Scientology ad on Facebook.


Hero extraordinary
Greetings citizens, I hope you are all enjoying the same beautiful spring that I do. Sunshine, birds and girls in miniskirts.

Now to the matter at hand. While sending a message to a dear friend on FACEBOOK I got to experiense facebooks direct advertising, wich they explain on the help pages with this cheerful summary:

"Facebook ads may be targeted by your location, sex, age, relationship status, professional or educational history, or to keywords in your profile and the Pages and groups you're involved in. Including more content on your profile that relates to your interests may improve the relevance or focus of the Facebook Ads you're seeing. We're constantly working to improve our systems to show you the most interesting ads based on the information you've provided."

Sounds absolutely lovely doesn´t it?

The Ad I got was a scientology ad with a cute faced girl looking all cool at me like she wanted to tell me, "I wan´t you." With the simple word scientology under her perfect face.

The ad linked me to this page:

Now I dont mind direct advertisement at all, don´t get me wrong, commercial buissnisses have a right to compete that way in my opinion.
It is a bit weird though as the only factor in my FB profile that has anything to do with scientology is my friends.
And it does take the piss when a dangerous cult like the church has the option to... ahem... "Target a recovering ex cultist like meself!" Wich is what I reported to the facebook team using their help system.

I recommend anyone else who receives ads from scientology through facebook to do the same.