Scientologist Laura Prepon appears at London Gay Pride parade


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Scientologist Laura Prepon appears at London Gay Pride parade.

The cast of Orange is the New Black appeared at Gay Pride parades in New York City and London:

Scientologist Laura Prepon appeared at the Gay Pride parade in London as follows:





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La La Lou Lou

Vanity Fair has an article up. The wording re: Prepon is interesting. Perhaps because she appeared via video?

See the Cast of Orange Is the New Black Celebrate Pride Weekend in Style

Perhaps it's time the chirch leaders were open its homophobia. The trouble is that being open would alienate people. That might mean even less people coming in. I was at a small county Gay Pride event at the weekend. It was like a school fete, it was reasonably attended despite the rain and completely accepted. There was a police stall, with them handing out information about reporting hate crimes, there were religious stalls, local council stall, HIV stall, Age UK, various local community stalls, live music, food stalls and the Thai curry was good, there was a handle snakes stall for kids, tombola in aid of some charity, it was fun, girls were walking around hand in hand and so were guys and it was just normal. There was no half naked hunks no screaming queens or dirty old men in raincoats, no demonstrating skin heads or nuns, it was just a pleasant little event. Cos is still stuck in a fifties time warp.


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‘OITNB’ Actors Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks, and Laura Prepon Celebrate LGBT Pride in New Video


As everyone is well aware, one of Orange Is the New Black‘s best qualities is that it brims with nuanced queer narratives, so it’s no big surprise that the show would release a video in honor of Pride. The clip below features Taylor Schilling (Piper), Danielle Brooks (Taystee), and Laura Prepon (Alex). Since it had been speculated that the actress had made herself relatively absent in Season 2 due to a Scientological opposition to all that “lesbian content,” Prepon’s appearance here furthers her effort to publicly repudiate a rumor she has vociferously denied. The video – running only 15 seconds – is relatively awkward and devoid of excitement, but, like blogging Beanie Babies, every cute, useless clip of OITNB-dom seems like a collector’s item.


Gold Meritorious SP

This wasn't a Scientologist celebrating Gay Pride, but a promotional tactic to market the TV show. The writer is gay,

Kirstie Alley had an openly gay assistant on her last reality show. John Travolta has contributed to HIV/AIDs causes.