Scientology Ideal Orgs (i.e, Churches) Africa Update


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Scientology Ideal Orgs (i.e, Churches) Africa Update.

An update from the South African Independent Scientology blog Scientologists back in comm:

Scientology Ideal Org$ Africa Update

Go to the BIC website for all of the juicy details. Only for example:

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ED of Joburg North, Ian Hammond, had been “transferred” to Joburg Org to take up the position of ED FDN. This came about because the current ED JBG FDN (Bob Petrie) had “demoted himself” to OES FDN. Unconfirmed reports state that Bob cited “work pressure” as his reason for stepping down. This has not been corroborated, and if anyone can shed more light on this, please drop us a line.

Greg Gunner (formerly the PES of Joburg North) is now ED JBGN, and Queeneth (stalwart staff member of JBG North for many years) left staff and is now working at PCS (a company owned by Phillip Park – JBG North public, whale donor to Ideal Orgs and owner of a personnel placement company).

This is quite an interesting turn of events. Ian Hammond has literally sunk Millions of his personal money into Joburg North – this was covered in an article by BIC last year. And now that the building is finally purchased, he’s been moved out of the org he has made great personal sacrifice to.

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My Executive Summary is this: The Church of Scientology in Africa needs money for Ideal Orgs.

I know, you're shocked.


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The Sec Check blog has a related post:

Durban Ideal Org Fundraisers Will Never End

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Pity the poor Durban, South Africa org. They lost the previous org building, but managed to purchase and restore what appears to be a very nice little org, below.


But this is not an ideal org, it’s nowhere close to 50,000 square feet. Our rough estimate is 15,000, and to be a Scientologist these days you have to support Ideal Orgs of at least 50,000 square feet. Today Durban held a fundraiser (top) with remote control toy cars, a checkered flag and a Scientologist wearing a tin foil hat in order to raise money to buy and restore an Ideal Org, artists conception below. Fourteen in the photo, plus the cameraman means fifteen people trying to raise enough money to buy a 50,000 square foot building, when they just finished renovations in April on their new, non-ideal org. Some individuals in the photo are probably poorly paid staff members. We think Durban will be having Ideal Org fundraisers for a long time to come.


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