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Scientology grifter back at the White House

Clay Pigeon

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I can't imagine how New Hampshire pays for the upkeep of its infrastructure let alone anything else if you guys pay no income or sales tax. You must have a magic money tree like the Labour Party over here.

BTW, I live in what was originally OLD Hampshire until it became part of Dorset. Be that as it may I'm still surrounded by country bumpkins.

Our property taxes are high and we tax the gringo turista flatlanders. Then we try with some success to be intelligent and efficient with public funds and maintain our long tradition of personal responsibility and integrity and self suffiiency; "use it up, wear it out, make it do or DO without"


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Yes, that may be true. But it doesn't explain to me why Scientology cultists and ex Scientology cultists both approve of Trump.
Maybe scngsts are predisposed toward strong authority figures. Maybe some ex-scngsts retain this predisposition after leaving the cult. I'd say there's a lot of similarity between LRH and Trump, though LRH had a much smoother front.

I'm not a Trump fan myself, to put it very mildly. I try to stay away from the subject because I don't come here to fight with people and I'd rather concentrate on the things we agree on.