Scientology Facebook Posting Guidlines


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Scientology Facebook Posting Guidlines.

I am going to cross-post only the Scientology Facebook Posting Guidelines cross-posted by Mike Rinder. Please see Mike Rinder's post for his analysis.

Mike Rinder: Guidelines For Posting

Emphasis added by Mike Rinder.

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Group Posting Guidelines

The purpose of this group is to bring Scientologists together on Facebook and provide a forum for meeting other Scientologists, constructive discussion and planning, and any other such theta communication appropriate for a group setting, particularly with the intent of forwarding the aims of Scientology.

Please observe the following guidelines when posting in the group:

1. Please feel free to post about Scientology-related activities, wins, events, news, information about yourself, announcements, Bridge plans, course completions, etc. Do not use the group for personal profit—this includes sales talk, business promotion, fundraising for personal projects, etc. Some quotes from policy regarding org mailing lists:….

2. Please keep your manners in. (Ref. HCO PL 30 May 71, PR Series 9, MANNERS)

3. Please consider your post or comment and the effects it might create on other group members. (Will others want to read it? Will it offend people? Is it going to glut the channel and make it difficult for others to get the communications through? Etc.) If there is any doubt about whether you should post it, please refrain. You can also ask any of the admins whether you should post a particular item.

4. No politics or discussions on current governmental matters. Such discussions could be twisted by certain malicious individuals and groups in an effort to get the Church’s tax-exempt status revoked.

5. Do not bash any religion or anybody’s religious beliefs.

6. No attacks or antagonistic postings or comments, no matter what. Also, if there is a disagreement or a problem with another member, contact that member or one of the admins privately. Don’t post the disagreement on the board. This just spreads entheta.

7. No fear mongering, bad news (without a theta solution included) or anything that creates a dangerous environment.

8. Comments on tech or policy matters (including ethics) may consist only of references to LRH materials, as well as referrals to individuals duly trained in the subject under discussion (such as Ethics Officers or Qual personnel).

9. Do not provide medical advice here. You may comment on your successful actions, but it should not constitute advice. Medical advice should be provided only by qualified medical doctors after appropriate consultation. Ensure your comments align with HCOB 12 Mar 69 II, PHYSICALLY ILL PCs AND PRE-OTs.

10. Keep Scientology Working. (Ref: HCO PL 7 Feb 65, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING, and all other LRH tech and policy)

11. Do not post material that is not BPI (Broad Public Issue). This would include such things as photos of OT eligibility chits or close-ups of routing forms with a significant portion of the text legible.

12. No copyright, trademark or other intellectual property infringement. The legal concept of “fair use” should be understood. Here is its definition: “(in US copyright law) the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.” (New Oxford American Dictionary) More technical legal information is available here:…. While fair use is ultimately a matter for the courts to decide, the above should give you some guidelines to follow to take reasonable precaution to avoid copyright infringement. (It should be noted that violation of copyright law is a separate issue from the misuse of Scientology materials as per the Scientology justice codes.)

13. No verbal tech or interpretations of LRH references. Some LRH quotes about this:….

14. Please provide the full source reference if you post or comment an LRH quote, including the exact location where it can be found (including the page number of the book or lecture transcript, and full name, date, title of whatever issue). We require the book/transcript page number so that any admin or any group member can easily verify for themselves any LRH quote. This is how we keep in KSW—we require an exact full source cite so that if there is any question on the part of any admin or member, they don’t have to spend 10 hours going through all the transcripts of a lecture series to find one quote. So you can find the data, and include it in your post, or you can find it online on an official church site and link to it, or you can post a screen shot of it which includes the full I/A (issue authority) copyright notice.

15. Do not post LRH (or LRH’s family members) photos that do not have I/A. It doesn’t matter that you found it on somebody else’s Facebook site/group/page or on some SP’s web site on the Internet. If it doesn’t have I/A, please don’t post it in here. There are photos that have Issue Authority, such as those you find on OFFICIAL Scientology web sites (i.e.,,, etc.), and there are photos floating around that do NOT have Issue Authority (such as you find on the internet on SP sites and SP Facebook pages).

Please ONLY post photos here that you found on an OFFICIAL Scientology web site. Some of the old photos that do NOT have I/A also contain people who have since been declared SP. It’s not okay to go around posting and promoting photos of declared SPs. We simply are not interested in having them in our fine group.

16. Do not post names of Suppressive Persons or suspected Suppressive Persons for any reason. Such do not belong in a public venue.

17. Do not speculate here about whether this or that celebrity is or is not a Scientologist. This includes posting photos of or articles about celebrities that might or might not show a connection to Scientology. PR for celebrities is highly sensitive and handled by the Celebrity Centre President’s Office. If you would like more information on the relevant policies, contact the President’s Office at Celebrity Centre International.

18. Please do not post the DATES of major Scientology events, such as Ideal Org openings. This is out-security, as we cannot absolutely guarantee that all members of the group are Scientologists in good standing (see the important note below). You can post that the event is coming soon, and members can contact their Org for exact details on when and where.

Also, don’t post about what happened in an event until after it’s been shown all over the world. Don’t ruin the surprise and fun and joy and excitement for everyone else who hasn’t seen an event yet! And let them get the event data straight from COB. Many members have expressed this as their desire.

19. As a point of etiquette, please never edit anybody else’s documents. It appears that Facebook allows anybody to edit anyone else’s document, which is not always desirable. Don’t do it (unless you have explicit permission).

20. This group is for Scientologists in good standing with the Church of Scientology only. You may add members as you see fit, but please do not add non-Scientologists or Scientologists not in good standing. And please confirm to an admin that the person(s) you have added are in fact Scientologists in good standing, or it may take quite some time before they are approved for the group (if ever).

21. Please refrain from discussing your (or others’) case or past lives. The reference is HCOB 8 Mar 71R, rev. 25.7.78, C/S Series 29R, CASE ACTIONS, OFF-LINE: “8. PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THEIR CASES.” (Please read the reference for LRH’s explanation.) Don’t evaluate for other people’s cases (“You/he/she must have known Ron in a past life,” for example).

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Scientology Facebook Posting Guidlines, Part 2.

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22. Do not post case or session details about pcs for any reason. In addition to being a violation of privacy, this can also be invalidative, evaluative, and is just plain out-security as we cannot guarantee who will see it. Success stories are okay to post if they have Okay to Publish from the pc.

23. Please do not spam or hijack others’ posts. If someone asks a question, answer it, not something else (for example, if somebody asks to be referred to LRH references regarding “headaches,” do not then answer with your nutritional recommendations or books from some other author). Don’t add unrelated comments to others’ posts (such as commenting “please visit and sign my anti-psych petition” on a post about someone finishing the SRD). If a question has already been answered, don’t comment again with the same answer. Don’t post the same thing repeatedly—once (or a few times over a longer time span) is sufficient, and the original post can always be brought back to the top of the page simply by posting a fresh comment on the post. There are thousands members in this group, and a lot of posts. Let’s keep it from become dev-t with repeated traffic.

From the Pilot Dictionary: “communication lag: n. the length of time intervening between the posing of a question, or origination of a statement, and the exact moment that question or original statement is answered, no matter whether silence or talk or incorrect answers occur during the interim. In this society it would be how long does it take you to get an answer to the question you asked or agreement or disagreement with the statement you made as you made it? It is also the length of time between the giving of an auditing command and the moment when a preclear carries out the exact command correctly. It does not matter what intervenes: the preclear may outflow, jabber, discuss, pause, hedge, disperse, dither or be silent; no matter what he does or how he does it, between the asking of the question and the giving of the answer, the time is the communication lag. In other words, communication is not taking place during this interval. “It will be found that the communication lag lengthens and shortens on a repeated question.” [Dianetics 55!; Scientology; The Fundamentals of Thought; The Creation of Human Ability; Lecture 25 Mar. 53; Lecture 20 Oct. 53 (#1); Lecture 5 Oct. 54; Lecture 22 Oct. 54; Lecture 13 Jan. 55; Lecture 12 June 62 (#2); JOS 13-G, Apr. 53; PAB 42, 24 Dec. 54; PAB 43, 7 Jan. 55; Ability Major 4, July 55; PAB 88, 12 June 56; HCOB 4 May 72] Abbr. comm lag.”

24. Do not block any of the admins for any reason. This perhaps goes without saying. We cannot do our jobs if a group member has us blocked, as the communication line is cut. If you have an admin blocked you will be removed from the group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While we try to ensure all members of this group are Scientologists in good standing, we cannot absolutely guarantee this. As such, do not post anything in this group that you don’t want to be seen outside of this group.

Please feel free to contact any of the admins with requests, questions or comments:

David Diaz
JoJo Zawawi
Ejaz Younis

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The internet is an environment that is full of communication about almost every subject imaginable and it epitomises freedom of speech.

Scientology, on the other hand, is a buttoned-up totalitarian system that shuts down all communication it deems unacceptable.

So when Scientologists venture out onto the internet they have to set up a buttoned-up totalitarian Facebook group so they can communicate only with each other and no one else.

And they think they're on the "Bridge to total freedom". What a joke.


Boy, talk about "don't see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil" . . . this cult is the ultimate dumb cocoon creating monster.