Scientology Implosion: Commenters of the Week!



Was this a week, or was this a week, fellow Scientology watchers!

We started out with a hallelujah chorus, Scientology style! We're talking about the 1990 "We Stand Tall" singalong that a tipster posted to YouTube and that we put up on the blog Monday morning. Later that day, we revealed that NatGeo's "Turnaround King," Grant Cardone, is a high-level, wealthy Scientologist who, e-mails show, slimed famed acting coach Milton Katselas. On Tuesday, we tided you over with video of Scientology goons hassling reporters Down Under. Then, on Thursday, came the big surprise: Scientology's Enemies List -- a handy guide to the fallen Scientologists and no-good journalists and other church critics in the Western U.S.

And then, what a Friday. We started out with an interview with Janet Reitman, author of Inside Scientology, then revealed a brand-new tease of Mark Bunker's upcoming documentary "Knowledge Report," and then finished off the day with a heartbreaking follow-up on the Milton Katselas story, showing how much Grant Cardone's slime job affected the 73-year-old acting coach.

Whew! Now, on to the awards...

As usual, we have two winners, but this week we're changing things up a little. Normally, we like to recognize a pro-Scientology commenter who comes to the defense of his or her church with style and wit. Problem is, there really wasn't any pro-church commenter this week who rose to the challenge, which is a shame. Come on, Scientologists, you can do better! You have a planet to clear and the least you can do is tell off our readers!

Our first winner this week is "Suzanne," reacting to her name not being on the Enemies list that showed up at Marty Rathbun's blog: