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Scientology, Danny Masterson and Law Enforcement

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Scientology, Danny Masterson and Law Enforcement

CNN picked up on the Danny Masterson story. It includes a denial from “DJ Donkey Punch” and a shout out to Tony Ortega: “News of the allegations date back to March when journalist and former Village Voice editor Tony Ortega wrote on his site, “The Underground Bunker,” that Masterson was being investigated by the Los[.......]

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Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie
About damn time! I sent in links from Tony's site to NPR with no feedback... later the shit hit the fan @ NPR and I understood why.

Let Danny run to the loving arms of his "church"... They will stand and support him I am sure just as they stood and supported his accusers.

They should be PROUD to claim him.
They should be PROUD of their handling of the situation.
They should be PROUD that LAPD has their full cooperation.
They should be PROUD that his accusers had the courage to stand up and voice what happened to them.

They should be PROUD that ... oh hell they are not PROUD of anything unless DM tells them to be. SOOooooo how PROUD is DM right now of the media's attention? After all he wanted "stuff" he could be PROUD of in the press didn't he??

May justice be swift, may justice be fair, may justice bring peace to those seeking it, and may the innocent be vindicated.
For those that are guilty... please see previous statement.
Wow. Poor woman. I can understand how Lilly felt about her husband's being questioned by the rape victim when he was coaching a girls soccer game, but she never, ever should have put it in an email to the victim's husband. It is a horrible situation for the rape victims to not get justice, but to embroil yourself in it? With all the industry ablaze with all the sexual predation evisceration going on, and her working for Disney, you would think she wouldn't touch that hot potato with a 10 ft pole. What a nightmare. Mimsey



Hard to imagine either of them keeping their jobs after these stunning errors in judgement. Hope they have some savings!
I can understand Mr. Yeatman felt ambushed, but for his wife to search out the victim's husband and email him - wow. I can't imagine this going well for either of them. I was reading the other day, they were going after the people who didn't report Matt Laurer's transgressions - it's really getting toxic. Sheesh. Mimsey
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Lisbeth Salander
> . .
The next chapter . . . .


"He's Gannon, I'm Joe Friday. We're here from the LA PD
with a subpoena to take possession of the Danny Masterson

"We know they're private files but we have a legal subpoena
from the court."

"This is the file cabinet they're locked up in, you said?"

"Well I'm not certain how many of you we're gonna have to
cuff and arrest before this gets unlocked . . . but you do
know you'll be eating some jailhouse grub for the next few
days if you don't jump to it here pretty quick."
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