Scientology IAS Anniversary Event at Flag Downsized to 1500 seat venue


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Scientology IAS Anniversary Event at Flag Downsized to 1500 seat venue.

Mike Rinder: The 30th Anniversary IAS Event

Mike's post has a lot of information about the IAS Anniversary Event at Flag. I recommend you read it in full.

We have already reported about the downgrade of the IAS Event – see The IAS Event Is Already A Bomb from 8 October.

It is one thing to downgrade the 30th Anniversary of the IAS celebration to the parking lot on LRH Way, but its a total train wreck when the Flag event is suffering a similar, even more ignoble downsizing.

They are not going to be holding this event at the Ruth Eckerd Hall but instead at the Fort Harrison….

The Auditorium there holds 1500 people. They claim to have more STAFF than this and “2000 people from out of town on service at any given time” PLUS 12,000 scientologists in the “local community.” Scratching together 2500 sheeple should require NO effort at all — so where are they going to put them?

Here is a recent email from the FSO:
Dear Leader’s earth-shattering announcements were:

1. “ideal” Narconons
2. “ideal” AO’s
3. 3 new Public Service Announcements
4. freedom medal winners

Little David

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I hope there is a video of this show:

"Now, to add insult to injury, Bill Maher of Religulous fame, has booked the Ruth Eckerd Hall on Saturday night. He poked fun at scientology in his movie (along with all organized religion) and is going to draw more people to a bigger venue in Clearwater than the church for its super-spectacular 30th anniversary bash. That’s embarrassing. And it’s probably partly due to Miscavige being incapable of setting a date for the event until it is too late to book a hall. The IAS Anniversary has been 6 October since 1984, surely by now they could firm up a date at least a few months in advance. It’s not like the date changes each year?"