Scientologist Dee Dee O'Malley song re patients who stop taking their antidepressants


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Song by Scientology member Dee Dee O'Malley re patients who stop taking their prescribed antidepressant medication.

Tony Ortega and Rod Keller have the story.

Music on Soundcloud:

Ms. O'Malley says:

This is a very special song for anyone out there who has stopped taking anti-depressants prescribed by a psychiatrist. I admire anyone who has walked away from this. I know that it isn’t easy and if you have done it successfully, I am proud of you. This song is for you!

Sample lyrics:

One more dose comatose
I am not a body you can diagnose
I am strong I am free
There’s so much more to me than what you see

All lyrics available on Ms. O'Malley's Soudcloud page for the song.

One of Dee Dee O'Malley's tweets about the song:



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