the use of future generations. Studying the broad flow of it can, for example, give clues as to what to use and what to throw away.

I have made a start at it, with some of my experiences – in fact I have made a sub-category in Scientolipedia‡ covering that and you can find an introduction to it at . I am also posting my recollections there, and I would encourage you to help me by finding references elsewhere, or people who have experienced new bits of auditing tech coming out. The aim is to get them collected on Scientolipedia (under that sub-category) so any body can read them at leisure, picking aspects that most interest them, and form their own picture how auditing technology has changed over the past 65 years.

Scientology has changed over the years. Very much! I think it would be a kindness to those who come after us to leave a useable record of the significant happenings in the history of Scientology auditing.

You can help by communicating about it, and perhaps encourage others you know who have knowledge to write, or search out things in the searchable corners of Internet and let me know or enter it yourself in Scientolipedia‡. [email protected]

‡Scientolipedia is a wiki styled area (similar but not the same as Wikipedia) devoted to all aspects of Scientology, and open to anyone who is logged in to contribute to, either as whole article or by adding data to other's articles.