Scientology Aaron Saxton, Scientology Enforcer, Stops By For a Chat

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Village Voice: Aaron Saxton, Scientology Enforcer, Stops By For a Chat

From WWP: Scientology Aaron Saxton, Scientology Enforcer, Stops By For a Chat

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Aaron Saxton, Scientology Enforcer, Stops By For a Chat
By Tony Ortega, Thursday, Apr. 8 2010 @ 4:59PM

Yesterday, we were visited by Aaron Saxton, who is in town visiting friends.

Saxton is a former Scientologist, and his Orwellian tales of being one of the Sea Org's ruthless enforcers during the 1990s are part of a national scandal that has become big news in Australia.

In November, an Australian senator with the unlikely name of Nick Xenophon stunned his colleagues and the nation with a surprising speech filled with allegations of abuse by Scientology and calling for a federal investigation of the "church" there. (Let that sink in. Just imagine, for a moment, a Chuck Schumer or John McCain standing up in the U.S. Senate to call for a probe into John Travolta's bizzaro buddies and the allegations -- proven many times over in numerous court cases -- that Scientology is more economic scam than "religion.")
"The staff that got pregnant were taken into offices and put under duress," he wrote.

"They were informed that their getting pregnant was not in line with the Sea Org [Sea Organisation, an elite division of Scientology] plans, and that their departure represented
a failure for the greatest good and that they should abort."

Many women were demoted -- or "assigned to lower conditions" -- if they refused an abortion, hewrote.

"At the time I assigned the [lower] conditions it was always in the hope that the person would miscarry the child or abort at a later date," his letter says.

"We had one staff member who used a coathanger and self-aborted her child . . . all her files were destroyed."

Saxton also admits in his statement to helping track down 10 staff members who left the church "without authorisation," and misusing confidential information -- including priestly confessions -- held in their personal files.

"We used the information to call banks and cancel credit cards," his letter states.

"We used the information to falsely contact airlines and cancel their tickets [by pretending to be them]."
We asked him, so what does Scientology say about you after all of these allegations?

"That I'm a liar and I'm a young, mean, spiteful man, according to their statement on me. Actually, I kind of agree with them. I am a young, mean spiteful man. And I love pointing that out to them when I'm on a microphone."

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