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A man by the name of William Kent McGregor, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., who “received his B.S. degree in psychotropic pharmacology and drug interactions and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston. He has served for the State of New Mexico as Director for Drug Treatment and Prevention. He is currently a surveyor for the national Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.”

Not only is McGregor listed as a member of the “Narconon International Science Advisory Board,” but also as “a surveyor for the national Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.”

According to other credible sources, William Kent McGregor was employed by Narconon Arrowhead after Narconon was certified by CARF.

This is not rocket science, folks. Any reasonable person can see very clearly that how and why Narconon Arrowhead is open for business stinks to high heaven. And it appears this conflict of interest and apparent corruption reaches far beyond Oklahoma State jurisdiction and crosses state lines into the state of California, because of McGregor’s staff position with the “Narconon International Science Advisory Board” — Narconon International’s base located at 4652 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.




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There will be a Second Part Article - - we're just reviewing pages and pages of brand
new Leaked Emails - - some referring to G.S and MANY others. The next one will make
this one seem like a minnow in a Pond-Of-Whales. OMG! Will confirm with another
Source tomorrow and we're "Off-To-The-Races" :):omg:


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Here is a TINY Snippet of just One Leaked email from a NN Employee - - there are pages and pages - LOL

Sent: Friday, 3 August 2012, 16:26
Subject: Re: Please advise.

To: Xxxxxxxx

"In Quebec, there was either a new centre or there were plans to open a new centre to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. It is a centre paid for by companies within the pharmaceutical industry and one which will, in turn, finance the industry by providing treatments which use maintenance prescribing and so forth. Obviously it is in the interest of pharmaceutical industries, and due to the vested interests described, of this new centre, that maintenance prescribing is used."

"It means that every user going through these centres will begin a course of treatment which will involve their continued and perhaps permanent use of legal, prescribed alternatives to the street drugs to which they were already addicted."

"To have a Narconon centre in the vicinity preaching an entirely different philosophy; not only actually taking people out of this system altogether, but also educating them about the dangers of it, so that they protect themselves and others in the future, is a terrible inconvenience to these organisations. It is a threat to their business, and also to their long-term survival.'

"The attackers used a number of different tactics to get the centre closed down over a number of years. I cannot really comment on this because I do not know the full details. Trust me when I say that it was very criminal behaviour and criminally motivated, and that the tactics were underhand."

(My Quote here: <Blah, blah, blah>

".....lead by Gary Smith, the ED of Narconon Arrowhead......"

"No, I am not suggesting that what is reported on Wikpedia is inaccurate. I am saying that the conspiracy existed in the fact that the campaign to close the centre was long fought, and numerous in incident, and that the incidents that resulted in its closure were very possibly orchestrated, if not set up."

"There were very possibly financial incentives, or political incentives for the inspectors to go in with a preconceived agenda: to inspect the place with the intention of closing to the place down. The fact that Wikipedia was updated so quickly (before the news had reached the media) indicated that those responsible for keeping the Narconon entry up to date had an inside knowledge on what was happening. It was not someone from within Narconon. It happened so quickly that it struck me as something of a jubilant rub of salt into the wound, from someone whose plan had come together nicely."

"I know for sure that this is the case, because I have read reports and communications between the attackers themselves. They were delighted to cause the closure of Canada, and they are targeting Narconon Alberta, Arrowhead, Michigan and California next. I am 100% certain of this because i have seen proof."