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Scientology Africa OT Committee Reports


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Scientology Africa OT Committee Reports.

And now we get Scientology OT Committee reports from Africa.

From the South African Independent Scientology blog, Scientologists getting back in comm:

The Africa Report: A quarter billion for this?

On Sunday Mike Rinder posted the quarterly report the East US OT Committee covering their production during the last quarter of 2013. You can read that report here

We have just come into possession of the same report for Africa and have posted it below. It covers the activities of the OT Committees for Cape Town, Durban, Joburg, Joburg North, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria Orgs.

We took some time to read through it and insert relevant commentary where we felt it necessary. However the more we read it the more it became clear that this full report stands on it’s own and requires no further commentary – so we have left it as-is.

In our opinion it is no less than a catastrophic indictment of a group claiming to be enjoying the greatest expansion in its history. But don’t take our word for it, you can determine your own conclusion.

Be warned, it’s a lot of reading – as a Word document it spans 17 pages. It is important to know that this was written in response to a request from “uplines” to give an outline of the OT Committee activities. It therefore constitutes the very best of what is being produced in South Africa by it’s top members. We do not wish to nit-pick every small little thing, we certainly don’t need to. But it can’t be forgotten that when viewing the report, this is the level of production that has occurred after a financial investment of a quarter of a billion Rand, and counting, in mostly empty (or demolished) buildings.

Here it is:

Africa OT Committees Report December 2013


There is a huge buzz across the African continent following the release of GAT2, with Joburg Org having more sign-ups in a week than at any time in its history. And here’s another News Flash: virtually the entire Port Elizabeth OTC has joined staff! There were several fund raisers across the continent over the last quarter as Cape Town, Durban and Joburg North head down the home straight in readiness for becoming Ideal Orgs. Our newest Ideal Org, Pretoria, has settled into its wonderful new premises and public are streaming into the Org to experience first hand LRH’s legacy and postulates for Africa.


Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

Cape Town OTC did call-in for the GATII events which were held at The Strand Towers, a very upstat hotel close to the Org. The space was large, chairs comfortable and the visual display and sound excellent and each event ended with five star catering.

61 Public and 17 staff attended the first event held on Friday 22nd November and several ‘out of town’ trained and experienced public, who had come in from the West Coast, sat mesmerized by what was being ‘rolled out’. The tone level of the public kept increasing throughout the evening. At the close of the event the ED Cape Town Day introduced her GATII trained staff stating that they were ready and willing to produce Clears.

There were 57 Public and 8 Staff attendees at the Saturday night event. Everyone was totally keyed out by the data given and couldn’t wait to touch the new e-meter on display and get the data, bombarding Org staff with questions and making plans to get onto training and auditing lines. One OT, who had been on the Briefing Course with LRH in the ‘60s, was heard to say “I will definitely be doing the Student Hat now!”

Study materials and promotional booklets were on display and the new personal Bridge to Total Freedom was enthusiastically accepted by the Public.

One OTC member has signed up and started on his Student Hat Course this is his success story.

Progress on Files Projects.

During this quarter OTC members continued with their successful action of maintaining current filing particles to keep the CF files in PT and putting the CF files into chronological order.

OTC was advised that the Org would move in November. CF I/C Claudia N identified past successful actions of CF moves, which included: – identifying suitable space and obtaining ED CTD approval as quickly as possible, correct labelling and securing of the CF file boxes and moving the entire CF prior to the Org move.

related MEST, was moved on Saturday 9th November. 156 Boxes were moved and set up in alphabetical order ready for production by the end of the day and the space secured with the installation of a new lock.


Active OTC book-sellers have done well this quarter, disseminating LRH books and DVDs, selling a total of 65.

IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.

Three IAS briefing events were held this quarter – OTC assisted with call-ins, appointments and regging. A total of R50,000 was collected.

25th October a briefing was held at the Org by IAS AF Mr Alex Pena to approximately 15 attendees to give them the good news – his purpose in SA is to help open the AO AF and gave news of what IAS campaigns are doing. CFD AF Elmien briefed attendees that she is now working with the IAS and all the buildings are under her management.

26th October an IAS event dinner was held to 30 attendees (23 Public + 7 Staff) with Mr Alex Pena and CFD AF. The event was awesome. Mr. Pena spoke about command intention regarding Africa and how the AO will serve the whole of the African continent. The CFD AF then briefed attendees that official permission had been obtained to go ahead and build the AO on the Kyalami Castle land and said that Kyalami Castle will be retained as an up stat hotel for Scientologists to use while taking services at the AO.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

The Truth About Drugs campaign run by Narconon has been very productive this past quarter. Drug education was carried out at 22 schools and institutions to 2,548 students. The Way to Happiness PSAs were presented to 2,793 students.

