Scientology disconnection rips apart another family

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I'm so glad people speak out about Disconnection, heartbreaking though it is. This article goes back over a bit of Ramana's story.

From the Bunker:

We recently received a message from Ramana Dienes-Browning that, sadly, was all too familiar.

“Well, it finally happened,” she said to us over Facebook. “My mum has disconnected from me so she can continue Scientology.”

And it appears that her mother took this step in part because last October, we finally got to meet Ramana in person when she attended our book tour event in Sydney. But let’s back up a bit and remind newer readers who Ramana is.

Although her mother has been in Scientology for more than 30 years, she has never reached Clear, Ramana says. Now, her mother is under pressure to disconnect from her own daughter in order to continue progress up Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.”

“She’s getting some auditing. She is 72,” Ramana says.

Ramana tells us her mother’s decision is “heartbreaking” to her, but also, in a counterintuitive way, something of a relief — she knows her mother has been working up to this statement for a long time. But she’s doing her best to deal with the “emotional blackmail” her mother hit her with in their final conversation.

“This cut pretty deep,” she says.