Scientologist at securities depository allegedly favoured firms with Scientology ties


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Slovak Spectator: Scientologist at securities depository allegedly favoured firms with Scientology ties

SUSPICIOUS public tenders involving bidders who know each other and are associated with the Church of Scientology is how the Sme daily described the operation of Smer’s nominee Martin Wiedermann, who heads the state Central Depository of Securities.

During the presidential campaign when Prime Minister Robert Fico attacked his opponent, Andrej Kiska, with allegations of ties to Scientology, Wiedermann admitted that he himself is a supporter of the sect, according to Sme.

Wiedermann’s links to Scientology emerged after Fico built his campaign on the claim that scientologists represent a security risk for the state.

Sme reported on May 14 that firms with close ties to the sect have been successful when bidding in the Depository’s tenders. Two such firms, Business Success Slovakia and Kolateral, won two tenders.

Business Success Slovakia was selected to provide educational training for the Depository’s employees, worth €4,000, from January 2014, while Kolateral provided consultancy for auditing HR, systems and processes worth €19,900 from March.

The Central Depository of Securities selected the companies through a method of market research: instead of an open call for bids, the state agency selected three companies who were asked to submit bids, and then selected the winner from among them. All the other firms that were addressed in the market research are either mutually intertwined with or have links to Scientologists.


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Re: Scientologist at securities depository allegedly favoured firms with Scientology

Another Slovak Spectator article related to this.

Scientology and short-term memory

But it seems that Fico has some sort of short-term memory problem (let’s call it “campaign memory”). He, for some reason, was in no rush to remove Martin Wiedermann, nominated by his own party as the general director of the Central Securities Depository (CDCP), after the Sme daily reported that Wiedermann was associated with the Church of Scientology. He also owns the company Shift, which owns several internet domains connected to Scientology, according to Sme.

While Kiska has several times denied being a Scientologist and explained how it happened that a Scientology sympathiser published his book and he once gave an interview to a magazine affiliated with the group, Wiedermann actually reported himself as being a Scientology devotee during the presidential campaign. Apparently this was no cause for concern for Fico and his Smer party, even though the CDCP gathers information about Slovak companies and manages the database of their shareholders, which is full of private and personal data.

Moreover, Sme reported that with the CDCP, firms close to the sect have been particularly successful in public tenders. This would seem like slightly more reason for concern than giving an interview to a dubious magazine.


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Re: Scientologist at securities depository allegedly favoured firms with Scientology

The elephant in this room is that in addition to the personal and familial destruction wrought by Scientology is the fact, borne by history, that it continues to be actively engaged in the infiltration of governments, and poses very real threats to the integrity and security of government agencies.

When discovered, they invariably howl "religious persecution."

In actuality, Miscavige's Scientology is a psycho-political cult.