Scientology bans couple from wedding


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Tampa Bay Times: Scientology bans couple from wedding

Beautifully plated filet mignon. Attentive servers. A rocking band.

Sophia and Jack Vasilaros wanted a first-class reception for their daughter Marina, who married Louis Michaelos on Saturday afternoon in Clearwater. They got it.

"My phone's been smokin' with people saying they had a great time," Jack Vasilaros said Tuesday.

Not in that group, and unhappy about it, are a well-known Clearwater couple who have been close friends with the Vasilaroses for nearly 30 years.

Voncele and Denis deVlaming were banned from the event by the Church of Scientology.

Needing a large venue for their many guests, the Vasilaroses had rented the elegant Crystal Ballroom in the church's Fort Harrison Hotel, which is available to the public. As part of the rental agreement, the Vasilaroses agreed to send the church the guest list in advance.

Last Thursday, the church informed them that the deVlam­ings could not attend. Denis deVlaming, a longtime Clearwater lawyer, had represented church opponents in legal matters. The church could not permit him to enter the building.

With the wedding just two days away, the Vasilaroses did not object. "Rules are rules," Jack Vasilaros said.

His wife phoned Voncele deVlaming with the bad news.

"What about me?" asked Voncele (pronounced Von seel). Could she go? She hadn't worked in her husband's legal practice or ever said anything critical of Scientology.

Sophia said she would inquire, Voncele said.

On Friday, she called back. Voncele was banned too.

"We were both very heartbroken," Voncele said.


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I hope the slaves had a better time than they would have on a regular night.


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Well, this should successfully kill yet another revenue stream. Tick. Fucking. Tock.


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Daily Mail: To have but not to Hubbard! Scientologists BAN lawyer and his wife from attending friend's wedding at their church - because he represents the wrong clients

Clearwater, Florida lawyer Denis deVlaming and his wife Voncele were banned from attending the reception because he has worked for opponents of the church

Father of the bride Jack Vasilaros was required to submit a guest list to the church for authorization

Learned two days before the ceremony that the deVlamings - family friends of nearly 30 years - wouldn't be allowed in the building

The reception was held at a hotel owned by the Church of Scientology, though neither the bride or groom are members

A well-known Clearwater, Florida couple was banned from attending a close family friend's wedding reception last weekend by the Church of Scientology.

Jack Vasilaros secured the Crystal Ballroom at the church's Fort Harrison Hotel in downtown Clearwater for his daughter Marina's wedding reception, but was told he had to submit a guest list in advance.

Last Thursday, Mr Vasilaros was informed by the church that friends Voncele and Denis deVlaming Could not attend.Since it was just two days before the wedding, he did not object.

Free Being Me

Non-$cientologists choosing a $cientology venue (Ft. Harrison) for a wedding wherein $cientology dictates pre-approved attendees whilst the bride and groom accept the censoring of friends by $cientology is just weird.



They're still not gettin' the Streisand Effect are they? These are the dumbest people on the face of the earth, I swear. Their IQs are going down rapidly. In another year or two we could be dealing with severely, mentally disabled people. Their derangement will not remain hidden forever.

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
O M G ! How stupid can you be?? Don't answer that!

Notice that they get the guest list AFTER the facility has been paid for & invitations go out. Of course the couple/parents could not cancel or have ANY power. They were screwed.

I wonder if the contract lists that the guest list will be censored. What if the couple puts down dummy names? Are they checking ID or running through the "no fly list" at the door?

The lawyer could do some good work on this one... but not worth the trouble or hard feelings with his friends.

The press is the best part.... instead of an article talking about what a GREAT venue this is so the sciobots make even more money now people will know that their guest list will be subject to approval.

If I were a terrible person with money I would take out an ad in all the local bride magazines, etc. where the venue advertises & let folks know that SOME venues edit your guest list & to check your contract. Don't name names... of course.

I wonder how much money is made off the rental... after all the "labor" is FREE since they do not pay the SO members who staff it I am sure. I would have my reception at McDonalds before I had it in a slave labor camp.

Did I just type that? Yep - sure did....



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If I didn't know better, I would think this was some sort of prank. But this is scientology and it is always full of drama and foot-bullets and cruelty and stupidity and masked displays of the worst side of humanity.


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Can Scientologists get any more vindictive, petty & stupid?

Is this how they apply Senior Policy #1 "Always maintain friendly relations with your environment?"

Scientologists, if nothing else, are quite exceptional at the task of making people despise and ridicule them.

Way to go, Scientology! You are as-ising yourself! Thanks for the assist, we couldn't do it without your gracious help.


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.....meanwhile OSA why finders are feverishly working through the night to find the WHY and the WHO for this pr flap.

