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Scientology exploitation of Children


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But this site is not for me to rant about the atrocities of public education....but to be concerned about how children in the Sea Org are being limited.

It appears to me that as part of the control process, the C of S limits the outside influence of education. I base this on past reports of SO kids not doing well in "wog" schools and dropping out or getting kicked out. SO kids growing up without an education beyond LRH tech and policies. There are accounts of individuals here on this site, that left the SO and had a rough time on the outside because they did not have an education. That has got to be tough. Many jobs require minimally a High School diploma.

Limiting them to only the basics is not giving children the opportunity to do more if they wish.

But why would SO management care about that?.....the Ideal Sea Org member is a robot that will say "Yes Sir"...."No Sir"....will work 14-18 hours a day without questioning, and live on beans and rice to boot.

A slave labor force. So why would they need an education?

This is exactly what I found in my 1 year in the SO. It's easier to control an uneducated slave than an educated one. The more isolated they are from the outside world, the better. :no: Sickening.