Scientology Assists and Objectives as Hypnosis


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I occasionally run across people who believe assists and objectives, which both consist of a lot of repetitive touching of things and walking to things and looking at things over and over, sometimes for hours and hours totalling hundreds and hundreds of times doing the exact same thing, are harmless.

I beg to differ and have found more than a little bit of evidence to back me up.

Hypnotist Volney Mathison (inventor of the E meter) explicitly described in his book Creative Image Therapy hypnosis being used over and over for hours as a covert way to mentally enslave someone.

Here is the quote:

At this point, nearing the end of this book, the writer reluctantly presents a negative warning. There is extant a pseudo-scientific system of something or other wherein the patient is required to create and duplicate arbitrary systems of mental images that are autocratically selected for him by the operator. Worse still, the patient is forced monotonously to perform interminably-duplicated trivial physical motions, such as touching a certain exact spot on the table, over and over and over, sometimes for hours.

Bluntly, this is a powerful and effective technique for covertly inducing hypnosis. By the duplicated command the subject is caused endlessly to duplicate mental image patterns wherein he is OBEYING the operator, explicitly, time after time after time. The subject is sooner or later reduced to such a zombie-like state that he will thereafter obey the operator's every other covert or indirect command. These covert and indirect commands are presented to the subject in the form of take-it-or-leave-it "suggestions"--to buy every book, take every expensive "course", attend every convention or conference staged by the operator. The victim at long last finds himself penniless, in debt, and much more ill and troubled than ever before.

The seizure of the intense attention of an intended victim by monotonously duplicated little acts is the technique of the rattlesnake as he fascinates a bird. The snake sways back and forth, holding the victim's gaze, causing it to look from side to side, keeping its attention captive by this duplicative technique of fascination. A "fatigue point" eventually is reached. The snake's prey is thereby immobilized, psychically and physically--and devoured.

SHSBC-209 – 18.9.62

If you want to make some pc feel like he’s being hypnotized when he isn’t, set up two bottles in front of him and tell him to look at the left one, and then tell him to look at the right one, and then tell him to look at the left one, and tell him to look at the right one, and tell him to look at the left one, and tell him to look at the right one, and tell him to look at the left one, and all of the sudden he’ll get some weird feeling of becoming hypnotized.

SHSBC-330 – 29.8.63

... then tell them what their opinion is and they just sit there… They're – of course, they're in a hypnotic trance to their own opinion, so anything you say must be their opinion, see?


Of course, we go on a tradition "if you learn anything about man that will help him,
you help him with it." ...

"If you learn anything about man that you can manipulate him

You're going to manipulate men,

you've got to change their definitions

and change their goals

and enslave them and do this and do that.


Now, brainwashing simply is the trick of mixing up certainties.

All you have to do if you want to know and develop the entire field

of brainwashing as developed by Pavlov,

is simply to make somebody ..... into a confused or hypnotic state in which he can believe anything.

Dec 1952 Philadelphia Doctorate Course

There’s nothing every very weird about hypnotism.
It is the easiest thing in the world. ..
"All right, now you stare at the candle, stare at the candle.
Now uh… you know that concentration of that sort can make you for… sort of sleepy and so on.You stare at the candle until you feel that.“
And he’ll say, "All right.“ See he’s agreed that concentration on that can make him sleep.
All right, … let’s look at this candle a little… a little closer and
now let’s feel… let’s feel the… the… the body becoming more and more relaxed. And, he agrees to feel that the body is becoming more and more relaxed.
That’s all there is to that. He… he just agrees little by little,
the next thing you know the hypnotist says, „
Now your eyes will close.“ And his eyes go bonk. Of course, he agreed to that.
Now, the hypnotist says, "
Now your right hand will rise.“ And with some slight amazement, this fellow watches his right hand come up.
And he says, „Wooo, I’m hypnotized.“ So he just gives it up then,
and the hypnotist now says, "
Now you see that kangaroo on your right knee?“
"Yes.“ He sees the kangaroo on his right knee.
Now take it on your right knee.
“Now let’s see it jump over to the left knee.
Now you got that? All right,
now let’s put… let’s put a… uh… a bonnet on this kangaroo. Got the bonnet on it?
Now have the kangaroo sing a song
.“ And the hypnotized person is very happy to sit there and watch this.

PDC-05 pg 7 SCALES OF HANDLING 2.12.52

Well, that’s… that’s very interesting because we have hypnotism which can be demonstrated as a phenomenon,

and we show that the greater and greater agreement,

all you do to hypnotize somebody is just make him agree… agree… agree

and after that he’ll see anything.
He’ll do anything,
he’ll see anything.
He agrees, agrees, agrees.

Structure/Function: 11 December 1952 page 1

"All processes are based upon the original observation
that an individual could have implanted in him by hypnosis
and removed at will any obsession or aberration,
compulsion, desire, inhibition which you could think of – by hypnosis.“
Hypnosis, then, was the wild variable;
sometimes it worked,
sometimes it didn’t work.
It worked on some people; it didn’t work on other people.
Any time you have a variable that is as wild as this, study it.
Well, I had a high certainty already –
I had survival. Got that in 1938 or before that. And uh…

Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture tape numbered 39 from 1952 - 1953 known as the games maker tape or lecture

Now the caste system of game consist of this: The Maker of Games, he has no rules, he runs by no rules.

The player of the games, rules known but he obeys them. And the assistant players merely obey the players. And the pieces obey rules as dictated by players, but they don’t know the rules.

And then, what do you know. There’s broken pieces, and they aren’t even in the game, but they’re still in the game.

And they’re in a terrible maybe: "Am I in the game or am I not in the game?“ Now, "How to make a piece. This is how to make a piece: First, deny there is a game. Second, hide the rules from them. Three, give them all penalties and no wins. Four, remove all goals“ –

all goals. "Enforce them… their playing. Inhibit their enjoying. Make them look like but forbid their being like players“

– look like God but uh… you can’t be God.

"To make a piece continue to be a piece, permit it to associate only with pieces and deny the existence of players.“

Never let the pieces find out that there are players. Now out of these you’re going to get games.

Now here’s a process that has to do with the making of games, and all this process adds up to, is you just address to those factors which I just gave you, oh, run and change postulates and any creative process that you can think of and shift postulates around, you get a whole process. End quote

I obviously have written a tremendous amount more on hypnosis and Ron Hubbard's efforts to control people and exactly what it is and how it works in Scientology.

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Anyway, 2 books I have for general hypnosis stuff, to try to understand what it is:




It’s long, Mockingbird; I’m not sure how many people will take the time to study through the information you’ve given here, but you’ve done a brilliant job putting this all together. I hadn’t even known Volney Mathison was a hypnotist. To then see many of Hubbard’s procedures were almost quoted hypnotic routines is just mind-blowing. Great job. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this. It's a good read.


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It is just my opinion but there seems to be reason to believe that the amperage flow from the emeter, not the voltage, messes up the synapses of the brain which produces an endorphin response that can induce a mild hypnotic state and that the emeter was actually designed for this purpose. A stun gun uses amperage to overwhelm a persons electrical system thereby disabling him or her. Like Ron's great grandson calls it "electronic hypnosis".