Scientology: Harrassing the Homeless


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[ posted by Hombre on WWP ]

Smurf included this in one of his videos a while back. I just today put my videos up on youtube.

Basically, Alex the Security guard of the HGB in Hollywood, LA - decided to start taking pictures of a homeless man standing around in a corner. Then he ordered him to go across the street, despite having no authority to do this since the man was not interfering with Scientology in any way at all. He then followed the man every time he went across the steet and tell him off again. They obviously didn't want him anywhere near Hollywood/Ivar.

I can only assume the retards thought he was affiliated with us as he liked to read our fliers and talk to us.

I was pretty fucking outraged by this, seing as how the Scilons have previously picked on an old woman and stopping a 5-year old girl from getting lunch at Subway.

Watch how Alex doesn't say anything to the homeless man except that he needs to leave. No questions, no explanations, no politeness, just plain bullying.