Scientology clergy force a mother to choose: son or daughter


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Good Morning America filmed Sara Goldberg and Nick all morning.

Brace for Impact ........4 million viewers will learn of Church thuggery and Disconnection enforcement on SUPPRESSIVE PERSON DECLARE
tomorrow morning.

Good Morning America is ABC TV networked throughout continental USA
... ooooh la la:eyeroll::eyeroll::eyeroll:

This is great! Keep shooting yourself in the foot Scientology.
They never really learn, do they?
Thank you so much Sara Goldberg! I hope there will eventually be a happy ending to your story, and Ashley will wake up like Nick did.
I still have those hopes for Fiona Peachy as well :flowers:


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Re: Scientology denies mother permission to see son after son threatens to commit sui

Scientology denies mother permission to see son after son threatens to commit suicide

Posting picture again to add some necessary context. Think about this.

It's like they never heard of "Purpose Above Policy." Or maybe the purpose is not what we were told ...
I wonder how many times DM watches & applauds this scene from 'Sophie's Choice'? :angry:


ironically streep won best actress over a tour-de-force turn by jessica lange in "frances" a flick with many scientologists involved

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
The earthquake was somebody getting their ASS KICKED for not "making it go right" and stopping the story.


It was DM dropping the bottle when he opened his copy of the paper.... that or his jaw.

I am being negative..... the quake was DM jumping for joy over the publicity this has brought the church....



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A so-called religion shuns a truth seeker (with video)

Tampa Bay Times - Ruth: A so-called religion shuns a truth seeker (with video)

Ruth: A so-called religion shuns a truth seeker (with video) | Tampa Bay Times

By Daniel Ruth, Times Columnist

Irony, if not hypocrisy, abounds.

Regardless of what you might think of Scientology's founding Thetan, L. Ron Hubbard — does the "L" stand for Loopy? — you do have to give the Very Model of a Modern Major Ersatz Messiah his due. Checks, credit cards and, of course, cash, happily accepted.

In one of his lifetimes — presumably his last — in addition to making up a "religion," Hubbard's fertile mind cranked out a prolific stream of pulp science fiction stories.

Yet despite all of Hubbard's creativity in imagining all manner of scientific and technological advances, it seems the one innovation he never quite grasped before checking out to that E-meter in the sky was (ta-da!) the arrival of the Internet, which, when it isn't being used to spread pornography has become the greatest source of infinite information literally available to anyone with a keyboard.

There's probably one of those goofy Scientology acronyms we could apply to Hubbard's oversight. But oooops works rather nicely.

The threat to Scientology that the Internet poses was brought into vivid relief days ago, when the Tampa Bay Times' Joe Childs detailed the experience of one of the sect's highest ranking parishioners, Sara Goldberg, of Clearwater, who had risen so high in the organization she probably knew John Travolta's ecclesiastical nickname, Mr. Baldy.

At any rate, Goldberg got all sideways with the "faith's" sailor suits — which are adorable, by the way — when out of a perfectly natural case of human curiosity she logged onto the Internet to research the faith-debased Church of Scientology.

Goldberg's interest in learning more about the organization was piqued after hearing about numerous exposes of the "church's" abuse and harassment of members reported by Childs and Tom Tobin of the Times, who had interviewed several defectors from the clutches of the organization's pope of paranoia, David Miscavige.

And because she refused to disassociate herself from son Nick Lister, who had also committed the mortal sin of perusing the Internet for information of the People's Temple of Gloom, Goldberg soon found herself persona non Kirstie Alley.

You might say the one thing that Adam & Eve and Scientology have in common is the tempting Apple.

Now one can certainly debate the common decency of a so-called religious group bullying a mother to chose between her son and her ideological beliefs. So much for compassion. So much for empathy. So much for mercy.

But even more inane is Scientology's rejection of its own predicate as a religious organization. You've probably seen a recent commercial produced by the sect that extols its unique nexus between "technology and spirituality."

Or there was the ad a few years ago that pimped Scientology this way: "To the rebels, the artists, the free thinkers and the innovators who care less about labels and more about truth, who believe nonconformity is more than a bumper sticker, that knowledge is more than words on a page."

So one on hand you have a "religion" embracing technology, rebels, artists, free thinkers, innovators, nonconformists and seekers of truth. But Hubbard help you if actually think freely, or seek out inspiration or pursue the truth.