Scientology CCHR Director & WLC Ambassador Rizza Islam has seen "the mother ship!"


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Re: Scientology CCHR Director & WLC Ambassador Rizza Islam has seen "the mother ship!

Contact Rizza Islam for a VIP Tour of the Scientology front-group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Museum.



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Re: Scientology CCHR Director & WLC Ambassador Rizza Islam has seen "the mother ship!

Eldritch, you wouldn't miss much by lowering the resolution. The subtitles are useful if you have difficulty hearing the words, or want them (roughly) translated into the 50+ other languages that Google/YouTube does automatically. Although I wrote it for an English audience and the subtitles are verbatim (apart from the first sentence), rather than being deliberately translation-friendly.

But but but, whatse sense of having [ S C R E E E N S ] instead of (SCREENS), if you don't apply full-HD tech correctly? :melodramatic:
And I don't think I'll need subtitles. :coolwink:
I only need them when them buddies start talkin' 1900's London prole accents orso in movies... :p

Now, if it were me paying by the MB, I'd skip it. :)

What's the alternative? Real question, I'm not sure I understand it, since it would be mucho nonsensical if I have to pay per time! I'm really glad these phone cable times are over, seriously! Well, and I have a "flatrate", so to say, that means, as long as I stay under "X" GB, the bill doesn't change at all. As I said; mostly my pensum sufficed totally, that's just all Magoo's and Armstrong's and Tony's fault, these persons have to be watched closely. :biggrin: They're putting much charge out there, suppressors!

I've considered, for roughly 0,64 seconds ("and that's an eternity for an android, captain") tapping into the usually three-to-six free Wlan connections here I see by TV provider, city service (huh?), neighbours etc etc? :hysterical: Seems a bit insecure to me... I distrust it... Wlan is OFF...

- Content true but widely joking; it will stay that way, it is fast, and I can't even change the company, because it's the only one which delivers good connections in the mountain areas. Or in the train. :coolwink: (As I understand, there are special offerings for notorious "mountain freaks" but that's also useless for me back in the city. And nesting in a ravine at the edge of the Hochtor I would need a satellite phone anyways. Hint, if I die there one day under circumstances that are indicating either suspicious stupidity or a vicious murder, it wasn't OSA! :hysterical: )

- Sorry to you all, I guess I had too much coffee. I hope it was entertaining though; and there's enough useful top secret information in it for the White Hat Guys to make good for all that entheta.