Scientology Contraction


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Very good, long and comprehensive post by Mike. To long to really excerpt here.

Mike: Scientology Contraction

Brief Excerpt:
Thank you all for your reports from around the world. These reports provide a snapshot of the Church of Scientology in its current state.

This is only a sampling, and I hope that others will continue to send in reports from their areas so this can be added to with more detailed information and it can become a useful source of true information for Scientologists and the media.

One of the reasons for doing this is that every time Pinocchio Pouw “speaks”, or a church lawyer stands up in court, their Miscavige penned statements drone on about the fabulous international expansion of Scientology under the brilliant guidance of David Miscavige. The claims are familiar — 25 or 37 “new churches” opened over the last “few years”. Greater expansion in the last few years than in the combined 5 decades previously. 10 million Scientologists. “More than 10,000 Orgs, Missions and ‘related groups’” and some idiocy about square footage of buildings purchased or under renovation.

So, here are the first summaries. The information sent in about the “library campaign” is a separate posting.