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Featured Scientology Breeds Fanaticism

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Gadfly, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    I was going through a closet today and found a folder with various Scientology issues in it. I briefly scanned through it. Doing so made me realize, once again, just how severe the Scientology indoctrination is. There is an underlying viewpoint instilled in members that slants their reality, conditions their reasoning ability, and allows them to commit harm to others. What is this viewpoint?

    It is the viewpoint that, "we are the last free beings, we are the ONLY group able to salvage people, we are the ONLY group with a workable tech able to solve the problems of society, and we are on a live-or-die-in-the-attempt mission to bring this wonderful LRH tech to every man, woman and child on planet Earth".

    Yes, it is an insane view. I have found that any group that considers itself SUPERIOR to everybody else, philosophically, ideologically or religiously, also practices the maxim: The ends justify the means. In other words, these sort of people will stoop to behavior few others will, because they BELIEVE they are the recipients and holders of some GREAT TRUTH! I have seen it over and over. Church of Scientology members routinely get to a point, rather quickly due to constant indoctrination of KSW-related materials, where he or she truly believes that only his or her group is "right". Also, Hubbard endlessly puts out the view that you will end up a "cinder", "in oblivion", "tortured forever", "dying a thousand horrible deaths" if you fail to get Scn applied to yourself. The message is relentless. Hubbard repeatedly brings up how little time there is, how nasty and bad the enemy is, and that unless "we" do the job NOW, we won't ever get another chance! Constant threats of doom and gloom (as with most religions).

    There are many LRH quotes, which members read and study routinely, which drive this attitude home. Here are a few. I will add more every once in awhile as there are MANY.

    "I expect and need your help to carry out the broad mission of de-contaminating this area of the universe". (An Open Letter To All Clears)

    "Will you take advantage of the carefully marked trail upward? I hope you do, my friends. For if you don't, it will be very lonely in the sky". (LRH ED 347 INT, RJ 37)

    "A handful of us are working our guts out to beat Deadline Earth. On us alone depends whether your kid will ever see sixteen or your people will ever make it at all. A few of us see the world has got a chance if we don't dawdle along the way. Our chance is a thin chance at best. We are working as hard as we can in Scientology. And, the only slim chance this planet has rests on a few slim shoulders, overworked, underpaid and fought - the Scientologist. Later on, if we make it, what will be your answer to this question? Did you help?" ("Five Years", 1967, Auditor Mag #9)

    "In this time and place - for possibly just a little while, we have this chance. To go free and to make it. Planets and cultures are frail things. They do not endure. I strongly advise you work hard at it - don't waste this brief breath in eternity." (LRH ED 342 INT, RJ 35)

    "I have been researching upper OT levels, and I can tell you this very plainly: If Scn doesn't make it worldwide you've had it - yes, I mean you. One is not working for just this life. He is working for any future life at all". (HCO PL 14 March 1982 Financial Irregularities)

    "A post in a Scientology Organization isn't a job. It's a trust and a crusade. We're free mean and women - probably the last free men and women on earth. Remember, we'll have to come back to Earth some day no matter what 'happens' to us. If we don't do a good job now we may never get another chance. Yes, I'm sure that's the way it is. So, we have an organization, we have a field we must support, we have a chance. That's more than we had last time night's curtain began to fall on freedom." (HCO PL Your Post)

    "We didn't, a long time ago, get in Ethics. We goofed! And the whole race went into the soup where it remains to this day. And, if we are to live in this universe at all we are going to have to get in Ethics and clean it up. Whether that's easy to confront or not is beside the point. The horrid truth is that our fate is FAR more unconfrontable". (HCO PL 20 Oct 67 Conditions, How To Assign)

    These are just a random sampling of the type of "fanatic-creating fodder" that Hubbard slips in every chance he can. I could examine each statement, and critique each in various ways, but for now, let the comments fly. The main point for now is that when any person accepts, adopts and comes to BELIEVE this sort of stuff, well, that person's entire outlook becomes FAR different than most other people. The person becomes severe, rigid, uncompromising, working towards goals that make little sense to the rest of humanity, or in other words he or she takes on the color of a FANATIC. Also, once a person actually "thinks" with this sort of scenario, his or her behavior changes markedly. The GOAL, the TRUST, the CRUSADE become more important than anything else, and ANYTHING that slows or interferes with realizing the GOAL (clearing the planet) becomes BAD - to be attacked, and destroyed. That is why the Church can comfortably, without any guilt or remorse, frame an innocent person in a crime, which she didn't commit (Paulette Copper). That is why the Church can lie, over and over, because their "goal" is lofty and pure (in their twisted, distorted mentalities). These type of people constantly think with and apply the idea, "the ends justify the means". Anything done to win is acceptable. ANYTHING! Limitations, restrictions and therefore, decency, do NOT exist within the realm of brutal Scientology indoctrination.
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  2. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Ahhh fond memories, how I loved the five years thing.