For the first time the Western Cape Education Department invited, and paid, for the program to be run in 5 of their schools. As Narconon has worked with their schools for the past 14 years this is a major breakthrough. The event was videoed and the Social Worker at the Education Department arranged to show it to other staff members. Narconon has also done work for the City of Cape Town and are now on their official vendor database.

Peer Leader Training was given to 160 students; this is a two hour workshop where the students are taught 3 assists, locational, nerve and havingness, enabling them to help others. A video has been posted on the web

CCHR DVDs, Marketing of Madness, Age of Fear and Dead Wrong, Human Rights and Drug PSA’s, continued to be aired on the Cape Town TV community station to mid November.

CCHR I/C, Erica C, has been involved with helping a 21 year old get off psych and street drugs who has started on the program run by Narconon, Darling. His mom jumped on board to help and landed up doing the Purif with him.

Truth About Drugs booklets and DVDs have been donated to a lady to distribute at a youth group in Fish Hoek where she helps out.


The OTC Ambassador program was completed at the end of the last quarter

Actions taken to help Scientologists in your field to fully avail themselves of the Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing.

The biggest news which outstripped everything else was the launch of GAT II and the return of two of our Outer Org Trainees Brett Kidd and Runesu Chazvemba for the launch, so that our Academy could offer day and foundation schedules for the first time in several years.

Our two ED’s Taryn Retief (Day) and Grant Morgan (Foundation) travelled to Flag for the ED summit and returned to spark the promotion for the release of GAT II in Durban.

All hands call in was begun 4 weeks before the event and achieved 200 confirms, the highest ever for a Scientology event in Durban since the 1960’s.

An on source GAT II academy has opened the gates to expansion and several public whose next step was objectives have now routed onto the SRD, amongst these are OTC members Krish Govender and Jason Anthony.

Helping Scientologists in your field move up The Bridge to Clear and OT.

OTC member Marina Howarth arranged 3 Skype briefings by ANZO tech staff during this quarter. A Bridge Briefing by Paul Grigg, Class IX Auditor and Class VIII C/S on Sunday 1st September with 23 public attending, another on the 6th October where 13 attended and another on the 3rd November with 15 public attending.

During this quarter pending the arrival of Flag trained course supervisors, the academy was opened between 16:00 and 18:00 by Marina Howarth and Julia Aronowitz coming in to supervise.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books and Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

Krish Govender completed the Command of Theta Lectures.
Nick Howarth completed Phoenix Lectures.
Heide Peens completed Factors
Chris Hamilton completed the 4th ACC

All OTC members are either on or through the basics

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

Three Ideal Org fundraisers were held during this quarter.

The first was on Saturday, 14th September with a Beach Party theme – 12 people attended and R13600 was raised. The second was a Pirates of the Caribbean theme at the Org on Saturday 28th September with 9 attendees and R14 000 was raised. The final fundraiser of the quarter was held at Woodhall Manor with a Halloween theme where 12 public attended and R10 000 was raised.

Getting New Public into the Org.

New public are arriving regularly from the National campaigns wanting Dianetic auditing.

Veteran Dianetics auditor Grant Morgan signed a staff contract in this quarter and is now our new ED Durban Fdn.

WISE BEC seminars were held on three Wednesdays during the quarter by Marina Howarth; 25th September, 30th October and 27th November. The format is light and effective. On average there are 5 – 7 attendees and the wins are recorded in the successes written after each seminar.


Bookselling, more and more effective under the able OTC member, Krish Govender recorded highest ever sales of 42 books sold at the Musgrave Shopping Centre on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September.

The Durban staff and members of the Durban OTC have also been giving Free Introductory Dianetics sessions to public coming in through the new Dianetics website.

IAS Fundraising Activities and major statuses made.

Marina Howarth moved up to a Lifetime membership status this quarter.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

OTC Chairman Richard Bizzell delivered assists every second day for 2 months to give some relief to the Gauteng Commissioner of Police emeritus who is terminally ill.

OTC member Krish Govender delivered a Truth About Drugs seminar to 53 at the Hammersdale Church. Social Outreach Programme I/C Alan Wohrnitz held seminar for 150 children in Phoenix.

Nick Howarth arranged for the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Durban Westvile campus) to deliver the Truth About Drugs to 12 Heads of Departments.

Criminon I/C Michael Lane arranged for the distribution of 25 WTH DVD’s into Kwa Zulu Natal prisons.

