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Scientology case against Anon dropped


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I agree. I would take my cats and also the dog I used to have over a lot of people I've known- and not just people I didn't like or whatever.

I think that people who victimize animals are about as low as people who victimize helpless people, like elderly, handicapped or juvenile individuals. Or pretty damn close, anyway.

I tell that to my students when they gripe about being taught evolution as a subject.

...........And what is so bad about being related to an ape? (I ask) Have you heard of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy+? I'll take the non-violent, vegitarian ape way over some humans. Thank you!

Fluff....if they would treat their most dedicated the way they do...it would not be taking a big leap to harm a kitten or a puppy.

As sick as it is, the shoe fits.

Colleen K. Peltomaa

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This was emailed to me:

"In the last 2 days, a Mormon compound in texas was raided, and a couple of hundred women and children were taken into state custody. This was brought about by the supposed complaint from a 16 year insider who stated she was being abused.

The supposed insider has not been identified as yet, and the authorities state they are anticipating she will show her face at sometime, but feel she is only concerned about being ousted by her followers, if she is found out.

What is interesting is that the officials used state law regarding children's welfare to take the whole group into custody. Some of the children were very young, but many were in their teens. What was also interesting is that the women all wore similar dresses, with similar colors. Uniforms if you will. They were all followers of a man named Jeffery's, ( who is in jail for contributing to the underage marriage/pregnancy of one of his followers, which was okayed by the girls parents). He's been in jail since last year, and this current situation was just a concern to the State government this weekend?

Sound similar to another religious group we know? Maybe anonymous will see something worth following thru with here....

By the way, the compound was beautiful. The entire compound was chained off so no one could get inside and photograph it.