    The other favourite was what we had to chinese school in the seventies, 'we're going up while the world goes down,' cant remember anymore, we were all tired and hungry and not exactly going anywhere, well except for the ones that were blowing. That must have been in the 'battle of britain', ughgh! One of those ghastly moments when you know that this has to be rock bottom, no one believed a word of it and no one would admit it.
  3. Opter

    Opter Silver Meritorious Patron


    I remember when I read all those things you mention and thought that it was too great a responsibility to deal with.:blush:

  4. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Great post, Gadfly.

    I appreciate your posts, they are very enlightening.

    I hope every Scientologist on the planet reads them.

    I may re-post it on the Scientology Forum.

    Would that be all right with you?

    I'll take all the credit, of course.
  5. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    GREAT post. Thanks for taking the time to pull all those references.

  6. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Anyone can take anything I post here, and repost it or HTML it anywhere on the Web as they like. And sure, take all the credit (if you'd like). :hattip:

    Continuing on the earlier begun train of thought, active member Scientologists are "taught" (through repetitive policy references received on courses, at briefings, in magazines, and at mandatory events) to accept, adopt and believe:

    Key Belief Number One

    The future of every man, woman and child, for all eternity depends solely on what we accomplish realizing the goals of Scientology. If we fail we all will suffer and die for endless eternities. We will die horrible deaths over and over forever.

    The condition of people, governments, medicine, science, education and even the entire universe taken as a whole is horrible, decayed, dying and failing. This will only get worse if it continues unhandled.

    Therefore, the actions of Scientology are more important than anything anywhere at anytime past, present or future. There is nothing that even takes a close second-place.

    As a spiritual being, I am eternal, and must come back into new bodies over and over. I will continue in this cycle of rebirth and death, with pain and with suffering, for all eternity UNLESS I succeed with Scientology.

    This is the "gloom & doom" basis of Scientology beliefs. The view is basically that everything is horrible, and will remain horrible, UNLESS Scientology succeeds wholly in its mission, because ONLY Scientology has the information and methods that can stop the gloom and doom from happening. It is that simple. It is typical SALVATION mentality; we, the Church of Scientology, have accurately described the state of salvation and only we, the Church of Scientology, offer the correct path to reach that state of salvation.

    Ancilliary Belief 1:

    Therefore, we are justified in doing anything to anyone if it safeguards our continued existence and contributes to our success. All considerations are minor compared to this. Nothing else matters, and no other person or group matters compared to this.

    Ancilliary Belief 2:

    Concerns such as friendship, family, personal goals and even health are far secondary to the success of the Scientology movement.

    These ideas are based on numerous writings by Hubbard. Every new member contacts these ideas early on and every member constantly encounters similar ideas as they continue through their studies. It would be a fair statement to say that these ideas are constantly driven into their minds on a non-stop basis. For staff members, there is also endless repeated indoctrination into these ideas through regularly scheduled staff meetings, staff briefings, Church events, study orders, and course training. The way Scientology training is arranged, with strict training methods and which allows for no questioning or discussion, well ensures the total acceptance of ALL ideas. Partial acceptance of ideas is not allowed; only 100% complete absolute agreement is tolerated. A "pick and choose" mentality is unallowable in the Church of Scientology. As you will see this is based on another, later discussed basic belief, that Scientology methods are 100% workable and effective, but only of if applied exactly and completely, without alteration, as L. Ron Hubbard directed them to be applied. Therefore, all avenues for "picking and choosing" are blocked. There is only one correct way. That idea is also part of the official Church of Scientology mindset.
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  7. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Continuing Along - More References

    This excerpt from KSW Series 1 shows that public are equally encouraged to get with the program and fully accept the severity of the task as quickly as possible:

    "When somebody enrolls, consider he or she has joined up for the duration of the universe - never permit an open-minded approach. If they're going to quit let them quit fast. If they enrolled, they're aboard; they're here on the same terms as the rest of us - win or die in the attempt. Never let them be half-minded about being Scientologists.