Allan and Judy Wohrnitz reported a total of 42 000 Truth About Drugs delivered into 98 Kwa Zulu Natal schools to date during this quarter.

Recent Stellar Achievers

Nick Howarth is commended for his work as Stage / On the Floor Fundraiser at all three of the Ideal Org Fundraising Events for keeping it up-tone, fun and for making his targets.

Krish Govender has been running very successful Dianetics book-a-thons and consistently sells on average 25 books on a weekend. But topped this at the last book-a-thon with a highest ever of 42 books sold in one weekend.


What major activities, events, production and successes has your OTC had in moving Scientologists in your field move up The Bridge to Clear and OT?

The release of GAT 2 was the most exhilarating experience in history of Scientology and Joburg OTC members wasted no time in taking advantage of this golden opportunity to receive the Tech as LRH intended it. The GAT 2 event was held at a brand new auditorium in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, and was attended by several hundred Scientologists from both Joburg and Joburg North Orgs.

The atmosphere was intense as COB detailed the work that had gone into verifying and validating every piece of tech that LRH developed. The audience were at times in stitches from laughter, and at other times in tears, at the revelations made by COB on what had happened to the tech over the last 60 years.

Meantime, our OTC members have made full use of the mind-blowing news that going up the Bridge is cheaper and quicker than ever before. Warren Bruckmann and Isabella Ryan both arrived on service at ANZO to do OT levels, Diane Bruckmann returned from Flag on OT7, Shannon Green and Neil Singh started the Purification Rundown, Didi Singh started a Progress program and will then route onto the Purif.

Joburg OTC contributed majorly to Joburg Org’s 80 sign-ups immediately post the GAT 2 event, the highest in the Org’s history. A further 33 people signed up for courses in the week following the event (though not all from the OTC).

OTC chairman Renie Habib, OT Ambassador Sally Anne Cooke and our Basics I/C Marie Frankel were particularly active in recovering people back onto the Bridge and Basics during the quarter.

OTC volunteer hours on various activities – running the Purif for the Org, files projects, 4D campaigns, etc, amounted to 1,730 for the last 3 months. All OTC members were actively involved in call-in for the GAT 2 event, one of the best attended events in our history.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books and Lectures

Our Basics recovery project continues to set the tone for the rest of the country, under basics I/C Mike & Marie Frankel. A total of 25 people were recovered onto the Basics during the quarter. Each OTC member was assigned 3 to 5 Basics students from the Joburg Field to recover, and the OTC member is required to keep in contact with these people and ensure they are moving and winning on their Basics. This has been done on a weekly basis and the Academy in the Org has started filling up, particularly since the launch of GAT 2. In fact, on some evenings there is no space for those listening to LRH lectures, so public have realised they have to get in early!

Basics recovery stats are monitored by the Basics Project administrator who gathers data from the Academy every Thursday. From these reports, we are able to maintain tight control on the public that are in the process of being recovered.

New names are given out regularly. The appointed OTC member stays in comm with his/her recovery ensuring that the public is progressing and winning on course. The project is driven by Marie & Mike Frankel, who took on the post of Basics I/Cs, and ensures that targets are being met, public recovered, and that OTC members themselves are cruising on their Basics.

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs

Joburg Org OTC participated in several fund raising activities to raise funds for Joburg North Org, which is to be the next Ideal Org in Africa (and the second in Africa). The total amount of funds raised for Ideal Orgs over the last 3 months was $133,962. Our two-time Grammy Award winner Robin Hogarth, and Mike Frankel, continue to raise the bar in terms of their efforts to get all Orgs in Africa up to the level of St Hill size, so that AO Africa can open without delay. Robin spends dozens of hours each week, including travelling overseas, to assist in the Ideal Org fund raising drive.

The Joburg Alliance helped with numerous Joburg North fundraisers, including the Bollywood-themed fundraiser which – as the name suggests – had a particularly strong Indian theme. A total of R400,000 ($40,000) was raised, and was the best attended Joburg North fundraiser to date. Joburg OTC helped with set-ups and call-in for this fundraiser. This was followed with a very successful Halloween-themed fundraiser at Joburg Org called Witches and Wizards. Again, an amount of R400,000 ($40,000) was raised at this fundraiser. OTC member Robin Hogarth organised a concert at the fundraiser, where the children were given a chance to show off their acting skills. It was one of the most successful and hilarious capers yet put on by the OTC. Joburg North fundraisers are all very well attended by Joburg OTC members, who also routinely help with set-up and call-in.

Progress on Files Projects

Joburg OTC continued with its files project, focusing on the student and Org ethics filing. Sabina Laktionova is the I/C of the project and has arranged various public to help the OTC complete this task.


