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scientology destroys families - a rant

Discussion in 'Fair Game and Disconnection Victims' started by Free to shine, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    The cancellation of Disconnection was an example of "Policy" being used as PR to mislead - in essence fake or display policy - much like the sham "Cancellation" of Fair Game which occurred at the same time.

    From Tony Ortega's blog chat from a few years ago:

    The poster 'Xenu' in reply to 'Sketto':

    Since I worked for HCO [Hubbard Communications Office] during the 1970s, I'd thought I'd chime in with what I personally witnessed during those years.

    Hubbard actually did cancel disconnection, after Australia had cracked down, and New Zealand was on the verge of outlawing the cult. Not only did he cancel disconnection, but he also banned Fair Game, sec checks, and the recording of what went on in auditing sessions. Way cool, huh?

    The only problem was that the policy letter cancelling those things was only issued to the New Zealand government commission that was considering the banning of Scientology.
    [note: It was also mentioned in a few other places, such a PR book written for Scientology, and, and there was a show made of displaying Hubbard's 1968 faux "Reform Code" for "wogs" and "raw meat."]

    I oversaw a ton of disconnection during the 1970s, and had to disconnect from a couple of people myself. I personally saw that they continued to happen at major Class IV [now called Class V] and SO [Sea Org] orgs just as they always had. Nothing changed... Sec checks and Fair Game continued, despite the wholly disingenuous sham of policy change.

    Andre Tabayoyon, and various other poster here, who were in HCO in the '70s, can easily vouch for me on this

    Here's some more from the poster 'Xenu' over at Tony O's at the Village Voice:

    ...Hubbard was getting a lot of PR flack over disconnection, so he wrote a policy which would help PR a lot without changing anything significant. I'm sure it was meant to be misunderstood by outsiders...

    The policy did NOT cancel disconnection, rather it said that 'disconnection as a condition' was cancelled. Now, one might well ask, WTF is 'disconnection as a condition'?

    If you dig through some ancient ethics folders, you would find that they would often explicitly state that the subject of the ethics order was to disconnect from one or more other parties who would be named in the ethics order, and that reinstatement to good standing would not happen until that had been done. THAT was disconnection as a condition.

    So we stopped naming names of people to be disconnected from in ethics orders. Instead, Type A PTS would be told that they had to handle or disconnect, and if handling was impossible, well, too bad! And people still had to disconnect from SPs... the Nov '68 policy had no real impact other than PR.


    From Volume One of the OEC Course, HCO Division, a.k.a. a Green Volume, from 1974, HCOPL dated 23 December 1965, 'Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists', and on page two of that HCOPL there is a list of suppressive acts over forty lines long - most of the page.

    Suppressive acts are defined as actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly suppress, reduce, or impede Scientology or Scientologists...

    [Such suppressive acts include] public disavowal of Scientology... public statements against Scientology.

    [Suppressive acts also include] continued membership in a divergent group; continued adherence to a Suppressive Person or group pronounced a Suppressive Person or group by HCO; failure to handle or disavow or disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of suppressive acts; being at the hire of anti-Scientology groups or persons...

    Disconnection was standard Scientology policy and practice in the 1970s.

    When Hubbard's 1968 sham cancellation of Disconnection was seen to have created some amount of confusion, during a period of schism in the early 1980s, a decision was made to issue a reinstatement of Disconnection, but anyone seriously involved with Scientology in the 1970s knows that disconnection was never discontinued. "Handle or disconnect" was always standard practice, no matter how it was disguised or named.

    Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have recently stated that it was Hubbard who instructed Miscavige to have the Policy Letter, re-affirming the practice of Disconnection, issued, and that, in reality, Disconnection had never really been discontinued anyway.
  2. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    I was right there at the time the 'cancellation' was issued and read the HCO Policy Letter for myself. The fact that nothing actually changed was obvious. I just carried on in my own sweet way, questioning nothing. Whatever LRH was doing it was all for the best, and if he said one thing and we were actually doing another, well, so be it, we were there to clear the planet weren't we?
  3. ahem...

    face, it is you yourself who gave account of this justly controversial elron hosting HRH on the apollo.


    by your own witness he cannot be judged an abject failure as a son...
  4. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    :bighug: and yes: "Fuck the Church of Scientology!"
  5. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Hell, yeah, it wasn't truly canceled. They're still enforcing disconnection. So many people have told me about how it affected their families. All this happened decades and decades after the PL was allegedly canceled.
  6. pretty good rant

    my apology for the interruption (but not for it's content)
  7. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    I wrote a lot about disconnection not being what people say it is. But I was in the cult then. And I had certain perceptions and certain things I'd seen or not seen, etc.

    As I started talking to people who were out and really listening, I found out differently.

    Then I left the cult.

    They don't want people talking to others about this stuff. They do not want people to know.
  8. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    At least you realized that nothing changed. There were those who were sufficiently on the fringes of Scientology, or in la la land, who really did believe that Disconnection had been discontinued.

