Scientologists at PAC Base evacuated due to an Anonymous protest


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It saddens me greatly to see scn'ists cowed into acting like frightened rabbits.
Obviously the section on the "Black Panther" mechanism must have been edited out of the current DM version of DMSMH.
Whatever happened to "confront and handle"? :confused2:

'Confront and Handle' has morphed to 'Confront and Blow'.


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Re: Video

This is very sad, these people are afraid :nervous: What a way to live:bigcry: God help them & set them free, so they can live a proper life :blowkiss:


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Now THATS OT for ya!

What a fun video to watch!!! Kudos to that mini-raid team, who displayed more "OT power" than all those hiding within the AOLA, ASHO & LA Org buildings combined!:thumbsup: