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Scientology has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by triumph, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. triumph

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  2. triumph

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    How deep does the rabbit hole go? deeeeeeeep deeeeeeeeeeeeeep deeeeeep


    they were licencing the Kenef building blocks in every 3rd world country on the map.


    Kenaf Fever Madness
    J Phil Craycroft service completions

    hundreds more were involved

    even Bruce Wiseman's wife pitching - using kenaf for bioremediation and Kenaf rafts to soak up oil spills
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  3. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    several Kenaf plantations were started in Haiti

    Claude Reggie Jean and his brothers have land in Blockhaus that's littered with the stuff.

    this is a proposal in the Loftus dox wanted his kenaf building blocks.


    there are 3-4 pages on facebook of groups or individuals that were active with Bill Loftus, Claude Reggie Jean or Cary Gholston planting the invasive kenaf plants
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  4. triumph

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    Scientology PR

  5. triumph

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    Barb Schnider sent out pleas to raise money for Beds for the orphans in 2011
    with this message

    Grodysh Pour Haiti GRODYSH/FOHO received its first beds this week. Each bed sleeps 4 kids. We need 33 more at $150 each. Until each kid has a bed, they sleep on the floor. Can you help?
    with a link to a paypal account

    Leslie Hobbs VP of GRODYSH sent out a plea for money for beds 2012 when Claude took over the Orphanage

    That is so wonderful that you are interested in helping. Where are you located? What do you do?
    My partner Reggie and I have a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (see attached letter from IRS) helping children and others in Haiti. We ourselves have an orphanage at Reggie's home with 67 children (called "The Future Of Haiti Orphanage" or FOHO) since the earthquake last year, plus 90 other below-poverty-level children who come from outside to attend our school. If you are on Facebook, you can see many photos and videos at "GRODYSH Pour Haiti". Reggie has been doing humanitarian activities in Haiti since 1980. His brother also has an orphanage near Jacmel, and Reggie helps several other orphanages.
    I have to tell you (totally unbiased, of course) that the children at our orphanage are really special. They are so full of love, and so bright and intelligent. They call Reggie "Pappi Reggie" and tell people that their father is in the U.S.! Other visitors have told us how special they are, totally unsolicited. One person called Reggie especially to let him know that he had visited many orphanages, but ours definitely was very different and special.
    We have several projects we are working on (see our website at . I'm not sure how big you are thinking, in terms of monetary needs. We have many plans to revitalize and rehabilitate Haiti, including building a University on some land we recently acquired (340 acres).
    Our biggest needs right now are for Christmas!
    Our children mostly sleep on the floor, as we don't have beds (we have 4 bunkbeds shared by 16 girls). It costs about $200 for a bunkbed and mattresses. Each child needs a new pair of shoes (at $20 each). That means $1,340 for all children to have shoes. We have a couple hundred really beautiful 2012 GRODYSH calendars left, with photos of Haiti and some of our children, and a Haitian proverb on each page, in both Creole and English. I'm attaching our January photo as a sample. We are selling these for $10 each (shipping is free with orders of 5 or more).
    Donations can be made online through Paypal (see link at the end of my signature) or by check made out to GRODYSH INT'L.
    Your help is very welcome, and we look forward to developing a friendship with you!
    AOL (Abundance of Love), Leslie
    Leslie Person Hobbs Vice President GRODYSH* INT'L INC. (the Future Of Haiti Organization) *GROup DYnamic for the Survival of Haiti a 501(c)(3)-approved charitable organization FB "Grodysh pour Haiti" 2, Impasse Jean, route SOS, Santo 19, Croix des Bouquets, P-au-P, Haiti. HT-6310 Cel.(509)37 36 42 42 / (509)34 19 60 94 /(509)25 19 50 05 -411 Cleveland St. #248, Clearwater, Florida 33755 Cell: (727)365-3650 CLICK HERE TO MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION:

    with a link to a paypal account
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  6. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Bill Loftus pages are saved on the Wayback Machine
    Environmental Building Technology

    get rich quick scheme revolved around Kenaf and Kenaf building blocks
    and building orphanages in 3rd world coutries and exploiting child labor

    these pages were created to hook investors

    Bill Loftus and friends show off a Kenaf burning , Biomass for Generator

    More of Loftus plans saved on the Wayback

    Scientologist June Littler was the CEO of this stop global Warming company

    letter to George W Bush asking to creat a Kenaf Czar
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  7. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron


    flourish and prosper. shore story


    form Claude Reginald Jean Grodysh promo piece

    that features Bill Loftus and permaculture board scammer Cory Brennan
  8. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    typical Sarah Ehrlich pathological PR
    Florence Vanleuven and the phone #was the VM hotline at the Ft Harrison
    was part of Global Pioneers and became Claude Jeans children's caretaker while he was chasing orphans down for the VM's

    Sarah is parroting Scientology PR this was sent out to Hollywood/Beverly Hills jet setters she targets for fundraising.

    the "Haiti Project" was the title/name of Bill Lofus's orphanage thats what Sarah was referring to. it's not a coincidence.

    this was sent out in the early stages immediately after the earthquake.