    There's a kind of internal, psychological, disconnection from reality that can occur in Scientology, that allows a person to be a member of a cult that can only exist if practices such as Disconnection are implemented, yet, at the same time, believe that no Disconnection is occurring.

    Anyone who's read, and taken seriously - which is most of us - Hubbard's high sounding verbiage on topics such as "freedom" or "liberty" or "rights," while being, happily, a member of a cult that can exist only when those things are compromised and violated, has been subject to that sort of internal psychological disconnection.

    In the 1970s, those who were Declared SPs, and didn't immediately begin propitiating to Scientology, and working on "amends projects" and going up the "conditions," etc., were treated as though they were radioactive. They were "SPs." They were the "enemy."

    Randomly located on the Internet, here's Eileen Vernjack's SP Declare from 1972:

    "...they cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings..."

    And let's not forget "Wog SPs" such as Paulette Cooper.

    Someone should begin a project of collecting SP Declares from the 1970s - just as a reminder. :)
  9. Wants2Talk

    Wants2Talk Silver Meritorious Patron

    This reliance on disconnection makes Hubbard a religious and philosophical WIMP! "If you dare question or discuss my words, then say goodbye to you little girl!"
  10. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Looking back, the one thing that stands out is how we (staff) were systematically isolated from what was going on in the 'real world'. Don't watch TV, don't read the newspapers, don't associate with those critical of scientology, and so on. All contrived to prevent you from hearing, seeing or reading anything that may lead you to question WTF you were doing.

    People were forced to disconnect from loved ones for the same reason, insecurity on behalf of the cult, fear that rationality would win over anyone having second thoughts.

    And the biggest shock to the system after ten years on the 'inside' was the realisation that all non-scientologists weren't a bunch of lost souls, hopelessly 'abberated' and unable to walk and chew gum simultaneously after all.
  11. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    B Effen S! Yet again--as you continually have before--you misrepresent, invent and willfully, disgustingly and pathetically falsely "inerpret" for others what I have Posted on ESMB.

    It's abundantly clear in my posts re: the real Commodore, Harry Ross Hubbard, that El Ron spent very, very little time with Hisself's father when he visited the Apollo and shunted off "entertaining" Harry to specially selected Crew that were assigned the task to "keep him happy and impress him" with the "Greatness of El Ron". The relationship was awkward, shallow and distant and rather than give Harry the gift of his time Hisself gave Harry the gift of ultra expensive stereo equipment that Harry could listen to with his failing hearing during his last days.

    The reason Harry visited the Apollo was that his primary caregiver contacted the Cof$ to let El Ron know that his decades ignored, estranged and alienated father was failing and on the cusp of his final months of life and hoped that Hisself would at least make an effort to see Harry before his passing. Harry's visit was more an El Ron Personal PR Caper for Hisself's image than a "making ones peace" with a dying father.

    I resent your desperate, snarky and repeated attempts to prove me "wrong", "trip me up" or outright lie regarding my words about a person and persons you never knew, in a place you never were and circumstances that you have no first hand knowledge about whatsoever.

    Last edited: Nov 2, 2014
  12. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

  13. afaceinthecrowd

    afaceinthecrowd Gold Meritorious Patron

    I would...However, when it comes to misrepresenting, misquoting and falsehoods about what I have Posted or others have Posted that I personally know are factual or highly credible I'm gonna "Call BS" every time I see it. :yes:

    There is a wealth of good, solid, insightful, revelatory and Highly Credible first person accounts re El Ron, Apollo, Early SO and the "Old Days" on this Board by a number of Folks that were there. Many of the Members of this Board, Lurkers and, especially, the Newbies have probably read little, if any, of all those valuable, helpful and honest accounts. When someone does as Commander Birdsong continually does, it "corrupts" the Historical Record of First Hand and Factual Narratives unless "Called", IMHO. :coolwink:

  14. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    Hubbard created a lot of firm policies about Fair Game and Disconnection. The problem is that he also created a lot of firm policies about Fair Game and Disconnection that were the mirror opposite (see Hubbard Law of Commotion).

    And, to ensure both WOGS and SCIENTOLOGISTS alike could never quite put their finger on what his policy was exactly, he also issued rhetorically curved "denials" that were in fact confirmations. Or minimally, to redefine words and craft the lie so as to open wide a door of plausible deniability.

    -- "The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This (policy letter) does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP." (LRH)
    [TRANSLATION: The "practice" of declaring will cease, but not the implementation of what happens to a person who is declared]

    --"Since we can now handle all types of cases, disconnection as a condition is canceled." (LRH)
    [TRANSLATION: So, we just won't call it a condition when we disconnect people.]

