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I am not sure if this has already been posted here, but it's worth reading again. (From Tory/Magoo on OCMB)

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 9:42 am Post subject: Scientology and Medical Abuse: What you need to know


The top was written by an X-Sea Org Member, Dennis Erlich who used to be the top cramming (Correction of the tech) officer at Flag. After is my story, validating what he says.
IF you have a medical condition and are either in Scientology, or considering joining, PLEASE take the time to read this...........all of it.
Thank you.

Dennis Erlich writes:

Comments on NOT Series 35, An LRH prescription for the handling of physical illnesses (text deleted)

It is clear from this bulletin that the Church is promoting (covertly) that NOTS is the ultimate CURE for all forms of physical illnesses. This is contrary to their public stance that Scientology is not used for "physical healing".

Before a Church member is allowed to see the NOTS material, he is required to have 12.5 to 25 hours of Security Checking, at his own expense. This is called "OT Elgibility" auditing. Per Church policy, all transgressions that the member reveals during the Security Check are culled from the session worksheets and filed in the members "Ethics" folder, to be used for blackmail or intimidation in case the member tries to leave the Church and speak out about it. This has been the policy since 1969 when Mary Sue Hubbard first issued the Executive Directive on the procedure.

Hubbard was a known user of psycho-active drugs for most of his adult life and according to credible witnesses who served next to Hubbard aboard his numerous "Flagships", he was extremely paranoid from about 1965 onward to the end of his life. The Church has NEVER disputed the claims of Hubbard's drug abuse. They could not kill the messages so they tried to kill the messengers.

Hubbard spent most of the 70's engaged in covert operations, ferreting out his imaginary enemies and creating real ones. Those that remain in the Church to this day, some who post here on on ARS, continue to buy into the story of Church "enemies" and "SPs".

The NOTS materials were compiled in 1978 while Hubbard was near death and the Church was under severe scrutiny following the FBI raids. David Mayo compiled the NOTS theory as it was dictated to him while he was auditing Hubbard. Mayo was later expelled from the Church and the NOTS material is still in full use in the Church, without any alteration. 100% "Standard Tech"!

The central belief of the NOTS theory is that a human body is actually a conglomeration of degraded spiritual beings (BTs) that were fused into one big mass during some long ago implant by Hubbard's nemesis, Xenu. Hubbard claims that NOTS "blows" these masses of BTs and eventually one's body become invisible and a person is exterior to it and can then go on to "Full OT"!

NOTS is delivered under very tight security and Church members have to be bonded to the effect that they will NEVER divulge ANY of the NOTS materials or speak about their sessions. By the time one is ready for NOTS, a person has spent tens of thousands of dollars. NOTS is heavily promoted as the ultimate mystery, the "FINAL WALL OF FIRE, THE LAST BARRIER TO FULL OT!".

"Full OT" and "Knowing and Willing Cause over MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE, and TIME, both objectively and subjectively" is surely an attractive promise! And its quite easy to buy into Hubbard's BT theory in exchange for "Full OT". Once a member has gotten on to NOTS, there is little chance for turning back. A member can not discuss his "case" with anyone else since he is "bonded". If he has a little ache or pain, a headache, a toothache, etc., well, that just the "BTs" acting up!

The REAL danger in NOTS is the introversion that it produces in people. Hubbard assigns the blame for all of one's illnesses, shortcomings, and lack of "OT" abilities to the physical body that he asserts is a MASS OF BTs. There have been numerous cases of psychotic breaks and suicides and cancers amongst people on NOTS, after NOTS, and after OT8. After buying into the BTs theory, one could easily conclude that "suicide" is the ultimate process to "handling" BTs. The Church goes to EXTREME lengths to keep these incidents under wraps.


Exactly. What Dennis says, I also experienced for many years.

First in the early '70's when I joined the Sea Org,
and was then ordered to get off of the much needed medication I took for Epilepsy. After great harm, and pain, my Mother finally insisted I get back onto this medication,
and with that, began my fights with Scientology.

After years of auditing and training, I arrived at Flag to do "OT 3" in 1997. This was only after writing David Mayo (the then Senior C/S, International) who had at first told me, "You need a PTS handling". I wrote him back, saying "How dare you call yourself a Senior C/S when all you say is the same *crap* all these people here in LA say!" I was furious.

He wrote me a 6 page hand written letter, saying He would back me up all the way if I needed any help once I got to Flag, re my medication. Ok, so I did OT 3. After, positive, I'd gotten rid of all the BT's, again tried to get off of my medication, and ended up in Morton Plant Hospital, nearly dead due to multiple Grand Mal Seizures.
That was the last time I tried to quit taking the medication I needed, and those were the last seizures I ever had. However, that didn't end the fight with Scientology.

In 1989 I arrived at Flag, this time with my NOTS paid for...from OT 4-OT 8. As I routed on through, I got to a 15 year old young Sea Org "MAA" (Master at Arms, aka: The Ethics person for this). He opened my folder, (I'm sure he saw I took medicine for Epilepsy) and looked at me like I was a leper.........and said harshly: "YOU are NOT allowed on the FLAG LAND BASE!"

Shocked, I looked behind me and did my Taxi Driver (movie) routine of, 'You talkin' to ME?" "Are YOU talkin' to ME?"