    We'd rather have you dead than incapable."

    Notice the references such as "for the duration of the universe", criticism of an "open-minded approach", criticism of "half-minded" attitude. The "tone" is one of utter and complete alliance and allegiance to the "cause". To really understand what this means, the reader must know what the terms for the "rest of us" refers to. It refers to the hardcore staff members in the Sea Organization - the group that controls and runs the Church of Scientology. Read more here about the code and attitudes of a Sea Org Member.

    "A post in a Scientology organization isn't a job. It's a trust and a crusade. We're free men and women - probably the last free men and women on Earth. Remember, we'll have to come back to earth no matter what "happens" to us. If we don't do a good job now, we may never get another chance.

    Yes, I'm sure that's the way it is.

    So, we have an organization, we have a field we must support, we have a chance.

    That's more than we had the last time night's curtain began to fall on freedom."


    "The ultimate product of Scientology is a universe that is decent and happy to live in, not degenerated and made miserable by suppressives as it has been." (HCO PL 4 December 1966 EXPANSION: THEORY OF POLICY)

    "The threat to us if we don't make it is eternity.

    One could ask a staff member that refuses to get hatted how he would like to spend all of the coming eternity blind, in the dark and in pain. He would probably say he wouldn't like that. But if we don't make it, that's what we've got and that's what he's condemning this planet to.

    He doesn't realize that he himself, next life, is for it if we don't make it.

    If staff in our orgs don't get hatted, they're condemning themselves and the planet to death a thousand times over.

    So understand that no matter how mild the environment might appear to you, we are actually fighting a full-scale war against ignorance and enslavement. But we do have the tech to win."


    "A post in this organization is a trust. Its duty is to keep the peace, do the job and get the show on the road. If anyone cannot conceive of his post as a trust with this mission, he has no business here."

    (SEC ED No. 215 A STAFF POST)

    "We must come to orderly cause-point on every post. We must, we must, we must.

    We're playing for blood. The stake is Earth. If we don't make it nobody will. We're the sole agency in existence today that can forestall the erasure of all civilization or bring a new better one. If we aren't willing to be hanged for our mistakes we'll surely fry for them."


    This stuff is important when one is trying to fully grasp the WHATs and WHYs regarding the Church of Scientology, because these ideas form the exact foundation upon which the lunacy known as the Church of Scientology rests.

    This sort of viewpoint is there constantly, manufactured by LRH; always relentlessly and somewhat subliminally driving home these very extreme and slanted attitudes. Regges and recruiters pull out these type of "per policy references" all of the time to really PUSH THE RUIN in your face, so as to get you to PAY lots of money or PAY WITH YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. There is guilt-trip angle too - are YOU taking ENOUGH responsibility to correct this HORRIBLE MESS? Are you? Are you? Are you?
  8. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    My God.

    This dude has done it.

    He has distilled down, into one post, exactly what the Church of Scientology does to destroy your true self and to create an unthinking pinheaded robot of anyone who adopts its insidious ideology.

    Well done, Gadfly.

    I am taking your shit and running with it.
  9. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    The ostrich is brilliant. :yes:
  10. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Here is another angle to it all:

    In Scientology there is a procedure called "Chinese School" where the members all line up and chant in unison words and ideas that some Scientology leader wants to ram into their heads.

    "3. Chinese School (staff or div staff all together in front of a big org board chanting together the hats, duties and products of the org as visible on the org board). (HCO PL 9 March 1972 Issue III DEV-T AND UNHATTEDNESS)

    This method is commonly used with any idea, including the basics discussed in this section. They all line up and chant each key point together. They do this day after day until they can each recite it without error. This is one of the many aspects to Scientology indoctrination methods. Though, the primary methods of indoctrination occur with the way Scientology training occurs.

    Briefly, in Scientology training or study the materials are always beyond question. They are viewed as "wholly perfect". They are viewed as "beyond possibility of error". If you have a question then you are instructed to find your misunderstood word(s) or get more mass on the subject by demonstrating principles and ideas. If you disagree with a topic by Hubbard, then you first complete the previous two steps, and if still disagreeing, then handle disagreements with auditing or go to ethics and clean up your out-ethics by writing up overts and withholds (or get the overts and withholds pulled in sec-check auditing).

