scientology’s cruise ship caught up in a lawsuit about human slavery

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Another case to add to scientology's case load.:biggrin: Go Tony!

Recently, we talked with Seth Miles, one of the Florida attorneys representing the three Cuban plaintiffs, who helped us understand why Scientology has become involved in the lawsuit.

“The only reason the church is involved, when you have a judgment that’s outstanding, one of mechanisms you can use is you can file a writ of garnishment on people who you think owe the defendant money,” he told us.

So, because Scientology has had the Freewinds get repairs done at the Curaçao drydock, the Cuban plaintiffs have had the court file writs against the church entities, demanding that they pay whatever they owe the drydock company to the Cuban workers instead.

“Instead of paying them, pay us,” Miles explained.

In October, Scientology answered the writs by saying that it didn’t owe the drydock company any money, and asked for attorney’s fees to be awarded for the bother.

But we noticed this week that the writs against Scientology were renewed on April 1, leading us to conclude that the plaintiffs don’t believe Scientology and are still pressing to get what they figure the church owes.


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An expanded collection of dox is now available for this case.

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