I did this until he went into Doubt, and I told him to get a higher trained person, that he was wrong. Sure enough, she arrived (The D of P: Director of Processing) and said I had to write up my contributions. I did, and since I'd just donated about one year to OSA, helping with legal things, I had great "Stats" in their eyes. She OK'd my getting auditing, and told me the C/ S wanted me to know, "ALL of your earlier handlings re medicine have been suppressive".

Now get what Dennis wrote, that even though they have all these signs re doctors, listen to how this played out.

Ok, she acknowledges ALL of the earlier handlings have been suppressive, and I agree.

So I begin getting "Eligibility" with Bill Yaude, my then auditor. We go over many things. Finally, he arrives one day and says, 'Now we're going to Sec Check Epilepsy".

I grabbed the PC cans, picked them up, and set them in front of him and said, "No Bill. This party is OVER. **YOU** can Sec check Epilepsy with the C/S, I'm done. This is going to RTC!"

I met with the D of P, who told me I needed to get off of my medication. I reminded her of when I arrived and how she'd told me ALL of my earlier handlings were suppressive, yet now she's doing the same thing!

I also told her I wanted to see whatever references she was basing this on. She showed me 3 references.
One was about Physically Ill PC's. I had a letter from My Doctor, L. Ron Hubbard's Doctor, saying the medication I take for Epilepsy isn't a mind altering drug, and I was fine to take it while getting auditing.
Next was something about being Out Ethics. I pointed out
I'd just finished many months of FPRD, cleaning myself up in a co-audit, and my ethics were in.

The final one said, "On upper OT levels, an OT shouldn't be on Medication". I looked at her and said, 'IF we're going to play hard ball, let's play hard ball". OT 8 has now been decided to be THE FIRST OT level---all others named "Pre-OT levels". So if OT 8 is the first OT level, that's not an "Upper OT level" is it? Also, I knew of TONS of "OT's" who spoke of physical 'wins' on OT 7----and Nots, so I knew they dealt with the body.

Lastly, I told her I wanted ALL of my folders to be sent up to RTC, to Ray Mittoff, who knew me, personally.

All the C/S's at Flag freaked out--as now *their* asses were on the line!

Sure enough, my folders were sent. It took about one month, but finally the Senior C/ S from RTC then called the Tech Sec at Flag and said, "We're sending an OK and a policy saying it's Ok to take medication, IF Your Doctor says you need to. Also, you need to call Tory tonight and tell her you're very sorry for ALL that you've put her through".

It was THE biggest win I'd ever had in Scientology. I finally won...............20 years after I began.

All through OT 5 and OT 7 it was implied I should be able to handle Epilepsy with the auditing, and of course that's what "The tech" says.

I never knew, in all those years, that Hubbard had been taking medications! That seriously grossed me out when I found that out, after I'd left.

Scientology now has signs all over saying, "If you have a medical condition, see your Doctor as auditing is not designed the Cure". However, we know, as long as they use NOTS--it says what it says.

It *Is* medical abuse, plain and simple.

If you're reading this and you have a medical condition, DO NOT get into Scientology.

If you enjoy Free Speech, do NOT get into Scientology.

IF you love your family, and any of them don't like Scientology, do NOT join.

Actually, just don't join: It sucks once you get trapped in.

If what I've written helps one person, it was worth the time it took to write it.

Blessings to all who help expose this insidious CULT.


PS: I didn't find out until after I left Scientology why that kid (the MAA) was so freaked out and told me: "YOU are NOT allowed on the FLAG land base".

What had happened is months earlier another person had gone to Flag who did have Epilepsy, and they ordered this person, same as me, to get off of his medication. He didn't fight, as I did---and ended up D E A D. That's why they wanted to throw me off the base. I knew it was something weird, but it took leaving to find out the specifics.

Just thought you'd like to know that, too.

Tory/Magoo~Dancing in the moonlight~
In Scientology for 30 years, out happily for 7 years!
X-Sea Org, X-Staff, X-OT 7, X-Class 4 auditor, X-OSA Volunteer after 20 years (Mostly in PR)X-Executive Director of SPL to handle media
X-Top Secret OSA Int Internet Mafia, Until I realized what they were really doing and soon after left C of S forever.
For thinking and speaking my mind, Scientology declared me
a "Suppressive Person" (SP 6 ^Cumulative Cluster
& Expelled me from The Church of $cientology
Free at LAST! (What Scientology Doesn't want you to know) (Excellent videos) (My writings about Scientology from ARS) (Top Secret Int Mafia)
or Type in Scientology in Google
(Read, Look, Listen, Make up your ~own~Mind)

Please post this around the Net, anywhere you can.

People need to know about this, before they get suckered in.

Way too many people have died in Scientology, due to this exact thing.

Thank you and cheers to all here

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(OK I snipped some comments from the middle of my first post, but I still feel this needs to be read in one go if possible.)

It's outrageous that properly medically prescribed medication should be considered unnecessary when you are having auditing, especially if (as in my situation) it doesn't interfere with 'mental processes' and is handling a long standing genetic body situation.

The last time I attempted to have a session ( mid 90's) I was told I couldn't take the medication I was on, a drug called methotrexate, a chemo med that also happens to alleviate severe symptoms and was vital for me being able to be mobile. Long term it affects the liver but short term didn't have any noticeable side effects.

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and CSWs and discussions, I was 'allowed' to continue it until the point I would start OTIII, when it would HAVE to be stopped. I didn't get that far luckily. :coolwink:

Through my own studies of natural healing I now no longer take it. If I had given it up when I was ordered to, I hate to think what would have happened.

Anyone with similar experiences?