    The theory and accepted belief is that the "data is perfect", it always works if properly understood and applied, and it can only be a case of problems with the student that prevent understanding, agreement, great results and wide-eyed enthusiasm for what was studied. Every student clears the meaning of words, demonstrates principles, receives coaching on study materials, receives checkouts, and applies other study techniques such as metered word-clearing, clay demonstrations, and drawing diagrams. It is strictly forbidden to ask another student or course supervisor about what anything means. It is forbidden for a Course Supervisor to answer any questions from students with anything except, "what do your course materials state?" or "what is your misunderstood word"? The ONLY correct action in Scientology is to get the student studying the materials until the student understands, agrees with and greatly enjoys the materials. This acts to heavily reinforce and condition the student with certain ideas.

    In Scientology, the various ideas and concepts are repeated over and over and over until the member has them firmly planted in their minds - until they "understand" them, agree with them, and especially, assert them as undeniable and indisputable facts. This is a basic Scientology study method:



    So, of course, Scientology "learning" methods make them go over some subject or idea as many times as necessary until they are "certain" about the subject or idea. "Certainty" is a vital concept in Scientology. Please read this section on certainty to see what it actually means to them.

    You cannot remain in Scientology without adopting a total a complete acceptance of everything just as written or said by Hubbard. There is no alternative. The beliefs discussed in this section, as with all ideas within Scientology, are relentlessly driven into the minds of the members through the various study and indoctrination methods mentioned in this section.

    Here are a few quotes by Hubbard displaying the basis of the above belief. There are many more possible quotes that could be shown that display similar sentiments.

    "We're not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn't cute or something to do for lack of something better.

    The whole agonized future of the planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

    This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.

    Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past."

    (L. Ron Hubbard HCO PL 7 February 1965 Keeping Scientology Working Series 1)

    Notice the references such as the "whole agonized future of the planet", "deadly serious activity", "first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years" and "we may never again have another chance." This is the tone of the subject materials of Scientology. This is the framework that the entire organization operates from. This viewpoint, wildly different than almost ANY other person or group, is rigid, unwavering, severe, unconditional, absolute and entirely incapable of and unwilling to compromise. The reader needs to get a handle on this if you are to ever understand them and what motivates them. This is not just another self-help group; just as Hubbard himself says.

    Anybody dealing with the Church of Scientology needs to understand this about them or you will fail to fathom some of the things they do. Whether school, local government, state government, federal government, lawyer, or judge, if you become a problem or threat to them in any way, knowingly or unknowingly, then you will only understand their subsequent vicious and brutal tactics once you understand these beliefs. These people seriously believe they are saving the entire universe for all eternity. They take their mission very seriously. They see anyone in their way as an enemy of that - they view you as a barrier to the endless wonders of freedom and spiritual salvation (the CARROT on the stick).
  11. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    It's going to be very difficult to put my name on all this, mostly because Gadfly's writing and grammar is so much better than mine, but I'm still going to try.

    It needs to get Out There.
  12. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    More References Exhibiting Extreme Views

    "Scientology is the only game in the universe where everybody wins.

    We respect the other fellow whatever his status and give him his right to win the biggest prize of all, himself or herself. That prize is won by dedicated, exact application of Scientology and full support of our mission in our organization and the public.

    Organized, we can each one win the biggest prize that can be offered - a full recovery of self.

    There is no greater game in the universe than Scientology, for it is the only game in which everybody wins. And that places it far above all other games and makes it the game of games where everybody gets the ultimate prize of self . . ."

    (HCO PL 18 April 1965 Issue I CONTESTS AND PRIZES)

    "I have to be, above all things, effective and cannot fall short of being effective or explain ineffectiveness away.

    I never compromise with a situation to be agreeable.

    This may seem to be a brutal way to go about doing things but remember this: We are a few and we have an enormous area to salvage that long ago went down for the third time. If we fail, it is improbable the job will ever again be done as, on evidence that the problem still exists, it has never before been solved in all the long past ages. So we really can't take chances. Not with the whole human race. So we do our jobs and see that our jobs are done. We have a trust which, if we fail it, condemns ourselves, our friends, our future to continued oblivion. So we mustn't fail. Or permit others to fail. And that is how and why we ARE getting the job done".

    (HCO PL 12 September 1967 POST, HANDLING OF)

    "If we're determined we will make it, we will make it."

