Scientology cult: Lisa McPherson death report


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This file has been on the internet for awhile but it is hard to find so that is why it's being posted on Wikileaks. This file is important because this is the actual report done by Scientologists who were in charge of keeping Lisa McPherson in confinement, which is where she died. Search for Lisa McPherson on Google and you will find this document, after much searching. This is being leaked because this is the official Church of Scientology recount of the days leading up to Lisa McPherson's death. Lisa McPherson has been dead for more than 10 years now, but this document is still important, as it gives a glimpse into what she went through.


Depressing in the extreme. They wrote that she got agitated so many times one wonders what was being said to her and how she was being treated. I felt 'agitated' and 'psychotic' myself many times particularly when locked in a room for weeks on end to write up O/W's as she did. An evil cover up, it turns my blood cold. Those who were there know what happened, those who mistreated her have to live with that. There are no words to express how I feel about this. The You Tube video about Lisa was my final wake up call to the cult. May she rest in peace.