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Scientologists become aggressive during Hollywood Christmas Parade


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You should know the score with corrupt cops and creepy cultists by now.

Multiple cameras and mutual support.

A mobile phone set to 'record movie' and then held to your ear allows you to face 'away' from the crime... while you unobtrusively film everything. Just say "uh-huh?" from time to time, and you're the perfect innocent bystander.

A modern digital voice memo recorder is tiny, unobtrusive and cheap. Everyone should have one. Start a recording going BEFORE it gets creepy, and clip it to your belt, or under your lapel. You will have several hours of recording time, so just always have it running. Wouldn't a soundtrack of that police harassment be just the icing on the cake?

Scratch something distinctive on all your electronics and keep a photo of you and it at home, to ensure that your camera or recording device doesn't "disappear" during searches or detention by questionable cops.

Always assume good faith, and try to remain polite with the police. Also, say as little as humanly possible. You don't need to explain yourself or defend yourself. You're entitled to your day in court, where you'll do a better job of it, with a cool head and some professional legal help. So say NOTHING if at all possible, and let them gather the rope to hang themselves.

Even in Clearwater (and to a lesser extent, Hollywood) where so many police appear to have been compromised, there are some good guys. I hope you won't assume from this that I'm anti-police. They have a very difficult job to do. It's just a shame that they will always tend to go for the short-term gain of "keeping the peace" rather than the long-term gain of ending the abuses of Hubbardism.
^^^ Yeah.. And what will the cops do about 35 people filming? - We should adopt a firm policy of everyone packing cams.



^^^ Yeah.. And what will the cops do about 35 people filming? - We should adopt a firm policy of everyone packing cams.


Yarr, like learn how to pull yer memory card out and stash it before ya get bonked against any walls... :unsure:

But really, I have a little unit with 400x digital zoom, we can watch too.
Do eeeet
Just sayin'.



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Thanks for posting this Garry.

I am glad I live in Germany and I have respect what you and other are doing in the US. Thanks.:yes:

You seem to be a very polite and friendly person.:)
Neuter the cult, you are a soldier in a war. There is nothing good in scientology, not the tech, not the founder, not the current leadership. It needs to be abolished before it consumes more lives. A tip of the hat to you.
Thanks for posting this Garry.

I am glad I live in Germany and I have respect what you and other are doing in the US. Thanks.:yes:
To you and everyone else in germany, do not let politeness or anything else stand in your way as you keep the cult from gaining a foothold in Germany. Fight the cult and keep your citizens safe.
It's ironic that the ACLU in California refuses to get involved in many matters involving Scientology. perhaps, because they know the cult is very litigious and that a lawsuit against them would be very expensive. ...

Ironic? No. Disappointing? Yes.

Sorry to hear it.

Mark A. Baker


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Just a minor marketing suggestion: perhaps strip out the pushing and shoving, and in-your-face agression, put it into a shorter video, then put it up tagged with "corporate security violence", "police violence", and "protest". Might help generate hits from a wider audience.


But optical zoom only 2x? :biggrin:


8x & night vision too! :) (yeh, sound sucks tho, this ol'
JVC is supposed to have 'stereo' too, I guess iffin you have two mad cats facing off and filming from half a foot it'd work...)

The point is though, jesting aside, given the obvious desperation the cult has displayed over the last couple of years by getting physical, down and dirty (nice religion guys), do not take protests forgranted and play loose, back-up yer backs, get it all on film etc. record it all and give no room for them to take advantage of the lone picket~ getting molested by 'the most ethical people on the planet'.
Remember what you are dealing with here eh!
The more concise the records kept the less CoS can create their usual bullshit, and, should they try.......
Play smart, play safe, no heros needed atm.
Nuff said fer nao.

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I saw on FB that Doug actually had a fractured skull from being thrown against the wall. I hope Smurf comes back with more info.


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I attended the Christmas Parade this year which really peeved the Scientology staff when I chose to watch it in front of the HGB. Later, they physically tried to block me from walking in front of the building. Now long after, Doug Owens showed up and began filming.

Scientology guard & an OSA staffer confronted him & threatened to arrest him. Not long afterwards, Doug found himself being arrested & roughed up by 5-6 LAPD officers acting on a false report filed by guard Andy Knapp who claimed Doug was trying to climb on a stage where LRH Gallery manager Lissa Uvizl was narrating the parade (videos proved this not to be the case).

An officer threatened to arrest me if I approached & filmed the cops roughing Doug up.

Doug posted on OCMB...

Last night at the Hollywood Christmas Parade, I watched part of the parade in front of Scientology's Hollywood Guarantee Building, HGB. They had a small stage in the curb lane and I stood next to the stage on the sidewalk. My presences watching the parade was too much for Scientology's inner fanatical core who sign billion year contracts: the Sea Org. Sea Org security guard, Andy, followed me wherever I went and got inches in front of my face telling me to leave the area despite the fact it was a public sidewalk with many others watching the parade.

A short-time later, 3 LAPD police officers grabbed me by my arms, pulling them back and up, which lowered my head, and ran me at a fast speed head-first into the granite side of the HGB building. My head struck the granite and the officers cuffed me and pushed me into the front of the HGB building.

They claimed I committed the offense of loitering. I knew the that was nonsense and told them so. They then changed their story to disturbing the peace. They claimed the Sea Org security guard reported to them, falsely, that I had tried to get on their Way to Happiness stage, and that I been disruptive.

The officers kept me cuffed for over 45 minutes while the constantly pushed me into the side of the HGB building. I demanded to see a supervisor and when he appeared I demanded they uncuff me; he refused. After about 20 minutes, the sergeant told me he would uncuff me if I agreed to leave the sidewalk in front of the HGB.