    (HCO PL 23 April 1965 Issue III PROBLEMS)

    "This goes directly back to man's failure to solve the riddle of himself.

    We must raise our sights as to what we expect from ourselves and each other.

    Only then can we arrest and then reverse the decline".

    (HCO PL 24 October 1971 PERFORMANCE)

    "The whole human race is about to start going up. They'll move to the degree you deliver and no faster. So let's get the show on the road".

    (HCO PL 28 February 1965 Issue I DELIVER)

    "We're working to provide a safe environment for Scientology and Scientologists in orgs everywhere.

    The dangerous environment of the wog world, of injustice, sudden dismissals, war, atomic bombs, will only persist and trouble us if we fail to spread our safe environment across the world."


    "The being who is guilty knows with certainty that he is offending against the future of all, no matter what his surface manifestations or conduct. Further, while wog law at the worst can only cause him or her some pain and a body by execution or one's lifetime loss of liberty, we threaten his eternity.

    Even the fellow who could push the button on atomic war knows, really, it's only one lifetime per person he is blowing up, only one phase in Earth's existence he or she is destroying. That we exist here could actually restrain him. The mere destruction of a planet might not, as it's temporary.

    You are threatening somebody with oblivion for eternity by expulsion from Scientology."

    (HCO PL 29 April 1965 Issue III ETHICS: REVIEW)

    "Dilettante = One who interests himself in an art or science merely as a pastime and without serious study.

    In an org, this manifests itself with 'people should live a little.' 'One needs a rest from Scientology.' 'One should do something else, too'. All that kind of jazz.

    Ask what they do the other nights. Bowling. Horse racing.

    Boy, you better maul the case folders of staff. You have a suppressive aboard. Maybe six.

    Scientology, that saves lives, is a modern miracle, is being compared to bowling. Get it?

    That org or portion just isn't serious. Scientology is an idle club to it, an old lady's sewing circle.

    (HCO PL 16 May 1965 Issue II INDICATORS OF ORGS)


    SOFT SELL means vaguely maundering about your product. Example: 'Scientology sometimes makes people worry a bit less.'

    Knock off the soft sell and flubbed delivery.

    It's a new civilization we're after and we'll do it."

    (HCO PL 2 June 1965 ORG ETHICS AND TECH)

    "We are not in the business of being good boys and girls. We're in the business of going free and getting the org production roaring. Nothing else is of any interest then to Ethics but (a) getting tech in, getting it run and getting it run right and (b) getting production up and the org roaring along.

    In short, a staff member can get away with murder so long as his statistic is up and can't sneeze without a chop if it's down."

    (HCO PL 1 September 1965 Issue VII ETHICS PROTECTION)
  13. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa


    Maybe Gadfly doesn't need me.

    Maybe L Ron Hubbard can do it all himself.
  14. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    Following in Sequence

    "The purpose of Ethics is:


    And having accomplished that the purpose becomes:


    The person who enters a Scientology group to then sell other-answer is of course an enemy".

    (HCO PL 18 June 1968 ETHICS)

    "We're not now in this for play. Our personal futures depend on keeping going and making no major flubs. It isn't a question of is there something else. There isn't. Nobody can be half in and half out of Scientology. Scientologists are Scientologists no matter what they do for a living.

    The prize is regaining self and going free. The penalty for our failure is condemnation to an eternity of pain and amnesia for ourselves and for our friends and for this planet.

    If we fail, we've had it. It's not just a matter of getting killed. It's a matter of getting killed and killed and killed life after life forever more.

    Those guys up there mean business. We've got to match or better their energy level and dedication or we lose.

    We've been given a priceless chance. We must make good. We haven't any time for doubts or maunderings.

    We're the elite of Planet Earth, but that's only saying we're the not quite gone in the graveyard of the long gone.

    Somehow, despite our condition and the degraded environment we're in, we've got to keep the dedication and the guts to carry through no matter what comes."

    (HCO PL 30 July 1963 CURRENT PLANNING)

    "The world has an optimistic five years left, a pessimistic two.

    After that, Bang or just a whimper.

    On us alone depends whether your kids will ever see sixteen or your people will ever make it at all.

    Our chance is a thin chance at best.

    We are working as hard as we can in Scientology".)

