Scientology Admits Connection to Slimy Anonymous Attack Websites

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Yes, reproducing my entire article here is a violation of copyright, and for some reason ESMB has done that to me twice recently. I don't understand why when for the most part this board and the others are usually very good about quoting just a portion and then linking to the rest. That's good netiquette.

As you'll notice in my own stories, I'm pretty scrupulous about linking and giving credit where it is deserved.
Just to clarify, Tony, it's not *ESMB* doing it, it's just a couple of excited Members who find your stuff over at VV and feel that it's worth forwarding. There's no deliberate ill-intent but sometimes it takes a while for correct netiquette to sink in. (I think we sometimes get the same sort of complaints from another, somewhat less entertaining copyright holder, if you get my drift.)
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It's interesting that the Church of Scientology had a "Violent Psychopath" in their midst at the very highest levels for several decades - yet could not detect that he was a "Violent Psychopath" until he left.

Doesn't say much for Scientology procedures, or security, or auditing in general - does it?

Pretty much a self-admission of complete and utter failure methinks.

There has ALWAYS been a "Violent Psychopath" in their midst at the very highest levels. First there was Hubbard and then there was Miscavige.

Due to the very nature of Scientology organizational policy, which creates the model and pattern for all Scientology's activities, psychopaths will be the type who gravitate to the top and who make the "most effective leaders" within the Scientology environment and mindset.


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Tony has made 9 posts to ESMB in 3 years. Here is his first one:


Please just quote a short portion of my story and then provide a link to the rest.

This is twice recently that you have ripped off my entire story, and I'm really not happy about it.

Tony Ortega

It would be polite to heed his wishes, Anonycat.



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Well, it does pretty much prove that Joel whatshisname really didn't have anything to do with running RFW. It's obviously directly run by OSA. No surprise there.

Sounds like they haven't kept it up, though. Yet another "incomplete program" in Scienoworld.

Isn't it one of the signs of an SP that he's "surrounded by incomplete cycles of action"? :p

Much of this is attributable to the reliance upon Missions aka Special Projects. DM's background was as Mission Operations for LRH so it should not be a surprise. The fundamental problem with missions is they are designed to be "one off" with an inflexible set of orders. A team is established, briefed, they accomplish their targets and goals, get debriefed and its filed away somewhere. A mission might last for years but it is still a transient affair. There is little to no follow through or continuity or responsibility and knowledge of the mission is limited to who was involved and who has access to the file archives but many of these people will have moved on to other posts, scattered or just gone.

The other problem is the constant Musical Chairs or arbitrary rip off or relocation of people from one job or org to another. Missions are to a great degree a cope measure in response to general posting instability or staff shortage. Musical Chairs is done increasingly in proportion to organizational and management instability and I imagine things have been pretty unstable for a long time, if in fact.......ever. The thing is, if someone is good at doing missions, then they get tagged for missions repeatedly and so their permanent post becomes unstable which increases the need for more cope measures.

This tends to build in a kind of organizational amnesia or neurosis. Instead of a coherent long term vision you end up with an odd collection of random time capsules tripping all over each other. And if those particular time capsules were created by LRH then they have special infallible status. There is a long history of LRH conducting GO missions and those orders constitute a time capsule. If a mission is fired (launched) to harass or surveil a critic chances are their orders and briefing material are based on this old body of material. It makes it difficult for them to evaluate and respond to different circumstances so you can get things like psychotic looking people in creepy t-shirts pointing cameras at a family for many months - in the age of the internet where the whole world is watching, over and over and over.

Then when it becomes obvious to even the most obtuse that that order or mission was a reeeally bad idea the "Scapegoat Policy" is invoked and it becomes the fault of the flunky who was ordered to do it, management disavows all knowledge and the file is relegated to an "Eyes Only" status where even their own PR people don't know the details.

And then, another mission is fired................