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Scientology: a Consensual Delusion Based on Science Fiction


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Scientology Books and Media: The Transcendental Engineers – Scientology: a Consensual Delusion Based on Science Fiction

1981 | The Transcendental Engineers | Hugh AD Spencer

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This is a thesis from 1981, which earned its author a masters degree and it is still astonishingly relevant today.

Spencer’s thesis is that the distinctive culture and communal activities of Science Fiction fans allows adults to indulge in healthy imaginative play.

He contrasts this with L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, which he argues has exploited SF imagery and technological optimism to create an unhealthy fantasy world. After attending a “Star Trek” conference, the author observed how fans have created a consensual ‘virtual world’ around the franchise.
Unfortunately, the “technology” that Scientologists trust will bring about their dream is nothing more than pseudo-science, and their project has more in common with Melanesian cargo cults. Scientologists have embraced magical thinking (presented to them by Hubbard under the guise of Science) and lost touch with reality.

There is much more to this thesis, which is well worth a close read.
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Suspended animation

I honestly can't imagine (or believe) that hubbard was clever enough to engineer the cofs and what it has become.

Rat cunning and sheer luck fell in to place for him when he created the cult but the end result was neither planned or predicted (by him) in my opinion.

Scientologists (overall) do embrace fantasy and magical thinking and certainly lose touch with reality while involved but most can alter the course of their destiny in the blink of an eye, if they choose to ... unlike hubbard who truly was a fully fledged space cadet.