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A formal complaint filed this morning against Scientology in Quebec, may slam the cult and participating physicians with another serious investigation by the Quebec College of Physicians.

By David Love Media Release (01/22/2015) Quebec - Two deaths and numerous injuries are alleged to be related to Scientology's junk-science, Purification Rundown program that happened some time ago. The dangerous practice continues today inside the Scientology organizations in Quebec and across Canada.

This is round two for Scientology facing an investigation by the Quebec College that strikes hard at one of the cult's programs. According to Scientology, the Purification Rundown is a detoxification program which enables an individual to rid himself of the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and other chemicals that lodge in the body and create a biochemical barrier to spiritual well-being.

The Purification Rundown program forms the basis for drug rehabilitation and detoxification programs operated by church-affiliated groups such as Narconon,Criminon, Second Chance, and the International Academy of Detoxification Specialists. The Purification Rundown is promoted as having physical and mental benefits such as lowering cholesterol, relieving pain, and improving memory. Scientology's promotional materials claim it can boost IQ by up to 15 points.

However, it appears Hubbard was wrong on all counts, and according to Dr. Mark Palmer, "although minute quantities of some drugs may appear in the sweat it is such a small fraction of drug elimination that no matter how much a patient were made to sweat it could not significantly increase his clearing of most drugs."

The Purification Rundown program is based on unproven (and disproved) theories and practices that have significant risks and have attracted strong criticism from the medical profession as a result.