    -- "With regard to the practice of Disconnection, I have taken this up with the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology and they have no intention of re-introducing this policy, which was canceled on 15 November, 1968." (LRH)​
    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD="width: 1200"]
    [TRANSLATION: The "board" has no intention, but the sole Source, Founder, Commodore and autocratic cult decision maker conveniently leaves out his own intention. Plus, he cares not to mention that the existence of a "Board of Directors" is as laughably fictional as intergalactic DC-8s dumping a "Board of BTs" into volcanos.


    [TD="align: right"]


    --"For my part, I can see no reason why this policy should ever be re-introduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countries found that this practice was not acceptable." (LRH)
    [TRANSLATION: So, Hubbard cannot see a reason--because of a survey. Thus, if a new survey is done by Hubbard which asks Scientologists "Which is more acceptable to you, Ron re-introducing Disconnection or Ron declaring you?" then there is no problem with Ron continuing the practice of disconnection.]



    --"There is no such thing as disconnection, as you have characterized it." (LRH spokesman Tommy Davis)​
    [TRANSLATION: We disconnect people, just not exactly the way you describe it. Go ahead, ask me about how you have characterized it. I would greatly appreciate that opportunity to unload another 100 pounds of cult shore stories, acceptable truths and TR-L misdirection & misinformation.

    All of the above are examples of same LRH trick.

    LRH = Lying Rhetorical Hypocrisy

    And Scientologists stand and applaud for it.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2014
  15. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I understand and I am so sorry :console: I think the basic reason is because you have feelings and a heart untainted by the poison of indoctrination. You are human. You see, feel and hurt especially when the others aren't or just can't respond to whats happening in a normal, rational way that includes the love and feelings of others involved. You understand consequences. You want to prevent them. It hurts when we can't intervene. But allowing things to take their course, and sometimes keeping hope there, no matter what, that things will eventually resolve with few bad consequences, is the best we can do from where we are.

    Keeping you, and those involved, in my thoughts and prayers, FTS :hug:

  16. shanic89

    shanic89 Patron Meritorious

    You have, with many other past and present posters made available a wealth of information on this site, thank you, thank you all.

    I feel that the only way the commander birdsong can keep up his love of hubbard and scn is through misrepresentation and falsehoods. If he was deluding only himself I would see no harm in it. It seems though he is trying his hardest to pass off bullshit as fact, in the hope of convincing others that shit is actually gold. Unfortunately when it comes to scientology that is dangerous. So many lives have been adversely affected that even one more family/person to be sold the lie again is criminal.

    Someone around here has to counter his posts with fact and realistic observations, otherwise lurkers and newbies may see his posts and mistakenly see them as grounded in reality. Unfortunately that task is daunting and thankless almost all of the time. So... thank you.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2014
  17. Free Being Me

    Free Being Me Crusader

    This is one of the primary reasons I don't post here much anymore. Bird continuously maligns peoples sharings with malicious manipulative intent into his "defense of hubbard and $cn" on every thread he hijacks with his cultist poison. The harmless old crazy hippie schtick only goes so far because his posts are far from. Who needs OSA when there's a Bird on the board. He does their work for them trashing Ex's, never-ins, Anons, critics, activists, good decent people all, with mangled deserted threads left in his wake. I've seen people banned for far less. If Bird has such severe issues then he needs professional help and I don't see him getting that help being here considering the drama and shitstorms he delights in manufacturing. When will the Bird Board hijacking stop? When is enough enough?

    Here is some real help for you Bird.
    U.S. Veterans Administration
  18. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

    A Bird in the [STRIKE]hand[/STRIKE] banned is worth two in the bush?

  19. BunnySkull

    BunnySkull Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yes, I'm of the opinion that most of Bird's post should be answered this way; with a link to the homeless vets association.

    The man is living in a van on the streets it San Fran or Boston? I guess San Fran because winter is coming to Boston now. It's sad, he's itinerant, has no home, yet he focuses a large part of his attention on going to public libraries to use a public computer to DEFEND a cult leader instead of getting some shelter and mental help. It really shows the extent of how sick the con of Scientology is, living in van, barely surviving, yet he believes that Scientology is the greatest thing ever and has so helped and transformed his life..

    His life, alone, living in a van, typing on a public library computer to tell everyone how great Scientology is...proof is in the pudding right?
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2014
  20. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Chronological list of erased people in Scientology:

    Sara Northrup Hubbard, wife, erased 1951 (re-erased, on film during interview on the Royal Scotman, in 1968)

    Alexis Hubbard, daughter, erased 1951

    J A Winter, wrote Introduction for 'Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health', erased 1952

    Don Purcell, financial benefactor, erased 1953

    L. Ron Hubbard Jr., son, Doctor of Scientology, erased 1960

    Jack Horner, Doctor of Scientology, erased 1965

    John McMaster, World's First Real Clear, erased 1969

    Rocky Stump, Class 12 ? (information incomplete) erased early 1970s

    Quentin Hubbard, son, Class 12, erased 1976

    Well, you get the idea... (List is far from complete)