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Scientology deletes references to Scientology in German Drug-Free World brochures


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Scientology deletes references to Scientology in German Drug-Free World brochures

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Warning of the Frankfurt drug Unit

The Frankfurt drug department is currently sent warnings to schools and daycare centers in Frankfurt with the following content:"Ladies and Gentlemen,
"Scientology" distributed to date again brochures on drugs in Frankfurt. These were obviously newly revised, so that the publisher is hardly recognizable. Was in the brochures referenced still very open to the "teachings" of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology organization "Narconon" a few years ago, these references have been deleted in the meantime. As editor of the brochures of the association acts "Say NO to Drugs - Say YES to Life", also a Scientology organization and virtually the German version of the internationally active Scientology organization "Foundation For a Drug-Free World." More information is available on the Internet via any search engine.

The brochures aimed at young people, more media, which explicitly aimed at educators who are on the website is also available. The brochures are an attempt new trailer to promote Scientology, as a preventive material for young people, they are not suitable. Information about offers of assistance are not given, but rather contact addresses to the already mentioned Scientology organizations.

It could be that Scientology Frankfurt will try to offer these publications also schools and youth centers. Please forward this information to colleagues. "Already almost two years ago has been written on this blog about the activities of the organization. ( link to the text "A Saturday in Frankfurt" from 17.3.2012)