Scientology and The Business of Cult (Full Documentary)


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The more I see these Documentaries on the criminal organization well known as the Cult of Scientology (Bill Franks interview posted recently) and the fact that the US government does not take out this cult - the more I am convinced that David Miscavige was hired by the CIA Black Operations of the US Government for mind control experiements or genocide?

Crazy conspiracy theory? That is what I would have thought before I DID Scientology. Now that I know - nothing would surprise me!

Well, we got sucked into the cult and had no clue something this evil would be allowed to exist for one minute! I even called the FBI recently to find out if they will do something about this cult and the guy's response was - "well, you signed legal documents, didn't you?" WTF???

It has been so criminal for so long and it is so easy to prove it is just as criminal today as it was in the 1950's.

Why does the US Government not help innocent victims from getting ruined by this mind controlling cult?

Why on God's green earth- would the US government not shut it down?

I cannot think of one reason why this cult is still standing (even though it has dried up of members) is dangerous and can ruin people's lives!

Warn everyone you know about the cult of Scientology.

This Country - the United States of America - does not protect its Citizens - it throws them to the wolves in the name of "religious freedom" - :whistling: