Scientology - families, kids, and the fight to expose scientology


I saw two videos today, and they seemed such perfect bookends, I wanted to share the videos in chronological order, as I saw them. Tory Christman is predominantly featured in the first video, and most of the clip is from 2000. She started and ended with her point, that her crusade that day was about how the cult should not allow parents and children to not speak to each other. Families cannot be destroyed over a formal letter of a "Declare". Like she said, they go from black to white. You're either just great, or vile. Two categories, and it all changes in a day. Really it is in effect that moment. Scientology uses what is a traumatic experience - to be forced to have your family shattered by an SP declare, many have been dissuaded by that exact threat from the cult, and remained compliant to the demands and required sacrifices of cult life.

Could you face that moment? To escape the cult, knowing you'd be forever ignored by your family? People do, and some families heal completely from the cult damage, others don't. The second video is the Ex Women, which is a collection of just that - the show is a great, and has Claire, Sautez, Nancy Many, Lori Hodgson, Nefertiti (Anon), and Sharone.

So, Tory really nailed it, and now, thirteen years later, we see the women talking about kids and family. Exposing Disconnection is very, very important, and I thank all who speak up & speak out. Thanks to all of those who bravely paved the road we all enjoy now. I know it wasn't always easy or painless. That's what being heroic is.

a : exhibiting or marked by courage and daring
b : supremely noble or self-sacrificing