    (L. Ron Hubbard Auditor Magazine 9, 1967

    "And make nothing out of the enemies who have plagued us for 200,000,000,000 years. And who, if we do not this time succeed, will plague us for 200,000,000,000 more.

    THIS is our chance.

    Make something of it

    (Excerpt from HCO INFO LETTER, February 25, 1962 It Can be Done)

    In this time and in this place - for possibly just a little while, we have a chance. To go free and to make it. Planets and cultures are frail things. They do not endure.

    I strongly advise you work hard at it - don't waste this brief breath in eternity.

    For that is your future - eternity".

    (LRH ED 342 From Clear to Eternity 9 May 1982)

    The previous are a sampling of the repeated type messages that a Scientologist hears and reads on a continual basis. The previous quotes are often compiled into a single folder by recruiters and sales staff to use as a tool for their jobs. People who accept, agree with and believe such things can more easily be coerced to join organizations, pay money and contribute time. The above references by Hubbard are often used to "get a person's reality up" on the vital importance and severity of the Scientology mission. ARC is used to bring you to AN "understanding" - it is an entirely arbitrary "understanding", but it is the one the Church experience creates in you. It is the use of "ARC" to manipulate and control by manufacturing convenient "realities" in the members.

    People who consider themselves to be the saviors of Mankind for all eternity do not view the world the same way as most other people. I can guarantee that the clerk at the local grocery store, the computer repairman, the local real estate company owner or the CEO of a major automobile corporation does not wake up each day wondering what they will do to help ensure the future eternity of Mankind. Dedicated Sea Org members and Scientology staff do wake up considering these things. In fact, in alignment with LRH policy, they take these things very seriously. They take great efforts to present themselves as "normal" folks, just like you and your neighbor, but that is far from the truth. While any person can "look" normal, it is only by their thoughts and ideas that you can truly know them.

    When you understand that they firmly believe these things, then it can begin to make sense how a staff member can work fourteen hours a day or more, for months at a time without any time off, and tolerate a meager allowance of $50 per week or less. It also begins to make sense how they will go after any perceived enemy with everything they have got, utilizing endless funds and resources, and never stopping until they have destroyed or neutralized the perceived threat. I mean, would you want to die a horrible death over and over forever? What would you do if you could avoid that horrible future? This doom and gloom mentality is an integral part of the mindset. They believe, completely, that they will suffer horribly for all eternity unless they succeed with their efforts in Scientology. That might seem hard to imagine for the reader, but unless you understand this you will fail to see the severity and seriousness with which they view their mission.

    Note: There is nothing wrong with believing anything and I have no problems with anyone believing anything they choose. But, when beliefs directly influence a person's or group's actions and behavior, in a way that harms others, then I begin to have a great concern for the person's beliefs.

    Always keep in mind that to them, in their minds, the survival and success of Scientology is absolutely vital and necessary if there is to be any future for anyone ever again at any future time. They truly believe that without the subject of Scientology, its techniques, the organization and its continual expansion that there will probably not be any future for any of us ever again. What they do and how they do it can begin to make sense only once you really understand this. Within their structure of belief, life in any form, at any future time, and in any future area ultimately depends only on their success or failure as a public or staff Scientologist. In their minds, everything, and I mean everything, hinges on the mission of Scientology and its unequivocal success or failure. They believe this completely. It is ingrained into their belief system through endless repetition and unified peer agreement.

    Scientology isn't like some version of Christianity, such as a sect of Protestantism, where you can accept some ideas, ignore other ideas, and still be a part of that Christian Church with differing or watered-down views. Again, Hubbard makes it clear that in Scientology "never permit an open-minded approach". There is no such thing as "halfway" in Scientology. It is entirely and only "all or nothing". There is absolutely NOTHING wishy-washy or namby-pamby about Scientology staff, especially the Sea Organization staff who sign a one billion year contract as an expression of their unwavering dedication and ultra-firm commitment to realizing their goals. Some might call their behavior and actions somewhat "obsessive". These people are probably the most "serious" group of people on the planet because they completely believe that they are the only hope and chance for any future for anyone anywhere. It doesn't matter at all what anyone else thinks, and they grant absolutely no validity to any other religion or philosophy (although they wax endlessly about "religious freedom" and "religious tolerance" for their own public relations and organizational needs). These firm beliefs sets the foundation upon which everything else in Scientology rests. If you keep this in mind when reading about their seemingly endless determination, ruthless intimidation of critics, and overwhelming actions taken against detractors then you will begin to understand them correctly in the proper context.
  15. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    You've had some great posts here in the past but those in this thread might be my favorite. :thumbsup:
  16. because

    because Patron

    Restimulative words

    I seems that the words LRH put on a page has a strong effect on some. But I feel he has a right to put down his idea and what he thinks of his tech. The problem is with the person who is restimulated by it. Could it be due to an earlier subject maybe an earlier betrayal in study/religion/promises?
    They are just words. Study, extract what you wish and get on with it.
    Don't let your experience be another layer of way your conditions is due to something (SCN) or someone (LRH) else.
    So how does Scn breed Fanaticism?
  17. Alanzo

    Alanzo Bardo Tulpa

    Welcome to ESMB, because!
  18. Sandie

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    I dont know who you are but you have got to be kidding.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry:
    How does scientology breed Fanaticism??????????
    Read Gatflys last several posts!
    He is spot on exactly how it was done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your posts....It’s been several years for me and reading tonight I finally got what happened to me.
    Thank you again
  19. scooter

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    Bravo, Gadfly :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: :clap::clap::clap:

    I've been trying to explain the fanaticism of scientologists in many different ways and have used some of the quotes you've put together here but my attempts were no match for your well thought-out string of posts here.:thumbsup:

    I'm going to take the liberty of using your work to educate people in exactly what Scientology stands for - do you mind?

    I think this is a very important contribution that you've made to the general cause of calling this cult to account for its crimes, as you show more than anything else I've read just how this jihad is established far worse than any training ground a suicide bomber ever encountered. At least the Holy Koran has many references to loving and tolerance of other beliefs. Scientology has mere lip-service that is publicly uttered then denounced in the "far more senior" references you have quoted.

    Thank you for an excellent job.

    btw ignore alanzo - he's just jealous he didn't come up with it first and he's still upset he's not an Australian.:D
  20. Gadfly

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    And to add a bit more . . .

    There is not a Sea Org member alive who would dispute these ideas and beliefs mentioned above. Neither would almost any experienced, active member of the Church of Scientology. They all, every one, agree with them completely. If any say otherwise they are lying. Of course, for image reasons and wanting to become accepted by larger segments of society, the Church utilizes extensive public relations actions to downplay and sidestep the above beliefs, and instead concentrates upon and heavily exaggerates the importance of other aspects of the Church (i.e. education programs, crime prevention programs, drug rehabilitation programs, social betterment programs, etc.). They work very hard to be perceived as "regular folks" who are "just like you and me". They are not that at all.

    That is why some Sea Org units changed their style of uniforms; so they would be more accepted by the community. They would "fit in" better. The use of uniforms in Clearwater, and other areas, was completely examined by Church leaders insofar as how the general public reacted to the earlier paramilitary type uniforms. Then a promotional program was implemented changing the uniforms to a much more casual look solely to gain better community acceptance. It definitely had NOTHING to do with concern for staff comfort - the complaints of staff had gone entirely unheeded for many years prior. The final determining factor was solely one of public relations. How could the Sea Org staff look less intimidating or "strange" to the general public and thereby increase local approval and general acceptance of Scientology? Their actions are often very contrived and manipulative, as are so many Scientology plans and actions. So now they look more like everyone else, but do realize that their new appearances cannot fully hide their intense internal seriousness, the likes of which this world has probably never before known.

    Make no mistake about it, they are not at all "regular folks" like anyone else. This dichotomy between what the leaders want the public to believe and what the truth actually is often is very wide and shows up frequently in different facets of Scientology. In fact, public relations is a major dynamic in any Scientology-related organization, and everybody at every level is fed PR. There is a never-ending activity of promotional program after promotional program designed to make the staff, scientology public and general public accept and believe what the Sea Org planners decide. The problem is that too often what they want the staff and public to believe is contrary to the actual facts of reality.

    Key Belief Number Two

    This can be best stated as:

    Only the Church of Scientology, contained in the materials of L. Ron Hubbard, possesses a workable, effective system and philosophy able to 1) bring true spiritual salvation, 2) bring sanity, and 3) solve all of society's problems.