While they are trying to figure out why Hubbard and his policies are not the why/who, they are dispatching hundreds of VMs into the streets of Clearwater to hand out The Way To Happiness. When contemptuous local residents demand to know why Scientology is dictating to people in Clearwater who they can invite to their wedding, the VMs can subtly change the discussion by telling their wins on the precept "Take care of your teeth".

If it's not ARC breaking the living hell out of people, it's not Scientology.
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Wanna see the reality behind the lies?

Check out the YELP site for using the Ft Harrison ballroom and facilities for a (wog) public event venue...

Six people checked in. They're clearing the planet, but only six people visited their site. LOL

Three Scientologists gave the obligatory glowing reviews.

And two normal people told the truth:

3 reviews for The Fort Harrison Hotel that are not currently recommended
  • 3/16/2014
    For those who don't know this is owned by a bunch of crazy people who scam even crazier people out of their money and make them work for them for next to nothing. Their leader had a kindering for little boys. I'm quite certain that if you stay here they will brain wash you.

And this one is my favorite review....LOL

  • What a confusing place. They advertise that they are a hotel and event space, but the only event I saw was a mass of sullen people walking around staring at me, but not speaking when I said hello. Was it the garlic I had at lunch?

  • My accommodations were in the "Freewinds Suite" and were nice enough, except I seem to have a lingering cough that just wont go away. Whenever the air kicked on, it looked like it was snowing so that was a plus.

    The movie selection left much to be desired. Battlefield Earth on every channel? I don't like war movies, so I passed.

    My biggest complaint would have to be the charges at checkout. Dianetics? I didnt order any special meals, so I don't know what that was, and I didnt open the mini bar, So I'm not sure why they charged me $250,000 for GATII (I'm assuming that's Gatorade? This is Florida after all.)

As much as I enjoy seeing scientology's fucktardness waved all around,
I think the people who were renting space for their party from COS are fucktards
too. Even if they did know the big bad lawyer; actually moreso if they knew the big
bad lawyer.


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As much as I enjoy seeing scientology's fucktardness waved all around,
I think the people who were renting space for their party from COS are fucktards
too. Even if they did know the big bad lawyer; actually moreso if they knew the big
bad lawyer.

They musta been kinda out of it, since Scientology has been expertly stripped of its religious facade and mercilessly debunked by the local newspaper for years.

It's hard to imagine a local Clearwater resident seeking out a Scientology venue when the cult is so reviled by locals. I suspect there is more to the story--for (supposedly) unaffiliated wogs to want to get married in the cult's ground zero security fortress.

Where's that super--net-sleuth Smurf? LOL

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
I think the article said they got married at their church, which is why the couple could have attended the wedding but only the wife attended. The reception was at the Ft. Harrison ball room which is why they could not attend the reception only.

I would have added dummy names & had the folks come in as Uncle Fred & Aunt Ethel.

Reservations & payment for a reception happens MONTHS before the event if not a year or more. I understand why they could not cancel.

I use to be a wedding photographer. I have never seen a guest list edited by any venue. The only thing I have seen is trouble making relatives or ex spouses banned from an event. They were banned by the family - not the venue.

I hope Facebook is lit up with comments on this to get the word out to the general public.



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And the moral of the story?

Don't do business with dubious types in fake naval uniforms?

Don't get married in the "Church of Scientology"?

Don't get married maybe?

Purple Rain

Actually, there is a barely visible link on YELP that takes you to the unfavorable/negative reviews. It's still there.

Here's the link directly to that page. . .


Here is my review!!

Do not hire this venue for your event. Not only do they dictate your guest list (see Tampa Bay Times article of 14 Jun 2014 "Scientology bans couple from wedding" by staff writer Joe Childs) but some people have had disappointing experiences with the accommodation itself.

The Ft.Harrison Hotel didn't work out so well for Lisa McPherson who was taken to Room 174 by her buddies for a period of "rest and relaxation". It must have been well worth its five stars, because after her 17 day stay, Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, and covered in bruises and bug bites. Great food, excellent service and obviously clean! Highly recommended for those interested in weight loss and for whom diuretics are no longer doing the trick.

Consistent with their reputation as the friendliest place in the world and their commitment to excellence, the helpful staff took the trouble to drive Lisa to New Port Richey Hospital 45 minutes north of Clearwater when she was clearly unwell, passing three lesser hospitals, including the obviously inferior Morton Plant Hospital, only six minutes away. Unlike New Port Richey, Morton Plant did not have a single Scientologist doctor in attendance. Unfortunately, despite these heroic efforts, Lisa was pronounced dead on arrival. Thrill seekers may wish to request Room 174 for that extra frisson during lovemaking.

If Room 174 is booked, fear not, as there are other options. McPherson is, after all, not the only guest to have perished here in mysterious circumstances. Josephus Havenith, for instance, a healthy man of 45, died in a bathtub filled with water so hot it burned his skin off.