I told him he would have to tell everyone on the sidewalk watching the parade to leave as I was doing nothing different than them. This continued for about 30 minutes.

The sergeant told me he was going to take me into the station and I would stay in jail until Tuesday to see a judge. He urged me to agree to leave. I refused and told him to go ahead and take me in. But he constantly delayed; I had violated no law. The police violated my 4th Amendment rights by going through my pockets without consent and by keeping me detained.

They used excessive force by ramming my head into a granite wall and pushing me against the wall for so long. The Sea Org security guards violated the law by making false and malicious reports to the police.

Eventually, the sergeant agreed to unhand-cuff me and to not demand I leave. I, did, however file a complaint at the scene against these abuses. I want to add the LAPD is great in the way they treat complaints seriously and professionally, and tonight was no exception. After this, I resumed my position next to the stage to watch the end of the parade.

The officers involved were: LAPD Police Officer 1 Farrell 36164, LAPD Police Officer 1 Acosta 36470, LAPD Police Officer 1 Shaw 37209 and Sgt. 2 Davis 32256 of the Hollywood Division. A second Sgt took my complaint in a professional manner.

A personal Note: I take exception to Doug's reporting of the LAPD treating citizen's complaints "seriously & professionally" given what he had to experience at the hands of the LAPD Sunday night. The LAPD never takes these complaints seriously because citizens complain about LAPD behavior all the time. This is where Doug & I will have to disagree, and you will have to ask him why he's playing both sides of the fence when it comes to the LAPD, when they succumb to the demands of the cult they have long favored in Los Angeles.

When I was roughed up by LAPD Porter, while wearing a knee brace, years ago at Big Blue (the lighting of their new sign), I got lip service from LAPD staff over my complaint until I got an attorney involved who contacted & provided DVDs of the incident to Mayor Viilaraigosa, the Los Angeles City Council & the ACLU. Only then, did the LAPD command feel compelled to take action with Officer Porter being reprimanded & removed from the roster of future Scilon events..

The LAPD's longtime schmoozing of the cult is well-known. During my filming last night of Andy & Franck, several cops consistently walked back & forth behind me checking me out. I presume they said nothing because my conversations with the two guards were amicable.

It was later, after Doug was handcuffed & being roughed up by the cops, I moved into film the abuse, that Andy pointed me out to a cop who then approached me & threatened to arrest me for "interfering with police" if I approached Doug & filmed his being detained.

The LAPD's threat of arresting a critic 'loitering" is one of their oft-used 'rabbit in the hat' charges when conceding to the requests of Scientologists. They have threatened me & other critics in the past with the same charge when protesting on L Ron Hubbard Way, the Celebrity Center, and Winter Wonderland.

Never at any time did Doug attempt to get on the stage. This was yet another false charge asserted by the Scilons to create a 'noisy investigation' and set him up to be arrested. These bogus attempts are not new to Los Angeles Scilons, and you'd think the LAPD would be cognizant of such bogus attempts as I believe they are, when they're not busy schmoozing & kissing the ass of their Scilon friends.

This is why it is vitally important.. especially in Los Angeles.. where the LAPD is involved... to have a video camera running.. you will see in my videos, while Doug is being detained, cops often looking at me while I was videotaping the scene from a distance.. they were not happy about it.

I later spoke to one of the sergeants there and told him about my incident with "Flyer Guy" where Rick Moxon tried.. but failed.. to nail me for 'assault' on a Scientologist handler during the Grand Opening of Kirstie Alley's 'Organic Liaison' shop in Los Feliz.

The LAPD were over-the-top in kissing the cult's ass that night, as well.

There was a time in this country way back when, when this sort of cop behavior would have never been tolerated. The remedy against such behavior would have been tar and feathers or worse. Reading accounts like these makes my blood boil.



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Thanks for posting. Disgusting police behaviour. Definitely take it to an attorney, specially if you have video'd evidence.

Don't forget this is the police force that was implicated in the Rodney King beatings -- and all the thousands of others unnoticed.

I was in the greater LA area at that time, it was bad. LAPD is bad, but the LA Sheriff's Dept. is worse. There were several times when I came close to being "treated like a King" which is what the saying was after the riots.



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I saw on FB that Doug actually had a fractured skull from being thrown against the wall. I hope Smurf comes back with more info.

I told Doug what he needed to do... we disagree on issues regarding the LAPD.. he sits on the fence complaining about his being injured by errant cops, yet applauds them for their "courtesy & professionalism."

Someone whom Doug spoke to after discovering he had a skull fracture posted on OCMB.. "Doug seems to be in denial about this. He has said things to me, which Smurf has commented on, that are so wishy washy. As if he was not the victim!

When he told me that the handcuffs hurt his hands I said "take a photo of that" and he refused. Someone talk some sense into him and get this evidence!"

I can't compel Doug to be proactive in seeking an appropriate legal remedy. I, however, can speak from personal experience working in the legal arena, if Doug believes he can rely on the LAPD to address this matter amicably & internally, and in his best interests, he's delusional.


I don't know LA's protest culture, nor how nasty the LAPD get with protesters outside their doors.

But if LAPD is repeatedly sucking Scientology's trousershrimp, while the ACLU won't do anything out of fear, what would you say (realistically) would be the consequences if peaceful demonstrations were conducted outside the LAPD's posts and HQs informing people how often LAPD behaves on the behest of Scientology?


I can't compel Doug to be proactive in seeking an appropriate legal remedy. I, however, can speak from personal experience working in the legal arena, if Doug believes he can rely on the LAPD to address this matter amicably & internally, and in his best interests, he's delusional.

Please tell me he is at least going to a hospital for that fracture.


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I watched the video about the $6 million lawsuit. (Thanks, Schwimmel!)

All I can say is...


I'll be enjoying the show!