    We have the loftiest goal in the universe. Our goal is to free spirits. We are the ONLY group on the planet capable of truly freeing spirits. No other group has any methods to do what we can do. ONLY WE possess a workable technology to free spiritual beings. No other group, religious or otherwise, offers a legitimate road to sanity, salvation, hope or success. WE ARE THE ONLY GROUP ON EARTH WITH A WORKABLE PATH TO SALVATION AND SANITY. We are the ONLY group in the entire universe with a correct and accurate understanding of reality, life, Man and the universe.

    Because of this our continued survival is vital to every man, woman and child, whether they know it or not. Nothing can or will be allowed to inhibit or stop the progress of freeing beings. Nothing can or will be allowed to inhibit or stop the Church of Scientology because ONLY we can and are freeing beings. If you doubt this for a moment, then realize what will happen and refer to Key Belief Number One.

    Corollary Belief 2A:

    Because our goal is senior to anyone else's and because ONLY we have a workable road to salvation, those with us and supporting us are deemed honest, ethical and right. Anyone against us IN ANY WAY, whether they know it or not, are endangering the future freedom of all Mankind, and therefore they are deemed dishonest, unethical and wrong.

    Corollary Belief 2B:

    Any and all actions are justified if they contribute to our continued survival and expansion. Any and all actions are justified if they minimize or destroy our critics and enemies.

    (Right and wrong are determined only from this viewpoint. If you support them, they couldn't care less about your past, but if you are against them, they will dig out every fault and use it against you as blackmail to shut you up or to destroy your reputation. Forget about usual or common notions about ethics, morality and justice when dealing with the Church of Scientology. To understand their behavior you must be able to look at the world through their belief system. Hubbard teaches them that anyone against them MUST have severe crimes in their past or present. Hubbard teaches them that only evil people, committing horrible crimes in present time, could possibly be against them in any way. They believe this, despite any facts to the contrary, because Hubbard says so.)

    Corollary Belief 2C:

    My freedom for all eternity can only be guaranteed if I do the training and auditing steps outlined by the Church of Scientology. Only they have the true road to freedom and salvation. I must do what they say or else they will prevent me from availing myself of the technology of spiritual freedom. I must not ever do or say anything that might upset or anger Church staff, or else they might bar my path to spiritual freedom. At worse they can expel me from the Church and I can never get the spiritual freedom they have available for me.

    This quote from Hubbard, again in all or most KSW sections of every checksheet makes this point clear:

    In fifty thousand years of history on this planet alone, man never evolved a workable system. It is doubtful if, in foreseeable history, he will ever evolve another.

    Man is caught in a huge and complex labyrinth. To get out of it requires that he follow the closely-taped path of Scientology.

    Scientology, exactly and correctly followed, takes the person up and out of the mess.

    Scientology is a new thing - it is a road out. There has not been one.

    Scientology is the only workable system man has. It has already taken people toward higher IQ, better lives and all that. No other system has. So realize that it has no competition.

    Don't let your party down. By whatever means, keep them on the route. And they'll be free. If you don't, they won't.

    - L. Ron Hubbard HCO PL 14 February 1965 Safeguarding Technology, Keeping Scientology Working Series 4, Page 21 Basic Staff Hat Volume 0

    "Spiritual Freedom" is very much a negotiable commodity to the Church and its members. Besides paying for it, it is the elusive carrot on the stick that motivates all to do what they are told and to tow the line. This point is vital.

    "Spiritual Freedom" IS the elusive carrot on the stick that motivates all to do what they are told and to tow the line.

    This is the key to understanding how so many seemingly decent and intelligent people can tolerate so much nonsense for so long. It explains why so many do and continue to do things most other people cannot fathom. It is the thing that can be taken away from you if you get out of line. I have talked to many Scientologists over the years. Many have admitted disagreements with the way various Church staff operate, yet in ALL cases they finally admitted that they conformed to the requests or demands of the Church, even though they honestly disagreed, for only one reason. What was that reason? They compromised what they knew to be true, and minimized their own views, solely because they wanted what they believed only the Church of Scientology controlled and possessed: an effective Road to Spiritual Freedom. Key Belief Number Two is vital to ensure that the members remain loyal and supportive.

    Currently the Church of Scientology maintains a monopoly on the materials and methods of Scientology through the Religious Technology Center's (RTC's) control of the trademarks and copyrights. If and when they lose that control, there will no longer be any motivation for the pubic to deny what they observe to be true about the negative aspects of the Church's functioning. I suspect that a mass exodus will surely occur if and when RTC finally loses its control of the trademarks and copyrights.