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Thankyou Radio Paul, this is a great video.


I posted this on Facebook. You never know, maybe one of my family will actually see it.

Some years ago after I had been disconnected from by one of my daughters for speaking out, another family member (never in) asked me to send them info on the subject. There was little around at the time, and certainly nothing that showed how absolute disconnection is. And it is – a giant full stop on any kind of relationship, end of subject. A scientologist then has to find a way to explain to others why they suddenly won’t speak to you. “I just don’t like her” is one, or “we had an argument about my religion” is another. Absolute rubbish when we had previously been really, really close.

But when one speaks out about scientology, the door slams shut. I wish that other family member could watch this video and finally see the truth of it but unfortunately they and most of my family have now blocked me on Facebook due to long term behind the scenes “handlings” and “acceptable truths” ( ie lies and manipulation) all stemming from that original need to explain the disconnection.

It is all so unnecessary and evil. Shattered families mean nothing to scientology, it is par for the course. Put on a big smile and say all is fine and bury the truth and hope your heart does not betray you scientologist. That is hard to do and it takes it’s toll over the years, until you don’t rightly know who you really are and what you feel. But I believe love will win in the end. The truth of this practice is now broadly seeing the light of day and the lies stand out like neon lights, if one is willing to take the blinkers off and see them.


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Thanks Fts.

This is a great summary of CoS lying about disconnection.

Re AnonOrange video: When Tommy Davis tells Larry Anderson of his disconnection, I recall that Larry Anderson asked to record the interview and placed a recorder on the table. It was not a hidden mic.



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A very timely video. It would be nice to see this picked up by media as part of a story on Scientology disconnection by Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige on his father Ron Miscavige, who's recent book Ruthless has been supported by Leah Remini and Lisa Marie Presley.

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I've shared as much as I can, it's on Facebook if other people can too that would be good.
I'm sure I've seen that clip before over the years, it's only now that it's significance is shown - being presented with a 'declare'. I've never seen mine.

ps I miss Sparrow!


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Here is the audio recording when Tommy Davis tries to deny Larry Anderson his refund of advance payments, and talks about the enforced policy of disconnection. It says it is an open recording.