    Children at the Junkyard exploited for Sarah Ehrlichs scam PR tech

    Sarah's assistant Isabella Garcia's Blog on Haiti and with the VM's

    with pix at FOHO/ Grodysh the Junkyard camp
    and the VM's and a pix of Isabella handing out Help for Orphans t-shirts at FOHO

    Scientologist Dee Dee O'Malley helping Sarah Raise Money


    Josie Dobbin aka Josie Romero
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  9. triumph

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  10. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    old FOHO page on Wayback back when the Schneider sisters were begging for it


    a friend with 3 orphanages was Claude Reginald Jean. Claude didn't run or own any Orphanages ..he though claims he did in his post-earthquake PR
    this is the shore story all were telling including Scientology in its PR.

    these were some of the orphanages Global Pioneers scouted pre-earthquake, owned by others

    one of those doctors was Alim Muhammad NOI Health Minister
    Scientology claimed to have 4 doctors on JT flight.

    the land was Claude Reginald jeans Junkyard

    there were between 3-6 permaculture people that Cory Brennan snagged with he misleading activity at the Junkyard camp

    the spider web that is grodysh

    Scientology PR pix Schneider Sisters @ FOHO
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  11. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Youth for Human rights is a Scientology front group
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  12. triumph

    triumph Silver Meritorious Patron

    Children, renovations in the new building of the orphanage, the rainy season is about to arrive, the 60 new children who have found but can not bring to camp because we have enough tents, money CAN NOT be spent on physician visit
    "ENOUGH Michela" I said, if you take care of yourself these children return to misery. Even threatened to cut off the flow of money so that it was forced to return home and take care of herself, if not go to the hospital to receive necessary medical care.
    He began to laugh. "Barbara, this is a jungle. It goes beyond what you can imagine, I can not stop, JUST CAN NOT! "And coughing added" stole my passport, you see, I will not return until this work is COMPLETED! "
    Silenced and desperate, I am renewing my request for help.
    We need volunteers, money, sponsors for our children and we need them NOW!
    Please help us to help our children and heroes like Michela and Elena, do not stop until the job is done!
    At least we can make their lives a little easier, although that word does not exist in the vocabulary of these people.
    ENOUGH Michela" I said. "If you do not care these children return back to the misery!"
    I even threatened to suspend the finances so as to force her to go home if you do not Adava hospital to seek treatment, but she and 'laughed. I say "Barbara here and 'a jungle, things are beyond your wildest imagination, I can not stop, I CAN NOT!" And coughing adds, "I also stole his passport so that as you can see there 'so that when I come up to this job' done!
    Dumb and desperate I renew my call for help.
    We need volunteers, sponsors and money for our children and we need them now!!!
    Please help us to help our children and the heroes who like Michael and Elena do not stop at nothing until the work and 'Done.
    But at least we can make it a little 'more' easy easy even if this word does not exist in the language of these people.

    OTness couldnt stave off cholora for Elena Schneider
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  13. triumph

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  14. triumph

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    Claude ran the Global Pioneers Dianetics Mission and was actively involved with the Scientology front group Global Pioneers

    a flight on JT's plane and his children's Scholarships at a Scientology school was his reward
    for helping Scientologist round up children.

    CHERCH was Scientology
    His Home was damaged and Scientology VM's fixed it up for their operation
    FOHO was not created by Claude
    Claude whitewashes his messages carefully

    Scientology operation in haiti was pre-planned and Claude was in on it.

    scrubbing the Bad reputation and debts 2018

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  15. triumph

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    GAME ..Claudes pleas are always littered with the Lingo

    did a local Google-Fu.. beds can be locally sourced in Haiti a lot cheaper
    found several NGO's doing just that

    quote below :
    $550 will go directly to buying ten mattresses for the children currently going without

    The funds raised from this campaign will be sent to the director of the orphanage, Frantz Bastien. Frantz will then use the funds to purchase mattresses for the 10 children sleeping without them. We would prefer to purchase the mattresses in Haiti, as Frantz will have better discretion in deciding which mattresses will fit the bed frames, in addition to the expense and time commitment involved in sending materials to Haiti. If we do not reach our entire goal, we will use the funds collected to buy as many mattresses as possible and some of the children will remain on the
    wire frames until funds can be secured.


    shipping old matresses to Haiti for $8K .. no wonder FOHO is going broke. (not including all the other cash they regged for bedz)

    $5500 would buy 100 new mattresses for every child at FOHO
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