A total of 394 books were sold to public over the last three months, most of them by our star book seller, Dave Atkinson, who is also our top Power FSM in South Africa. The Joburg OTC took part in a bookathon where several books were sold.

IAS Donations

Joburg OTC also got behind the IAS campaign to bring sanity and LRH tech to the world. A total of $15,700 was raised by OTC members during the quarter. Nirvana Cooke (4D campaign project I/C) helped the IAS i/c, Alex Pinah, arrange an event at the LRH house, where 2 Lifetime memberships were sold. Karen Richards, Mike Stern and Don Moll (all from JHB org OTC became family patrons). Nirvana Cooke also raised $1000 from Victor Lopes for the IAS. More than half the Joburg OTC members are now Patrons!

4D Campaigns

Mike Stern from Joburg Org OT Committee arranged two Truth about Drugs talks at Geluksdal community centre. The second event resulted in the training of Geluksdal church group on how to disseminate the Truth about Drugs book and get drug education taking place in the community.

Fiona Caulder, 4D campaign project OTC member helped to distribute the Truth about Drugs booklets at a march organized by the Edenvale police. She distributed over 4,000 Truth about Drugs booklets.


Helping Scientologists in your field move up The Bridge to Clear and OT

The release of GAT 2 was a dream realised and created a huge revitalisation of the field. People who had not been seen for many years came to the event and they could be seen looking over the new E-meter, talking about the Basics and becoming part of the group again.

The Joburg North team arrived back from Flag and were presented to the field.

The day after the event the Org became busy setting up the Purif Centre, painting it, cleaning out the area and getting ready for the inflow. Our Flag-trained auditor has already got down to business and is auditing the field. Enquiries for the purif are coming in at about the rate of 5 per day.

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books and Lectures, and through the complete Routes to Knowledge, and further services

Joburg North OTC member Hero Dresser has been supervising the Basics every morning while the Sups were overseas training. Saturday and Sunday schedules have also been set up by Hero to encourage more people to continue with their basics. Since the GATII event more and more people are moving faster on their basics and taking advantage of the extra weekend sessions.

Fundraising for Ideal Orgs.

The African Alliance has been revitalized and Joburg OTC has given great assistance to the events which have been held for the Joburg North Ideal Org.

OTC member Ken Humphries went to Pretoria Org to give them a briefing on the progress being made and also to get them revitalized about finishing off the Gauteng Ideal Org triangle before moving onto the rest of South Africa.

OTC Chairman Jean Gonsalves and Fund Raiser I/C and Deputy Chair, Philip Park attended a Joburg OTC meeting and thanked them for their continual help and further discussions were held regarding a future fund raising event to be held at Joburg North.

All the Joburg North Events are Alliance events. Joburg North has been very fortunate to have Sea Org member Kimberlee and Seb Howarth regularly at Joburg North OTC meetings. With Kimberlee, Seb and OTC Event theme I/C Mandi Walbaum amazing events were created and an amount of $133.962 was raised.

The events became so exciting with themes etc that on the confirmeds the percentages were 75% of those confirmed arrived. In the past it had only been between 25 and 35%.

Joburg North OTC together with Kimberlee and Mandi set the themes for exciting events. Joburg OTC assist tremendously with call ins.

A couple of the Events held were:

Bollywood- an amazing event, the majority of those who attended dressed in Bollywood attire and there was even a team of Bollywood dancers organised for the evening to assist further with creating the atmosphere. A total of R400,000 ($40,000) was raised.

Witches and Wizards was the next event. Joburg Org OTC member Robin Hogarth organised a concert at the fundraiser and where the children were given a chance to show off their acting skills. It was one of the most successful and hilarious capers yet put on by the OTC. Joburg North fundraisers. R400,000 ($40,000).

Progress on Files Projects

The mammoth project of getting the files from different areas of the org were collected together and the sorting began.

OTC Members Ashley Pillay, Ken Humphries, Philip Park and Jean Gonsalves are the regulars every Saturday morning. It was then a matter of getting these sorted files into accessible containers. John Abbot, OTC member, together with Philip Park, organized to get filing cabinets. This made the files accessible ready for Phase II and also created space in which to work.

Phase 1 is completed a huge target attained.


OTC members help regularly at the stress testing and in the International Stress test weekend, Joburg North was the top org on the planet for book sales during that weekend.

4D Campaigns

The Way to Happiness continues to be distributed by Carron Mancini and her partner to the Mine areas in and around Johannesburg. When the ‘uprising’ at the Marikana mine occurred (an international reported disaster) Carron and her partner drove down to the mine where the police and miners were fighting and distribute the Way to Happiness book in the thousands. They continue to distribute to other mines ensuring that no such incident happens again.


