Scientologist Mountain Biking for Ideal Org


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Because the Ideal Org campaign called "America's Got Talent.. Ideal Org style" (!) flopped so miserably (only 14 people voted, $30 per vote), they had to come up with something new to bring some money in. May i welcome you:




With millions and millions of Scientologists around the world, they should be able to get enough votes in, within a few days.... Right?

I'll keep you posted.


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This is kind of cool! Sponsoring people who attempt very difficult tasks and paying them for succeeding.

BRIGHT IDEA: Have a reality TV show where you can sponsor a person in the RPF's RPF and pay them for every day they eat beans and rice, sleep under a desk and desperately try to sell Basics books all night long on the phone. The money goes to the Ideal Org where people don't have to sleep under desks and eat beans and rice. The sponsorship ends when either the person raises ten million dollars, blows or has a mental breakdown and goes completely insane.

It's a game where everyone wins! Bring the kids!


Am I Mettaya?
Well, damn, this has got to be a cool substitute for knocking off hats at 50 paces.
Less impressive, though. Wonder why they have to resort to such things.

Boson Wog Stark

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I wonder, does he go around soliciting people for pledges telling them it's for Sciloontology, or does he say it's some humanitarian thing for world peace?

So, Ideal Orgs make clears and clears become OTs. That's thrilling! What do the OTs do, pretend they have super powerz?:omg: