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LOS ANGELES — If controversy sells, HBO may suddenly have a hit in Alex Gibney’s new documentary about Scientology and renegades who left it behind.

On Friday, the Church of Scientology took aim at the movie — which its members and leaders have not yet seen — with full-page newspaper advertisements in The New York Times and elsewhere detailing what it says are journalistic lapses by Mr. Gibney.

In a pointed reference to a much-challenged magazine article about a campus rape at the University of Virginia, the ads ask whether the movie, called “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” is “a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux.” The film is based on a book written by Lawrence Wright, who is a producer of the documentary.


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Can someone explain the reference... "“a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux.”

Rolling Stone magazine reported on a rape that happened at the university of Virginia and only interview the woman who said she was raped. She lied. Rolling Stone had to apologize.

Soooo the crazy old church is saying that the documentary is also a lie.


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Can someone explain the reference... "“a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux.”

Google rolling stone false rape uva

Summary: Rolling Stone magazine put out a campus rape story which defamed a fraternity at University of Virginia (UVA), and which turned out to be a hoax. Rolling Stone got hit by critics over not even doing rudimentary fact-checking. The fraternity had to endure a lot of harassment over a false report.

See here

So calling something a "a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux" implies that it is a false and libelous story.


Rolling Stone...(a magazine) just recently published an article about a rape case at the University of Virginia (UVA) came out that most of the article was wrong/false....and Rolling Stone...took a hit on its journalistic behavior...

So....the Cult is we go again...(redux) another....article like the Rolling Stone publication....about the recent rape wrong.


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Can someone explain the reference... "“a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux.”
Rolling Stone magazine recently did a sensational article about an alleged rape at a fraternity at the University of Virginia that has largely been debunked. By "largely debunked" I mean that, while it is still possible the woman in question was raped or assaulted by someone, somewhere, at some time, there is no evidence the woman was raped or assaulted at the fraternity, and it has been verified that the man most identified as the alleged rapist was in another state at the time of the alleged rape. After being suspended the fraternity has been reinstated.


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Scientology takes out full-page ad in the New York Times to attack Alex Gibney | The Underground Bunker

This is a fun one: New York Times staffer Michael Cieply reporting on an ad in his own newspaper.

Cieply reports that the Church of Scientology has taken out a full page ad in the Times to slam Alex Gibney, whose documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, premieres at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25.

You just knew Scientology was going to make this fun, didn’t you?

As soon as we have the ad itself, we’ll add it to this piece, but here’s what Cieply says about it:

Continued here:


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Ha! what is that 3 or 4 this place. :p

Yes, but you notice, each reply was more specific in detail of what happened than the previous reply!

I also gather they were all writing their posts at the same time :)