Moving People Up the Bridge:

An amazing situation occurred within our OTC. We had a really gung-ho group of 5 OTC members in Port Elizabeth assisting in the Org and in the field, and they decided – what the hell – let’s all joint staff! So our OTC numbers may have dwindled a bit in the last few weeks, but our staff sign-ups are through the roof!

We have recruited 1 person in PE and had another prospect, but she too signed up for Staff.

Our Committee is at this point spread along the coast from East London to the North of PE (4 hours drive, one way) and George to the South of PE (also 4 hours drive away).

Helping Scientologists in your field onto and through the Basics Books and Lectures to get ready for Golden Age of Tech Phase II.

One public was recovered who had stopped doing his Basics about 1 year ago. He is back on his Extension Courses and is sending in Lessons daily.

Another girl has also been recovered. She is now doing very well and is having magic wins.

4D Campaign Activities (Truth about Drugs, CCHR, Youth for Human Rights, Way to Happiness, Volunteer Minister)

In Plettenberg Bay and George much work is done in getting TWTH Booklets out in the community. More than 1000 booklets are given out per week.

5 members are doing great work with TWTH in Plettenburg Bay and George area, 1 member in Port Alfred which is 1 hour from PE who goes into the Org weekly and gives BEC Workshops and 2 members have a Field Group in East London delivering Intro Lectures, Basic Life Improvement Courses and Book One auditing.


Helping Scientologists in the field to move up the Bridge to Clear and OT and helping Scientologists to get through the Basics

As an OT committee, the importance of moving up the Bridge to Clear and OT was emphasised in the following ways:

Ensuring members of the Pretoria Field are moving up the Bridge both in the Org and in the Field. This has included 9 starts on the Bridge between Life Repair and NED processing
One of the OTC members is currently at Flag, having completed OT VI-A, VI-B and has started on OT VI-C
Technical briefings have been given by members of the Pretoria OTC covering LRH tech related to Finance, Ups and Downs, the Bridge and Personal Values and Integrity, where the introductory courses were promoted, which resulted in courses being purchased by the public.
At graduation, one of the OTC members gave a briefing on LRH Admin Tech.
Another member of the OTC continues to Audit on OT VII and has recently been back to Flag for his 6 month check.
Members of the public and the OTC continue on with the Basics.

Assisting in the building of Ideal Orgs

The Ideal Org Alliance meetings have been attended by Lee-Hazel de Bruyn, of the Pretoria OT Committee, as the representative from our committee. In addition, she has assisted with some of the setting op of the décor for Ideal Org Fundraisers. Other members of the committee have also attended some of these meetings, as well as some of the Johannesburg Fundraisers.

Book Sales:

The OTC member in charge of book sales, is Robbie Knott, who has assisted in setting up book-selling in shopping centres on a monthly basis.

Books have also been sold by other members of the OTC. A total of 36 books have been sold by these OTC members over the past 3 months.

Business Expansion Club:

A breakfast was held at the Pretoria Org, which was attended by about 12 members of public, a talk was presented by a business person where success was shared on the application of LRH Admin tech in his business.

An OTC member is working with the Royal families of South Africa to introduce LRH Admin tech.


Two of the OTC members, Eduard and Sandra Kleyn, continue with Afrikaans translations as requested by the Translations unit.

The project currently being worked on is the Afrikaans Way to Happiness Film, the DMSMH Film having been completed.

Information on handling the Drug problems:

An information meeting was held at the Pretoria Org where about 65 non-Scientology Public attending a briefing. The briefing was given by OSA on the Truth about Drugs. The Pretoria OTC members assisted at that briefing.

Birthday Game

The OTC members support the birthday game and have a new OTC Committee member (Roelof Lategan) as the Birthday Game I/C for the committee.


Master of Disaster
Scientology Africa OT Committee Reports.

And now we get Scientology OT Committee reports from Africa.

From the South African Independent Scientology blog, Scientologists getting back in comm:

The release of GAT 2 was the most exhilarating experience in history of Scientology and Joburg OTC members wasted no time in taking advantage of this golden opportunity to receive the Tech as LRH intended it. The GAT 2 event was held at a brand new auditorium in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, and was attended by several hundred Scientologists from both Joburg and Joburg North Orgs.

Translation: "We on the OT committee will tell the people uplines whatever it is we think they want to hear, as long as nobody can prove we were out-and-out lying. We have no wish to be summoned to Flag for sec-checking over 'defeatism'."