Scientology Books in Public Libraries...........And Other Scams.....


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When I was in the cult in the 90's there was a big campaign to get $camology books into public libraries. (There may have been more than one campaign, I forget now). I definitely remember there was a push to get the "What Is Scientology" book into the libraries.

Yes, I got scammed many a time to "donate" for this. At the time I waited a few weeks, and popped into several local libraries. Not ONE of them had ANY of Hubbards books in them!!

When I asked back at my local mission why this was, I was given the usual crap about how they were SOOOO popular that they were probably permanently on loan. This didn't sound right to me as I knew that $camology in my area had a VERY bad name. At this time I let it drop and didn't bother about asking the libraries if they stocked these books...........

The other day I did one of my regular visits into town to have a coffee, do some shopping etc..... While there I made a visit to the library.

Not ONE book from $camology was on the shelves. I did, however, find a copy of "The Church of Fear" by John Sweeney, and "Going Clear" by Lawrence Wright. There were also other books about minority "religions" which covered $camology and showed it in a less than complimentary style!!

I decided to ask a librarian if they had any $camology books on their records. (20+ years ago I doubt if computer records of such things were widely popular). She looked at me a little quizzically, so I explained my involvement from the 90's, added that I was well and truly out, and gave a brief recap of the "books in libraries" campaign.

Her very words were, "Thank god you got out. I thought at first that you might have been interested in joining!"

It turned out that she was a long standing librarian at this library, including throughout the 90's! Needless to say the computer database showed that there were NO $camology books in the library.....

The librarian also said that no one from $camology in the 90's, (or any other time), had EVER approached the library with regard to donating some books.......... And apparently one of her jobs was to put new books on the inventory, so she would have had first hand knowledge if any of the cult's books had been offered to the library.

She also said that the various local authorities were rather concerned about the scientology presence in the town due to it's bad reputation! Apparently there was an unwritten agreement that libraries throughout the whole area would NOT be accepting $camology books even if they were offered! It was considered that these books were not "in the public's best interest" just in case they tempted anyone to join the cult. (Her words, not mine.....).

Obviously this decision by the local authorities was kept quiet just in case they were accused of "religious discrimination" by a group that is very infamous for doing just that!

I should add that this library is a big one, within a fairly large town. Despite this $camology NEVER attempted to place books on it's shelves........

So where did my "books for libraries" donations go? Plus many other peoples' donations for the same project? Surely we weren't scammed by the most ethical group on the planet? Were we?

The mission in this town is still going to this day. However, it should be noted that when I first joined it had a BIG turnover of people on courses etc..... Never seemed to make money though, or when it did there was always some "flap" to be paid off. Usual scenario.

These days this mission is a shadow of it's former self. It's closed on Mondays! Friday to Sunday it's only open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm! Tuesday and Wednesday it actually does 12 hours (10.00 am to 10.00 pm), and Thursday it closes at 9.30 pm for some strange reason!!

Stories of various $camology money making scams have been widely publicised over the years. But does anyone have personal experiences of how they were scammed, and found out the truth at a future date, (maybe years), later?

Obviously it doesn't need to be limited to the books in libraries fiasco. It can be anything.


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It just so happens that I attended a huge national convention where librarians from all over the U.S. came. This was in Boston, back in January, 2010. I was there with Nancy Many when she had a booth set up, promoting her book, My Billion Year Contract. The Library Donation Project came up in conversations multiple times with librarians, and we did get reports from librarians that they did receive boxes of Scientology books.

One thing I've found out about librarians is that when they receive a box of books, unsolicited, they don't just automatically put those books into circulation in their libraries. There's too many books in publication for them to just randomly add books into their collections, so they're very selective.

That said though, they did often find a special section in their libraries for all these LRH books. It looked similar to this:


We heard from librarians who would receive a box of books and they would just take it and toss it in the dumpsters.

I doubt that CoS cared though. They got paid for these donated books and that seems to have been the most important aspect of these projects. If they really cared they'd of contacted all libraries in advance to get an agreement about adding these books to their collection rather than just sending them out.

Here's a picture of some of the Boston anon's outside the American Library Association's convention, helping Nancy promote her book.

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Bought quite a few new books and lecture series from library "overstock" on eBay. Paid 1/2 penny on the $ for them.